Road: Vernon bags another win in Litherland Circuit League

Road: Vernon bags another win in Litherland Circuit League


Location: Litherland Sports Park, Liverpool
Event: 5 June 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Birkenhead North End CC’s Jeff Vernon secured his second victory of the season in the Litherland Circuit League in Liverpool this week, sprinting to victory ahead of five rivals.

The 48-year-old used all his experience in edging to the win, which adds to the victory he secured in round five of the popular series which is staged at the Litherland Sports Park.

Vernon, from West Kirby, held off junior Mark McGavock (Southport CC) for the win, while Dean Higham (H Middleton CC) was third.

In-form Vernon secured five podium finishes in the Litherland Series in 2012, and also won the 3/4 race at the North West Championships last season.

In the supporting race for 4th cat riders and women, Rob Shirley (unattached) took the win, narrowly ahead of Tom Williams (unattached), while Ruth Taylor (Manchester Wheelers) was first woman and third overall, just four seconds behind Shirley.

There were also some thrilling finishes to the youth races - see below for details of race winners.


2/3 Cat:
1 37 Jeff Vernon Birkenhead North End CC 2nd 48:05
2 1 Mark McGavock Southport C.C. Jun2nd st.
3 40 Dean Higham H. Middleton CC 2nd st.
4 43 John Findley Bill Nickson Cycles RT 2nd st.
5 30 Paul Cheetham 2nd st.
6 63 Robert Rogers Birkenhead North End CC 3rd st
7 71 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC 3rd @ 28 Secs.
8 90 Dave Reece Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC 3rd @ 1 Lap
9 80 Joe Bennett Warrington RC 3rd Same
10 86 Dave Martin Red Rose Olympic CC 3rd @ 2 Laps
11 42 Ruth Taylor Manchester Wherelers W @ 3 Laps

1 Rob Shirley BC Private Member 4th. 28 m. 09 s.
2 Tom Williams BC Private Member 4th. st.
3 Ruth Taylor Manchester Wheelers W @ 4 secs.
4 Tom Green Liverpool Century RC 4th. @ 42 secs.
5 Alasdair Wearing BC Private Member 4th. st


Youth A - Boys 11 Laps
1 Chris Fallon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC 18m:12
2 James Thompson Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC st
3 Jack Hulme Birkenhead North End CC st
4 Charlie Critchley Southport CC @ 30 Secs.
5 Ryan Ashcroft St Helens CRC @ 53 Secs.
6 Patrick Merriman Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC @ 1:05
7 Kyle Jameson Southport CC @ 2 Laps
8 Ollie Smith Southport CC Same

Youth A- Girls 10 Laps
1 Louise Colyer Birkenhead North End CC 18:26

Youth B - Boys 11 Laps
1 Luke Cheetham Eastlands Velo 18:35
2 James Farrington Sportcity Velo st
3 Dan Gibson Liverpool Century RC st
4 Daniel Salcedo Southport CC st
5 Richard Morris Birkenhead North End C.C @ 53 Secs.
6 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century RC st
7 Joseph Ford Ashurst Bike Club st
8 Ben Livingston Ashurst Bike Club @ 1m..00s
9 Jamie Polhill Liverpool Century RC @ 1 Lap
10 Jack Scott Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC @ 2 Laps

Youth B - Girls 11 Laps
1 Anna Hulme Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC 19:19
2 Savannah Morgan Ashurst Bike Club @ 16 Secs.
3 Helen Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion @ 1 Lap

Youth C - Boys 10 Laps
1 George Elliott Liverpool Century RC 19:07
2 James Bishop Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC @ 11 Secs.
3 Louis Johnston New Brighton CC st
4 Elliot Livingston Ashurst Bike Club @ 19 Secs.
5 Joe Pink Liverpool Century RC st
6 Thomas Ashcroft St Helens CRC @ 35 Secs.
7 Alex Dobrowolski H. Middleton CC @ 42 Secs.
8 Ben Wells Liverpool Century RC @ 1m. 26 secs.
9 Connor Dooley Liverpool Century RC @ 1m. 33 secs.
10 Harry Yeoman North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 47 secs.
11 Andrew Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 57 secs.

Youth C - Girls 8 Laps
1 Fran Henderson Southport CC 19:26

Youth D - Boys 11 Laps of the small circuit
1 James Higham Eastlands Velo 10:15
2 Sam Kendall Liverpool Century RC @ 1 Lap
3 Joseph Dennett Ashurst Bike Club Same
4 Cameron Gordon Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC @ 2 Laps

Youth D - Girls 11 Laps of the small circuit
1 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century RC 11:44
2 Isobel Ware St Helens CRC @ 3 Laps

Youth E - Boys 10 Laps of the small circuit
1 Michael Henderson Southport CC 12:53
2 Ben Yeoman North Cheshire Clarion @ 59 secs
3 Tom Elliott Liverpool Century RC @ 1m. 33 secs.
4 Charlie Byrne Birkenhead North End CC @ 2 Laps

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