Team Wallis-CHH rider Andy McCann injured in road traffic incident


Team wallis-CHH has confirmed that one of its riders, Andy McCann, has been injured in a road traffic incident.

The exact details of the incident, which occurred on Wednesday on the A6 near Forton, just south of Lancaster, are not yet known. McCann’s injuries are not life threatening, but he has suffered a double fracture of his right leg and a broken hip.

Due to the nature and geographical location of the incident McCann was airlifted to hospital, where he continues to be treated for his injuries.

Team wallis-CHH owner Martin Wallis stated: “I am finding it hard to believe that another one of our riders has been seriously injured in a road a traffic incident and so soon after the anniversary of Lewis Balyckyi’s passing.

“It goes without saying that I hope that Andy gets well as soon as possible.”