Report: Duncan Murray Wines RR


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Duncan Murray Wines Road Races

Story posted July 27, 2010; promoted by Welland Valley CC, by Dean Barnett  
The Duncan Murray Wines road races promoted by Welland Valley CC on Sunday yet again produced top quality racing in all three events. The first event of the day was for 3rd/4th category riders and was contested over 80km (4 laps) of the Naseby circuit.

With a good standard of riders challenging for the victory, the pace on the first lap saw many riders disappear out of the pack as the race ascended the climb in Oxendon and Naseby. With a nagging side wind on the exposed A508, riders fought to hold their position in the pack as the stronger, more aggressive riders attempted to break away.

As the race entered its final lap, over 30 riders had been shelled out of the bunch and as those left at the front entered Haslebeach for the final time, a small group had managed to escape the clutches of the bunch. As the break eased away, a couple more riders clipped off the front of the bunch as they could see their chances of winning disappearing with the break.

At the finish line, the judges waited hoping that the final climb would sort out the finishing positions. Their wish was granted as first into sight was the duo of Matt Barrett (Raleigh) and AA Brown (previous club promotion) winner Ryan Ballard (Team Endura). In the sprint for the line, local rider Barrett took the victory ahead of Ballard while in the charge for the final spot on the podium, Junior rider Alex Wallis (Team Sportscover) held off the rest to clinch it. 

1. Matt Barrett Raleigh 3
2. Ryan Ballard Team Endura Thule 247 Kinesis 4
3. Alex Wallis Team Sportscover 3 J
4. Matt Passanger Loughborough Students CC 3
5. Arian Chaplin Team Zappi's 3
6. James Woodier Leicestershire RC 4
7. Robert Malik Derby Mercury RC 3
8. Juston Radford Python Racing Team 3
9. Craig Breeze Stafford RC 3
10. Tom Sexton Welland Valley CC 4
11. Gregg Payne Rockingham Forest 4
12. Matt Garfield Fenland Clarion CC 3
13. Stefan Pantos Bedfordshire RC 3
14. Kyle Burleigh Nottingham Clarion 4
15. Gregory McCullum Nottingham Clarion 4
16. David Jakeman Wisbeach Wheelers 3
17. Mark Wilkes Birmingham CC 3 V
18. Vic Barnett Welland Valley CC 4 V
19. Neil Munroe Zenith CC 3 V
20. Richard Smith Team Milton Keynes 3
21. Jonathan Hall Private 4 V
22. Andrew Ralston Perth United 3 V
23. John Beckett Daventry CC 3 V
24. Lewis Holdcroft Cyme RC 4
25. Mark Russon Lichfield City CC 4
26. David Bramford East London Velo 3
27. Ryan MacLachlan Cotingham Coureurs 3 

Women's Team Series (More Here
Round 7 of the Women’s Team Series was also contested over 80km of the rolling circuit. With over 50 women registered, the standard of competition was high and the battle of attrition over the four laps produced a worthy winner in Alli Holland. The strong teams such as Motorpoint, Rapha Condor and Max Gear RT were evident on the front of the bunch, each looking to control the peloton or ensure if a break went, they had riders present.

It was a very similar pattern of racing to the earlier event as the number of riders at the front of the race were reduced by the nature of the terrain. On the final climb, with 1km to go, Alli Holland (Max Gear RT) and Kara Chesworth (Rapha Condor) exploded out of the pack and caused havoc behind as the riders fought to find a wheel. Alli was driving forward with 300 metres to with Kara sitting directly behind waiting to pounce.

With 50 metres to go, Kara started to come along side Alli and as they both lunged for the line, it was Alli who took the victory by half a wheel from Kara. Behind, the pack was blown to bits as Sarah Byrne (Team Wannabies) took a well deserved 3rd place. 

1. Ali Holland (Max Gear RT)
2. Kara Chesworth (Rapha Condor)
3. Sarah Byrne (Team Wannabies)
4. Tamina Oliver (Team Zappi’s)
5. Rohan Battison (Max Gear RT)
6. Ruby Miller (Team Motorpoint) – 1st Junior
Click here for full result

A quality field assembled for the Duncan Murray Wines E/1/2/3 event over 140km (7 laps). The Naseby circuit is a good course for racing with climbs that will test the competitor’s strength and a good section of road where riders end up fighting to hold a wheel in the gutter. The race started steady before the stronger riders moved to the fore and started driving.

As the race entered the fifth lap, a  natural selection had formed at the front with Team Sigma’s Matt Stephens and Kit Gilham joined by Rob Sharman (Basso Bikes) and Owain Lovell (Ashfield RC) and this group managed to forge open a gap to the chasers.

With the four riders working well, it was soon apparent that this quartet would dominate the final proceedings. Behind, the bunch had split into two packs with Tom Barras (Team Raleigh), Roy Chamberlin (Team Corley Cycles) and Kevin Dawson (Team Sportscover) driving the group that would contest 5th place.
As the race entered the final few kilometres, Owain Lovell slipped off the pace as the Sigma duo started to apply the pressure. With 400 metres to go,  former Tour of Italy rider Matt Stephens was driving hard with Gillingham and Sharman following. At the 200 metre mark, Gilham started to open up the sprint but it was Sharman who dominated the sprint as the Basso Bikes rider crossed the line with his arms aloft. Gilham was next ahead of his team manager Stephens. Lovell crossed the finish line safely in fourth while Barras (Raleigh) led the next group in for 5th.
It was left to Rob Sharman to have the final word as he took the applause in the prize presentation, thanked the sponsors, organisers, officials and Welland Valley for a superb days racing. 

1. Rob Sharman
2. Kit Gilham Sigmasport Specialized Cycling Team
3. Matthew Stephens Sigmasport Specialized Cycling Team
4. Owain Lovell Ashfield RC
5. Tom Barras Raleigh
6. Dave MClean Freze Pasta Montegrappa
7. Roy Chamberlin Team Phil Corley Cycles
8. Ashley Cox Team Corley Cycles
9. Kevin Dawson Team Sportscover
10. Joe Skipper Team Zappis
11. Will Fox Team Zappis
12. Richard Mardle Felt Colbornes RT
13. Anthony Moy CC Luton
14. Simon Asher VC Norwhich
15. Colin Parry VC Montpellier
16. Douglas Coleman Anders TMG Horizon RT
17. Dexter Gardias Team Zappis
18. Justin Hoy Felt Colbornes RT
19. Mark Wordsworth Team Corley Cycles
20. Neil Beasley Beeston RC
21. Jack Cutsorth Star Bikes Road Team
22. Andy Eagers Derby Mercury RC
23. Matthew Fostun Langdale Lightweights RT
24. Stuart Murfin Ashfield RC
25. Jamie Wilkinson Sigmasport Specialized Cycling Team
26. Mike Harrison Congleton CC