Castle Combe Summer Series


Castle Combe Summer Series

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Event: May 13, Posted May 18; by Andy Cook

Another dull evening and one can only assume as there was no Ilton tonight, that everyone decided to ride Castle Combe instead. Numbers were significantly higher across all the categories with 52 Youth riders taking the start in various different categories of race and a staggering 152 riders in the following senior event.

Despite the numbers, there were no crashes. One or two riders were practising their cyclo-cross skills by taking to the grass through the chicanes at times but credit to the riders for remaining up right.

The Youth racing continues to produce some excellent racing with the Under 8’s being won by David Meyer from Cheltenham with Scott Curtis repeating last weeks 2nd place. In the under 10’s, the girls continue to dominate with Pfeiffer Georgi outsprinting Megan James and young Liam Sewell taking 3rd in that event.

The Under 12’s were again out on the big circuit and not to be outdone by his sister this week, Etienne Georgi and Peter Kibble swopped places from last week with Etienne taking the win from James Tillett who was second last week and Peter third.

The Under 14’s were actually gaining on the Under 16’s for a lot of the race with Tristan Robbins winning from Ashley Hutchinson. Ffion repeated last weeks win with another first in the Under 14 girls category from Rhianna Jones from Swindon RC.

Sixteen  riders lined up in the Under 16 race and the bunch remained intact throughout the five lap race despite one or two skirmishes led most notably by Luke Davies at the end of lap 1. In the end though, Robbie Westwood won a fast sprint from team mate Joe Anstice with Matthew Cross making third place. Sarah Crawley managed to beat Amy Hill and Steph Higgs into second and third place in the Under 16 girls race.


The senior event was notable as the 3rds were let go rather sooner than usual which led to a much smaller gap to let the Elite/1/2’s leave the start line between the 4th category riders going past and the 3rd category riders almost latching on. There is a gentlemen’s agreement that the 4ths already being a lap up, that they must allow the E/1/2’s to pass first time without jumping on.

Ordinarily it works well and for this evening, a bit of extra on the bike commissaring had to take place to ensure fair play. With the large field sizes, the 3rds stayed a respectable distance behind the E/1/2’s for a few laps and it became obvious that a few of the 4th’s had jumped on this week.

The 3rds caught the main bunch of 4ths and it looked like this large group was set to contest the finish together. However, a very determined group of around 13 riders detached themselves from the scratch group and made the junction with around 3 laps of the race remaining and immediately went straight to the front with Grant Bayton winning the sprint from last weeks winner Dale Appleby and Ben Luckwell making 3rd. Wilier Big Maggy’s had four riders in the first seven riders and drove the break hard as the remaining E/1/2’s came in some 45 seconds after the main bunch sprinting for about 100th place!



Under 8

1st  David Meyer  Cheltenham & Cty CC  1st Boy
2nd  Scott Curtis  Unattached   2nd Boy
3rd  Tyler Smith  Swindon RC   3rd Boy
4th  Ellis Jones  Swindon RC   1st Girl
  Nikita Steel  Swindon RC   DNF (crash)
  Bradley Duff  Swindon RC   DNF
Under 10
1st  Pfeiffer Georgi Mid Devon RC  1st Girl
2nd  Megan James  Abergavenny RC  2nd Girl
3rd  Liam Sewell  Swindon RC   1st Boy
4th  Joshua Price  Unattached   2nd Boy
5th  Lance Hutchison VC St Raphael   3rd Boy
6th  Ben Sluman  Cheltenham & Cty CC 4th Boy
7th  Lauren Booth  Chippenham & Dist  3rd Girl 
8th  Harry Fleet  Royal Dean Forest  5th Boy
9th  Thomas Price  Unattached   6th Boy
10th  Natalie Moore  Swindon RC   4th Girl
11th  Seren Jones  Swindon RC   5th Girl

Under 12
1st  Etienne Georgi Mid Devon RC  1st Boy
2nd  James Tillett  Newport Velo   2nd Boy 
3rd  Peter Kibble  Chippenham & Dist  3rd Boy
4th  Lewis Revill  Chippenham & Dist  4th Boy
5th  Tom Sewell  Swindon RC   5th Boy
6th  Ben Beckingsale Abergavenny RC  6th Boy 
7th  Samuel Tillett  Newport Velo   7th Boy 
8th  Rhys Britton  Newport Velo   8th Boy
9th  Rob Higgs  Chippenham & Dist  9th Boy
10th  Ryan Duff  Swindon RC   10th Boy

Under 14
1st  Tristan Robbins Newport Velo   1st Boy
2nd  Ashley Hutchison VC St Raphael   2nd Boy
3rd  Chris Brettell  Team Tor 2000  3rd Boy
4th  Ethan Lee  Malvern Cycle Sport  4th Boy
5th  Ffion James  Abergavenny RC  1st Girl
6th  Ben Reed  Chippenham Wheelers 5th Boy
7th  Ed Mayhew  Chippenham & Dist  6th Boy
8th  Jacob Steele  Swindon RC   7th Boy
9th  Rhianna Jones  Swindon RC   2nd Girl
Under 16
1st  Rob Westwood Cwmcarn Paragon  1st Boy
2nd  Joe Anstice  Cwmcarn Paragon  2nd Boy
3rd  Matthew Cross Newport Velo   3rd Boy
4th  Dan Marshall  BCDS    4th Boy
5th  Luke Cowley  Swindon RC   5th Boy
6th  Matt Woods  Swindon RC   6th Boy
7th  Jack Reed  Chippenham Wheelers 7th Boy
8th  Craig May  Newport Olympic  8th Boy
9th   Sarah Crawley  Cardiff Ajax   1st Girl
10th  Richard Shaw  BCDS    9th Boy
11th  Amy Hill  Newport Velo   2nd Girl
12th  Charley Bradley Weilands   BCDS   10th Boy
13th  Sam Roberts  Chippenham Wheelers 11th Boy
14th  Luke Davies  Chippenham Wheelers 12th Boy
15th  Steph Higgs  Chippenham Wheelers 3rd Girl
16th  Scott Hayward  Dursley RC   13th Boy
1st  Grant Bayton  Wilier/Big Maggys/Prendas
2nd  Dale Appleby  Team Raleigh 
3rd  Ben Luckwell  Wilier/Big Maggys/Prendas
4th  Freddy Johansson Team Sprocket 
5th  Mark Perry  Wilier/Big Maggys/Prendas
6th  Marcin Biablocki Wilier/Big Maggys/Prendas
7th  Craig Denning  Dream Zero
8th   Chris Roxburgh Team Tor 2000
9th  James Lewis  Port Talbot Wheelers
10th  Tom Stockdale Team Qoroz 
11th  Sam Anstice  Cwmcarn Paragon