2010 Ryedale Grand Prix

2010 Ryedale Grand Prix


2010 Ryedale Grand Prix

June 6, 2010; North Yorkshire | British Cycling Premier Calendar | Preview |
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(thanks to Nick NEG Pilot Nick Scanlon for his help)

Endura Racing’s Rob Partridge had the biggest win of his career when he won his first Premier Calendar event, the Ryedale GP on Sunday. In appalling weather, Partridge made his move after the race had passed the 100 mile point and only Darren Lapthorne (Rapha Condor Sharp) and later, Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport Specialized) were able to go with him. In the sprint for the victory, Partridge was far too strong for his rivals with Lapthorne second and Sybrandy third.

The race

Rob Partridge triumps in the rain at Duncombe Park ahead of Darren Lapthorne and Wouter Sybrandy.

As the riders got ready for the fifth round of the British Cycling Premier Calendar Series, the drizzle was already falling and unlike some parts of the country, the weather just got worse as the day went on, never easing and whilst not cold, the flooding and constant rain made life difficult for the riders as they rolled out of Duncombe Park with 120 miles ahead of them.

With riders keen to get warm as the rain cooled their muscles, there were quite a few willing attackers but a lot of the action was at the back with lots of punctures and crashes as well. That said,  the bike handling by the riders was exceptional in the conditions. The marshals and and NEG too helped keep the riders safe with excellent work in making them aware of the hazards that lie ahead in the near monsoon conditions as eventual winner, Rob Partridge described them.

No water shortages in North Yorkshire as the roads flood as the race goes with Kristian House leading Robin Sharman

The first key move came when British Road Race Champion Kristian House showed just why he is champion, when he attacked and took with him British Cycling Talent Team coach, Rob Sharman (Basso Bikes). These two, both exceptional bike riders in their own right, gelled together well and for over an hour, they held the lead the race, gaining a maximum lead of a minute and a half.  

Once they were brought back, the peloton, now much reduced in size due to the weather and the problems it provided for the riders, was to stay together for a sizeable time before Rob Partridge made good use of a short sharp climb through Gilling up to the feedzone and he attacked hard and fast.

Riding strongly, Partridge quickly opened up a gap with Darren Lapthorne in tow. A quick chat between the two leaders and they committed to the move and quickly made ground on the peloton. With the two top teams represented, Partridge and Lapthorne were soon looking likely winners and Sigma Sport Specialized realised the danger and sent Wouter Sybrandy in pursuit.

Pete Williams tries to get a chase going but the move is shortlived.

The Sigma rider had ridden the 25 TT championship the day before and he wasn’t too hopeful of a good race but bridge the gap he did and the three riders continued to make the most of their lead with three strong riders to share the work load. It was up to the smaller teams now to make the chase which they did with attack after attack but none were getting far. One team not making the impression many expected them to was Motorpoint/ Marshalls Pasta whilst others like Orbea For Goodness Shakes were showing their rain soaked jerseys off the front.

Into the closing stages and Sybrandy tried his luck on the descent into Helmsley but the other two were straight on him and the Dutchman paid for that effort as the leaders started the long drag up to the finish through  the picturesque park. Lapthorne had earlier done a hard turn in the break only to then have his manager John Herety come up in the car and tell him to tone things down a bit as Partridge was looking ominously strong.

Sure enough, Lapthorne let Partridge take up the running over the final kilometre but try as the Aussie might, the Endura rider was not letting this race slip from his grasp in the rain and a delighted Rob Partridge crossed the line well clear of the other two battling for the minor placings to make it a great day for the Endura team.

The podium for the 2010 Ryedale GP, Wouter Sybrandy, Rob Partridge and Darren Lapthorne, a truly international line up with a Dutchman, Welshman and Australian!

News from Team Endura --  It's 4-in-8 for Endura as Rob leads the way at a wet Rydale...
Rob Partridge yesterday demonstrated the type of form and tactical nous that took him to the 2009 Welsh national road title, as he outfoxed his breakaway companions in the last kilometre at a flooded Rydale GP in north Yorkshire. This win meant a lot.

The win by Partidge meant a lot to the 24 year-old Welshman, but it also meant a lot to the Endura Racing squad who executed an awesome show of team-tactics in the rain on this classic 112 mile route, round 5 in the 2010 British Premier Calendar. After his win at the 2009 Welsh road race championships Partridge has had a relatively lean time in race wins, so victory yesterday was hugely significant for the Wrexham rider. "Yeah, this has been a long time coming. I've had my share of misfortune this year, what with crashes and niggling injuries, but started to feel good last month and 6th on GC at the Ras last week has set me up for this one."

"I felt like 10-men out there and although the weather was pretty grim, I just got on with the job. Winny (Julian Winn, Team DS) had a strong word with us all beforehand and just said that we had to win today and with 8 of us in the front group for most of the race we had everything in place to do so."

Partridge was also quick to praise his team-mates, as he described the unfolding of the race. "The Endura guys all followed the moves today, we really were on it. With about 50km to go I just launched one and myself, Lappers (Darren Lapthorne) and Wouter (Sybrandy) got a gap. After it went up to 1 min 40 seconds, I did some maths and thought this is going to stick, so I turned my attention to winning the race and how I was going to do it."

"Sybrandy went first with about 4km to go and I knew that he is strong as an ox when he gets away so jumped on him. After I bridged to him, I took a look back and Darren wasn't quite on, so that gave me confidence too. Into the last km and Darren went, I jumped on his wheel and thought 'stay here'. It was pretty clear it was going to come to a sprint and with about 200m to go we were virtually at a standstill so I went and gapped the other two straight away, then just held it to the finish"

Without radios, the blackboard man, Carl Lawrenson (and pilot Dave Greatorex), was the messenger for the riders.

The 2010 season promises much for the Endura Racing boys. With a top-class domestic line-up including Olympian Rob Hayles, and bolstered by Kiwi's Jack Bauer and Jason Christie, along with Frenchman Alexandre Blain, they have the credentials to rank alongside any UK-based team. However, it's fair to say, after a strong start to the year, the squad have not quite hit top gear yet. But some excellent team riding at the Tour Series, and a good couple of wins for Ian Wilkinson - including taking round one of the British Cycling Elite Circuit Series - has meant that the 'E-Train' is now well on track.

On the team aspect Rob Hayles adds, "Yes, this is a big one for the team. Morale is now high, very high. My phone hasn't stopped buzzing since the race! Everyone expected big things from this team and we are turning the corner I think. The atmosphere within the camp is excellent and with some big races coming up in the next few weeks we are definitely confident."

"For me it's a big week ahead, you're only as good as your last race, and it's back to business on Tuesday at the Tour Series in Southport, then another three races this week, culminating with the Premier Calendar race at the Beaumont Trophy on Sunday. Then I'll be starting to also think about the Nationals (National Road Race Championships) in a couple of weeks. Winning is great, but there is no time to dwell!"

House and Sharman weren't the only ones having to deal with the conditions, the photographer Andrew Kennedy too had his share of problems with the rain.


1. Rob Partridge Endura Racing E 04:27:49
2. Darren Lapthorne Rapha Condor / Sharp E st
3. Wouter Stybrandy Sigma Sport / Specialized E st
4. Andrew Tennant Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta E at 1:27
5. Ian Wilkinson Endura Racing E st
6. Chris Newton Rapha Condor / Sharp E st
7. Jack Bauer Endura Racing E at 1:30
8. Alexandre Blain Endura Racing E at 1:32
9. Simon Richardson Sigma Sport / Specialized E st
10. Steve Lampier Pendragon-Le Col-Colnago E st
11. Marcel Six Orbea for Goodness Shakes E st
12. Hugh Wilson Team Qoroz 1 st
13. Rob Sharman www.bassobikes.co.uk E st
14. James Sampson Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta 1 st
15. Scott Thwaites Endura Racing 1 / u23 st
16. Simon Baxter Adept Precision RT 1 st
17. Lee Davis Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta 1 st
18. Marcin Bialoblocki Big Maggies / Wilier /  E st
19. Paul Esposti BCV / Scion E st
20. Dan Craven Rapha Condor / Sharp E st
21. Jonathan Tiernan - Locke Rapha Condor / Sharp E st
22. Yanto Barker Pendragon-Le Col-Colnago E at 1:42
23. Duncan Moralee BC Private Member 2 at 1:51
24. John Tanner Team Sportscover / Strategic E st
25. James McLaughlin Pendragon-Le Col-Colnago 1 / u23 st
26. Pete Williams Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta E st
27. Gareth Montgomerie Sigma Sport / Specialized E st
28. Kristian House Rapha Condor / Sharp E at 1:56
29. Josh Gosselin Guernsey Velo 1 at 1:57
30. Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles / Cervelo 1 at 2:06
31. Andy Coupe Team Wallis CCH RT 1 at 2:09
32. Andrew Hastings Finchley RT / Paul Simon 1 at 2:10
33. James Moss Endura Racing E at 2:12
34. Evan Oliphant Endura Racing E st
35. Rob Hayles Endura Racing E st
36. James Williamson Sigma Sport / Specialized E at 2:17
37. Ashley Cox Team Corley Cycles / Cervelo 1 st
38. Rob Carter Velo 29 Cycling Team 2 at 2:18
39. Chris Mark Adept Precision RT 2 at 2:25
40. Joshua Hunt Mid Devon CC / Colin Lewis 1 / u23 at 2:31
41. Adam Norris Orbea for Goodness Shakes E at 3:08


1. Chris Newton, Rapha Condor Sharp    311
2. Ian Wilkinson, Endura Racing    259
3. Jack Bauer, Endura Racing    256
4. Simon Richardson, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team    219
5. Evan Oliphant, Endura Racing    183
6. Wouter Sybrandy, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team    165
7. Marcin Bialoblocki, Wilier/Bigmaggs.com/Prendas Ciclismo    154
8. Peter Williams, Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT    130
9. Andrew Tennant, Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT    129
10. Yanto Barker, Pendragon - Le Col - Colnago    118
     Rob Partridge, Endura Racing    118