Road: Parry wins Ham Hill Road Race

Road: Parry wins Ham Hill Road Race


Colin Parry (Wilier-Live 2 Ride) soloed to a fine win after taking his chance and escaping with ten miles to go and catching the bunch napping at the top of the races only climb.

Both of today’s races were presented by Yeovil CC and were run on a rolling course just outside the town of Yeovil in Somerset. The morning started a little chilly and the course was dry but the temperature soon warmed up and there wasn’t a great deal of wind to deal with.

The race lap was fifteen miles in length and the climb came about after five miles on each lap of four.

On the opening lap the bunch stayed together and it stayed this way until the climb when the first attack came and there were six riders who forced the pace and got a gap as the race turned towards Yeovil at the back of the course.

The six riders were Colin Parry and his team mate Will Bjergfelt, Grant Bayton (Ride 24/7), Rob McCarthy (Pedal Heaven RT), Ben Anstie (Cadence Cannondale) and Alex Baskaya (Dream CC), and this group soon had a gap of over one minute as they headed out on the third lap which they increased by the time they got over the climb.

The chasing bunch was now being lead by most of the riders from the Zappi’s team as they tried to pull the race back together as it looked like they missed the jump. The six riders at the front were now beginning to control the race and the time stayed around the minute mark.

The final climb over Coppitts Hill saw Colin pull away, he attacked the group and got away as the race reached the summit. Once over the top and with a slight head/side wind to contend with he got away and soon had a lead.

He held the lead all the way in Marston Magna and then onto Queen Camel. Once out of sight the wind changed direction to a tail wind and Colin used this to his advantage to stay away.

Back down the road the group that were away with Colin began to split and one rider to benefit was Harry Bulstrode (Peter Hansford Cycles). Along with Ben Anstie (Cadence Cannondale) Harry got a gap but he was unaware that Colin was already away and out of sight.

The front of the bunch was now being controlled by the riders from Felt Colbournes trying to set up Justin Hoy for a sprint to the line for the minor places. Harry now thinking he was leading kicked off the last corner and sprinted towards the line, only then to realise he was second.


1 Colin Parry (Wilier/Live to Ride) 2:12.35
2 Harry Bulstrode (Peter Hansford Cycles) @ 38sec
3 Rob McCarthy (Pedal Heaven) @ 42sec
4 Will Bjergfelt (Wilier/Live to Ride)
5 Ben Anstie (Cadence Cannondale)
6 Tom Marshall (Cadence Cannondale)
7 Grant Bayton (Ride 24/7)
8 Alex Baskaya (Dream CC)
9 John Dibben (Hargreaves Cycles)
10 Justin Hoy (Felt-Colbornes RT)

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.