Road Worlds Day 4 - U23 Men's RR

Road Worlds Day 4 - U23 Men's RR


2011 UCI Road World Championships
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Event: 19-25 September 2011


Britain's Andy Fenn continued Britain's medal run on day four of the UCI Road World Championships, finishing third in a punishing final sprint to the line of the under-23 men's road race.

Andy Fenn, right, on the podium after a tough race

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The fifth medal of the Championship came after 168km of attacking racing and several crashes in the closing stages which depleted the forces of the British team - but in the final moments a trio of riders burst to the front.

Bullying their way through, it was perhaps a little too overt tactically, however Australia's Michael Hepburn was the rider left most exposed as Britain opened up the sprint.

A double-threat from French riders Demare and Petit rushed a new group of names to the front, but Fenn wouldn't give up, attacking to the line and taking bronze away from three other riders who started their sprint later and with the perfect wheel.

Following the traditional early break containing Brazilian Carlos Manarelli and Italian Gianluca Leonardi, the significant racing didn't start until the last third of the near-four-hour race.

Entering the critical final stages and with the day-long escapees hoovered up, attack after attack was placed, making positioning in the bunch and energy conservation critical for those wanting a tilt at a medal.

Britain played a role in keeping tabs on various breaks - always cautious of their workload - as everyone assumed the position of one long line with a couple of kicks each lap and a wicked cross wind on one section of the lap.

With 28km to go, a group of six made the final move of the race while Erick Rowsell and Mark Christian were animated again for Britain, starting the final lap with a complete peloton.

Two crashes on the last circuit thanks to a rolled tub and another in the middle of the pack hurt Britain, but they fought to move two riders to the front for the sprint, where the French ultimately had impeccable timing. 

1. Arnaud Demare (FRA)
2. Adrien Petit (FRA)
3. Andy Fenn (GBR)