Road: Canes wins latest Ford CC Go Race

Road: Canes wins latest Ford CC Go Race


Location: Dunton Test Track, Essex
Event: 16 May 2013
Report: Trevor Taylor/Snowdon Sports

The popularity of the above race was endorsed with a bumper 56 entries for the second race of the eight-week series, with a sizable numbers of new riders in the field at the Dunton Test Track in Essex.

The first prime after two laps was taken by Martin Canes (Cycles UK ). A number of early breakaway attempts were made which showed promise, but strong reactions from the peloton brought them back.

The second prime on lap eight was taken by Sam Brown (unattached). A hot pace was maintained throughout the race, with 14 laps of the 1.6 mile circuit completed in the allotted time. It was pleasing to see those new to the sport that couldn’t quite maintain the pace of the bunch fighting on to the flag.

Winner was Martin Canes with Mick Bath (API) second and Jason Fitchew (Ford CC) third.

The next Race in the series takes place on Thursday 30th May. Signing on from is 6pm for a 7pm start.


1 Martin Canes Cycles UK

2 Mick Bath API

3 Jason Fitchew Ford CC

4 Colin McPherson

5 Paul Spiceley Glendene CC

6 Tim Pettit Essex Roads CC

7 Martin Elms Southend Wheelers

8 John White

9 Peter Gottlieb Glendene CC

10 Philip Mastro Grips

11 Steve Tidiman Essex Roads CC

12 Brian Scarboro Gemini CC

13 Darren De-Beger Glendene CC

14 Graeme Garner Gateway CC

15 Nick Cramer Herts Wheelers

16 Robert Mitchell Gateway CC

17 Rob Reynolds

18 Ray Ricks Velo Schils Interbike

19 Chris Busby

20 Nick Crowe Maldon CC

21 Kevin Attleed Glendene CC

22 David Stockwell Shaftesbury CC

23 Jag Johal Ford CC

24 Kevin Harding

25 Ray Gambell Chelmer CC

26 Ross Hollands

27 Stuart Strutton VC Elan

28 Michael Travers Travers Bikes

29 Andy James Essex Roads CC

30 Gary Harmes Yellow Jersey Cycles

31 Richard Fraczek Essex Roads CC

32 Neil Yorks-Wac Essex Roads CC

33 Rob Young Team Vision Racing

34 Martin Fisher Ford CC

35 Lee Cullender

36 Kevin Darragh Maldon CC

37 James Treherne

38 Sam Brown

39 Colin King Glendene CC

40 Stuart Clark Maldon CC

41 Martin Ryan Ford CC

42 Nick Watson Ford CC

43 Russell Tribley Chelmer CC

44 Caroline Guest Ford CC

45 Paul Ruffy Essex Roads CC

46 Bob Flack Ford CC

47 Matt Coughlan Chelmer CC

48 Pete Stiff Stiffwheels

49 Peter Karaishos Ford CC

50 Julian DuHergill Essex Roads CC

51 Peter Shanney Redbridge

52 Steven Martinoble Essex Roads CC

53 Dean Larvin

54 Lee Shayler

55 Greg Potts Chelmer CC

dnf Thomas Quinton Ford CC

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British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.