Sportive Rider Profile: John Bennie


Meet John Bennie, whose last sportive ride was the awesome Bealach Mor event, which takes on the highest public road in the UK, the incredible 'Pass of the Cattle' in Wester Ross, Scotland. John's fuel of choice to power him over the 600m+ pass? - the Whisky Flapjack!

Name: John Bennie

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Height: 173cm

Weight: 86kg

Bottom Gear: 30/39/50 – 27/12

Current bike: Unbranded Chinese Carbon frame

What do you take with you on a ride? Phone/ High 5 Energy drink & Gels/ Waterproof Jacket/ Flapjack

Why do you ride sportives? It’s a great day out with like-minded people

What was your last sportive? Bealach Mor

What’s your favourite event and why? Don’t have a favourite – each has their own appeal

What’s the longest sportive you’ve done? 90 miles

What’s your most memorable sportive moment? Bealach Mor – Applecross Pass is such a challenge

What’s your worst sportive moment? Bonking with 40 miles still to go. Argh….

When was the last time you walked up a hill? Bealach Mor last September

How much training do you do before an event? Long-ish (3-4hr) Saturday rides

What’s your top sportive riding tip? Pace yourself and talk to people

Favourite feed station fodder? Whisky Flapjack ;-)

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