Report: Otley Town Centre Cycle Races

Report: Otley Town Centre Cycle Races


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2010 Otley Town Centre Cycle Races

June 23, 2010; Otley (Yorkshire)
Report & Images: Larry Hickmott & Andrew Kennedy
Rd 2 of the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series

Podium for the Elite Circuit Series race in Otley, Dan McLay, Ian WIlkinson and Kristian House.

After many years of trying, and just as many podium finishes, Endura Racing’s Ian Wilkinson finally cracked it to make the top step of the podium with an awesome effort to win the 2010 Otley Circuit Series race. His second victory in the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series this year.

Attacking with a few laps to go, Wilkinson and British Road Race Champion, Kristian House (Rapha Condor Sharp), did what no other break was able to do that night and that was to stay clear of the rampaging peloton around this tough course.




The Event
The racing began at 6.30pm with lots of Youth races followed by a support  event which had special guest, Lizzie Armitstead (Cervelo Test Team), amongst the riders. It was almost a quarter to nine when the Elites lined up for their event and with the sun sinking rapidly, perhaps the race could have been called the Otley Nocturne because it was certainly quite dark when it finished over an hour later.

As the big field lined up on the start line with Mike Smith and Matt Winston commentating, there were a few special guests in this race as well. Number 1, Jeremy Hunt thought better of it with the Tour de France coming up and decided to give the race amiss but amongst the starters were Ben Swift of Team Sky and Adam Blythe (Lotto).

In front of yet again another huge crowd along the finish straight near Otley’s town centre, the race started steady, much the same as many crits do these days, but after a couple of laps to get warmed up, the riders quickly turned the gas up and a break was soon up the road. Matt Cronshaw (Rapha Condor Sharp), Pete Williams (Motorpoint Marshals Pasta), Dan McLay (Hargroves Cycles) and eventual winner, Ian Wilkinson (Endura Racing).

Superman Ian Wilkinson flies in for the start of the Elite Circuit Series event where he finally made it to the top step to win his second round of the series.

The gap to the peloton was small and this enticed riders like Simon Wilson ( - Metaltek) to join it but after a few laps of freedom it was all together with 22 minutes now gone. Whilst the race settled down for a short while, there was drama in the pits when Adam Blythe appeared with quite a lot of skin showing indicating a fall. A quick change of a front wheel and he was back in the action but not for long as he came into the pits again and retired with a mechanical problem which resulted from his crash.

With the speed of the race described as extraordinary by the commentators after Ben Swift had recorded a fastest ever lap, more breaks followed including one with Ben Swift, then another led by Olympic Bronze medallist Steven Burke. But as quickly as the breaks got away, they came back and despite the toughness of this circuit, the huge field was still largely intact.

Team Sky's Ben Swift was riding his second crit in as many days and enjoying himself by giving his rivals some grief as they struggled to hold his wheel.

With less than 10 laps to  go, there was a blast from the past when John Tanner (Sportscover), racing in the event with his son Jake, got himself in a break with former winner Graham Briggs (Rapha Condor Sharp), Rob Partridge (Endura Racing) and Dave Clarke (Pendragon-LeCol-Colnago). It didn’t stick however despite a counter by John Tanner as it came back together.

As the race entered the final 20 minutes, each lap the peloton would come round and a different rider would be dangling off the front only to be swallowed up just quickly before some one else took their place. Nothing was able to outrun the peloton at full speed until House and Wilkinson came through with three laps to go with the gap of 10 or 15 seconds suggesting this break looked like being the one that would succeed.

The winning break of Wilkinson and House on their way to fighting it out for the win on the night.

Succeed the break did and at the bell, the gap was still growing as the peloton seemed resigned to racing for third place. After a wait of a few more minutes, out of the darkness came Ian Wilkinson, sprinting for all he was  worth and so engrossed in making sure this was his year, he didn’t even get time to celebrate across the line before hitting the brakes to get round the sharp left hander that followed the finish line.

With his parents there and girlfriend plus many supporters, there was a lot of celebratory noise surrounding the winner as he came back to the podium saying “that was beautiful”. It feels like I have been trying to win this my whole life. Kristian put in two or three big attacks out there but I clawed my back and thought its better to be in front, so I put it in the 11 sprocket and gave it everything.”

Ian then made his way onto the podium to receive the applause from the crowd and receive the trophy that he has spent so many years trying to make his own. In 2010, the Endura rider did just that to make it two wins in three days for his team.

The next round is the Stafford GP on Thursday 8th July.

Video Interview of Ian Wilkinson amd Kristian House

Lizzie Armitstead looked great as she kicked a few of the men's legs by attacking the race from the front.

Stuart Reid wins the gallop for victory in the Support race with Shaun Tyson second.

Ian Wilkinson crossed the line with a look of sheer joy on his face as he won the Otley GP, or is it panic as he wonders how he's going to get round that bend!

Classy ride by John Tanner as ever, the veteran pro showing the youngsters a thing or two at the front of the race.

Junior RR Champion, Dan Mclay was not afraid of any reputations as he got himself into breaks and ended the race third.

Olympic Bronze medallist Steven Burke showing some form at the front of the race.

Provisional Results

Elite Circuit Race Series
1. Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing  1hr 10min 23 sec
2. Kristian House Rapha Condor  at 1 sec
3. Daniel McLay Hargroves Cycles  st
4. Grahm Briggs Rapha Condor  at 3 secs
5. Steve Lampier Pendragon  st
6. Matt Cronshaw Rapha Condor  st
7. Simon Wilson  st
8. Matthew Kipling MTS Cyclesport  st
9. Ben Swift Sky  st
10. Jeroen Janssen Kuota-Road CC  st
11. David Lines Endura Racing  st
12. John Tanner Team Sportscover  st
13. Tom Last Sigma Sport  st
14. Simon Yates Maxgear  st
15. Marcus Smith Blackhawkbikes  st
16. Jon Mozley Kuota-Road CC  st
17. Richard Hepworth  st
18. Stuart Reid Hebalife / Wheelbase  st
19. Will Bjergfelt Big Maggies  st
20. Alistair Rutherford Science in Sport  st
21. James Moss Endura Racing  st
22. Tom Moses Glendene CC  st
23. Duncan Moralee BC Private Member  st
24. James Sampson Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  st
25. Adam Yates Maxgear  st
26. Gary Adamson Science in Sport  st
27. Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing  st
28. Dillon Byrne Hebalife / Wheelbase  st
29. Andy Magnier  st
30. Jefte De Bruin Kuota-Road CC  st
31. Marcus Etches Sheffrec CC  st
32. Daniel Craven Rapha Condor  st
33. Steven Burke Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  st
34. Kieran Frend Pendragon  st
35. Jack Bauer Endura Racing  st
36. James Sharp York Cycle Works  st
37. Alastair Kay York Cycle Works  st
38. Lewis Craven Hebalife / Wheelbase  st
39. Stuart Henry Hebalife / Wheelbase  st
40. Ashley Brown Team Sportscover  st
41. Ian Field Science in Sport  st
42. Rob Partridge Endura Racing  st
43. Jonny Knox Hebalife / Wheelbase  st
44. Daniel Smith Velo 29  st
45. Richard Bott Hebalife / Wheelbase  st
46. Joel Davison Chevin Cycles  st
47. Jason Christie Endura Racing  st
48. Andrew Guy Science in Sport  st
49. Robert Small  st
50. Jack Kirk Team Zappi  at 13 secs
51. Ashley Finn  st
52. Josh Edmondson Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  st
53. Ben Kellett VS Cycles  st
54. Richard Lambert Cottingham Coureurs  st
55. Mark Thwaites Giordana  st
56. Ben Greenwood Rapha Condor  st
57. Andy Tinsley Kuota-Road CC  st
58. Peter Willaims Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta  at 27 secs
59. Sam Pedder Tameside Cycles  at 2 min 56 sec

Series Prime No 1       
1. James McCullum    Endura Racing
2. Andrew Hawdon    Herbalife / Wheelbase
3. Andy Magnier
4. Graham Briggs    Rapha Condor

Series Prime No 2       
1. John Tanner    Team Sportscover
2. Jack Kirk    Team Zappi
3. Rob Partridge    Endura Racing
4. Graham Briggs    Rapha Condor

Series Overall
1. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing    120
2. Graham Briggs, Rapha Condor Sharp    67
   Kristian House, Rapha Condor Sharp    67
4. Dean Downing, Rapha Condor Sharp    52
5. Ed Clancy, Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT    45
   Dan McLay, Hargroves Cycles    45
7. Evan Oliphant, Endura Racing    40
8. Will Bjergfelt, Wilier/ Ciclismo    37
9. Steve Lampier, Pendragon - LeCol - Colnago    35
10. Darren Lapthorne, Rapha Condor Sharp    31
    Matt Cronshaw, Rapha Condor Sharp    31

Support race
1. Stuart Reid, Herbalife/Wheelbase
2. Shaun Tyson, Adept Precision
3. Chris Daddy, Star Bikes
4. lloyd Kellett, Aire Valley
5. Robert Watson, Paul Milnes
6. Matt Mannakee, Boneshakers
7. Andrew Marsh, Dinnington RC
8. Daniel Storey, Sheffrec CC
9. Matthew Robinson, All Terrain Cycles
10. Mike Miss

1st Local Rider: Lloyd Kellett
1st Woman, Lizzie Armitstead, Cervelo Test Team
1st 3rd Cat, Chris Daddy
1st 4th Cat, Brian Field, Otley CC
1st Junior Robert Watson

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