Gabriel Cullaigh wins the Stafford Kermesse in Elite Road Series


Gabriel Cullaigh (100% ME) sprinted to victory in the Stafford Kermesse – round four of the British Cycling Elite Road Series - on Saturday evening.

The 19-year-old Yorkshire rider showed a clean pair of heels to his rivals at the end of a tense 65-mile race which covered 11 laps of a circuit near Shugborough Hall.

Few breaks were allowed to get much distance before being reeled in, and it all came down to a dramatic last lap where Cullaigh took the win just a few metres ahead of Morgan Kneisky (Raleigh GAC) with One Pro Cycling’s Jon Mould third.

The early pace was high, and the race was soon strung out in a long line. By the time they were hurtling round lap two the splits started to show, and by lap three there were two distinct groups on the road, the front group of around 40 riders and the rest, about 30 seconds back.

Several attempts to break away from the front of the leading group came to nothing. The pick of these came from Chris Lawless (Team Wiggins) who gained 12 seconds before he was pulled back in, but it seemed to enliven the group and another attack seemed inevitable.

Felix English (JLT Condor) was the next to prise himself off the front, and was joined by Pete Williams (One Pro Cycling). The pair quickly got a gap of around 20 seconds and settled in to staying clear.

But several riders – including Series leader Steve Lampier – also wanted a piece of the action, and after the leading duo swelled to eight riders the gap dropped to 11 seconds, and they were quickly reeled in by the bunch, with just five laps remaining.

A small lead group established in the final lap and a half, but they didn’t really have much workable gap at all, and at the bell there were 11 riders clear. But half way round the final lap Cullaigh broke away, and just had enough left in the tank to hold on for the win.

“I was away for the last three quarters of a lap but I knew the bunch was closing in on me so I was just hanging on,” he said. “I knew there would be some fast riders there and it would be tight on the line, so I was dead happy to cross the line first.

“It was very fast all day, there were lots of little attacks going. It felt super-fast and a tough race. I haven’t ridden this race before, but I was happy with the course it had a good couple of climbs in and suited me.”

And Series leader Steve Lampier said: “I’m content with fourth. Morgan was second so that was good to get more points for the team and the Series lead. I’ve definitely done enough to stay in the Series lead. We knew Andy Tennant and Yanto Barker weren’t here, so I definitely lead.

“Stockton is a bit too flat for me, but Ryedale is my kind of a race and I will get my teeth stuck into that. I can play more of a gambling game now my points buffer is greater, so it’s all good.”


1 Gabriel Cullaigh 100% ME 01:42:51
2 Morgan Kneisky Raleigh GAC 00:01
3 Jonathan Mould One Pro Cycling 00:01
4 Steve Lampier Raleigh GAC 00:01
5 Sam Lowe Raleigh GAC 00:01
6 David McGowan Pedal Heaven RT 00:01
7 Matt Cronshaw Madison Genesis 00:01
8 Dale Appleby NFTO 00:01
9 Liam Stones Raleigh GAC 00:01
10 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC 00:01
11 Matt Holmes Madison Genesis 00:01
12 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling 00:01
13 William Bjergfelt SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 00:01
14 Will Fox Pedal Heaven RT 00:01
15 Alex Minting Neon-Velo Cycling Team 00:01
16 Marcin Bialoblocki One Pro Cycling 00:01
17 Lloyd Chapman Richardsons-Trek RT 00:01
18 Tom Mazzone Polypipe Cycling Team 00:01
19 Alex Paton Pedal Heaven RT 00:01
20 Samuel Williams One Pro Cycling 00:01
21 George Pym Raleigh GAC 00:01
22 Ryan Perry SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 00:01
23 Christopher Lawless Team Wiggins 00:01
24 Luke Grivell Mellor JLT Condor 00:01
25 Joshua Hunt One Pro Cycling 00:01
26 Alexander Murison Easton Ritte 00:01
27 James Newey Zappi's Racing Team 00:01
28 Connor Swift Polypipe Cycling Team 00:01
29 Scott Davies 100% ME 00:01
30 Matt Clarke Wheelbase Altura MGD 00:01
31 Adam Lewis Cycling Team CT 2020 00:01
32 Alex Luhrs Achieve Northside Skinnergate 00:01
33 Lewis Atkins Pedal Heaven RT 00:01
34 Thomas Moses JLT Condor 00:01
35 Reece Lloyd NFTO 00:09
36 Jacob Tipper Neon-Velo Cycling Team 00:09
37 Dan Fleeman SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 00:09
38 James Locker Zappi's Racing Team 00:09
39 Adam Kenway SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 00:09
40 Mark Christian Team Wiggins 00:09
41 Thomas Travis Pollard Polypipe Cycling Team 00:09
42 Scott Auld Zappi's Racing Team 00:14
43 Anthony Moye Easton Ritte 00:30
44 Tristan Robbins Madison Genesis 00:30
45 Gruff Lewis Pedal Heaven RT 00:30
46 George Harper One Pro Cycling 00:30
47 Adria Moreno Sala Velosure Starley Primal 00:30
48 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 00:30
49 Charlie Tanfield Easton Ritte 00:44
50 Joe Wilshire NFTO 00:45
51 Joe Evans Madison Genesis 00:47
52 Peter Murdoch Neon-Velo Cycling Team 00:48
53 Lawrence Carpenter Catford CC Equipe/Banks 00:53
54 Liam Holohan Madison Genesis 01:15
55 Dave Starkey Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 02:07
56 William Harper Pedal Heaven RT 01:50
57 Ian Wilkinson Raleigh GAC 01:54
58 Ed Lavarack JLT Condor 01:54
59 Felix English JLT Condor 02:47
60 Dexter Gardias One Pro Cycling 02:47
61 Sebastian Baylis Champion System VCUK Racing Team 03:00
62 Luc Hall Team Wiggins 03:02
63 Oliver Moors Project 51 03:54
64 Oliver Maxwell SportGrub KUOTA Cycling Team 03:54
65 James Notley Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 03:54
66 Graham Briggs JLT Condor 03:54
67 Hugo Robinson Neon-Velo Cycling Team 03:54
68 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling 03:54
69 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek RT 03:54
70 Calvin Beneke Raleigh GAC 03:54
71 Jack Rees Achieve Northside Skinnergate 04:00
72 Harry Godding Catford CC Equipe/Banks 04:00
73 Ben Rowe Achieve Northside Skinnergate 04:00
74 Ben Simmons Team Wiggle 04:00
75 Joshua Green Catford CC Equipe/Banks 04:00
76 Will Corden Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team 04:00
77 Matthew Cartlidge Kuota - Spinergy - GSG 04:00
78 Rhys Howells Richardsons-Trek RT 04:00
79 Daniel Patten Team Wiggins 04:00
80 David Bolland Clay Cross Road Team 04:00
81 Ben Hetherington Achieve Northside Skinnergate 04:00
82 Lee Frost Easton Ritte 04:00
83 David Bates Team Giordana Mitsubishi 04:04
84 Ashley Martin Easton Ritte 04:08
85 William Brown Achieve Northside Skinnergate 04:10
86 Ian Field Hargroves Cycles - Ridley RT 04:26
87 Gareth Jones Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team @1 lap
88 Elliott Pike Cadence Sport @2 laps