Interview: Talking to Dani King

Interview: Talking to Dani King


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Talking to Horizon Fitness rider Dani King

Story posted June 23, 2010; by Gayle Howells for Horizon Fitness

This weekend is the UK National Championships and Horizon Fitness Racing Team will be fielding a strong team to challenge some of the best riders in the world. One of the key riders for the team is Dani King who will be battling for the Under 23 championship this weekend against the likes of Lizzy Armitstead and Lucy Martin. Looking ahead to the big day, Dani hopes she can do well and continue her great form.

Q: So Dani, how’s the approach to the Nationals going?
Dani King: "It all seems to be going well.  I had two wins last week and it was important to work with the team for a few days in training as well as the races.  Then I did a 2-day race with men at the weekend. It’s much harder racing but really helps as the level is just that much higher. It’s certainly more like it's going to be this weekend against likes of Cooke, Pooley and Laws."

Q: You’ve had seven wins this season so far.  What’s been the best one?
DK: "This is such a hard question as every win is fantastic for me. If I had to pick one, I guess it would have to be winning Wodecq as it was my first win in Belgium as a senior. Everything just went perfectly and I felt better than I ever have. When I sprinted, no one came close and I think that’s what made the win so great for me! It gave me a real confidence boost as there were really strong girls in the field and from then on I knew I could win in Europe and not just the UK."

Q: If you could achieve one more goal this season, what would it be?
DK: "I couldn’t choose just one. There’s a long way to go yet!  I would really like to get a good result at the Nationals as I’ve had really good preparation for it.  After that, I would love to do well in Limousin and show I can get results in a UCI stage race not only a one day race."

Q: What’s made the biggest difference to you this season?
DK: "I think there are two big differences this year. Firstly, is having a good winter behind me. I went to Australia to train in the good weather and that gave me such a good base, loads of miles in my legs and now the results are starting to show. When I first got back, I went straight into major races and without any racing beforehand, I didn’t have the top end. But I was able to work hard for the team. The top end didn’t take long to come and along with it, came the results."

"Another massive difference is having the team. They have been fantastic and work really well together. It really has been a major contributor to my results and I hope to return the favour very soon. Horizon Fitness are 100% focused on the performance of the riders rather than the results. That works with us and as you can see, the results come as part of that.

Q: So the environment with the Horizon Fitness Racing Team is good?
DK: "The environment of the team is great! Everyone gets on really well and we have a great bond. I believe this is showing in the results we’ve already got. We are all willing to work 100% for each other and we have great guidance and support both at a race and away from it."

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