Road: Cutsforth Gets Out of the Saddle


Location: Braithwell, South Yorkshire
Event: 28 August 2011
Report: Snowdon Sports

Herbalife-Wheelbase rider Jack Cutsforth sprinted to victory at the end of the Out of the Saddle Road Race, run off on a wind-swept 81-mile course based around Braithwell in South Yorkshire.

The 21-year-old from Hull out-sprinted Sportscover rival Tom Bustard to take the win, while the remains of the decisive break trailed in 45 seconds later, with Cutsforth's team-mate Dillon Byrne completing the podium in third spot.

The exposed course took riders down to Stainton and back over the M18 before looping left back in to the village, but it proved too much for several with just 26 finishers from the field of 52.

On the second of 13 laps a crash brought an early end to the afternoon for several riders, while those who managed to continue were left behind the leaders.

Bustard had been at the head of affairs since he attacked on the first lap alongside team-mate Colin Humphreys, and they were joined by another ten as the race went on.

But the high pace proved too much for many, with the break splitting up and the bunch left far behind worthy winner Cutsforth and runner-up Bustard.


1 Jack Cutsforth (Herbalife-Wheelbase) 3:03:47
2 Tom Bustard (Sportscover) @ same time
3 Dillon Byrne (Herbalife-Wheelbase) @ 45sec
4 Joe Skipper (VC Baracchi) at 55sec
5 Matthew Robinson (All Terrain Cycles) at 1:10
6 Marloe Rodman (Sportscover) at 1:20
7 Daniel Smith (Velo 29) at 1:30
8 Daniel Storey (Sheffrec CC) at 3:00
9 Simon Baxter (Herbalife-Wheelbase)
10 Colin Humphreys (Sportscover) all @ same time

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.