2010 Hillingdon Grand Prix

2010 Hillingdon Grand Prix


2010 Hillingdon Grand Prix

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Sunday, May 16, 2010; Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, by Belinda Sinclair | Full Results |

As always, as the Hillingdon circuit is in West London, it was cold. Not too cold, but rather breezy and still far from the summer weather that we should  be having by now. But that didn’t stop a full field – sixty four riders – lining up in this Women’s National Series event, ready to do battle. Unfortunately, it was to be a race beset with problems.

Very early in the second lap, with riders bunched tightly, there was a crash, resulting in Rapha’s Claire Beaumont and Orbea’s Cassie Gledhill both ending up on the tarmac, unable to carry on. A third rider who also fell, managed to get up and back on. The race was neutralized, then stopped twice while medics sorted both riders out.

They were both clearly very shaken and Beaumont’s helmet took much of her  impact, but although initially dazed, she recovered quickly. However, Gledhill seemed to fare rather more badly and after a considerable delay, during which she received medical treatment, she was taken off to hospital with a several suspected broken bones and  breathing problems.

When the race finally restarted twenty minutes or so later, and after an additional warm up lap, the whole thing had to be shortened by eight laps to enable sufficient time between its end and the final race. But it didn’t temper either the pace or the effort of the riders; riding as a bunch for most of the race, but the primes hotly contested.

First honours went to Dani King, Ruby Miller and Laura Trott, next to Hannah Rich, with former World Track champion Jo Rowsell, riding as an independent, and Laura Trott also taking  primes. The final sprint started on the penultimate corner of the circuit, with Dani King well supported by her two team mates and  double Junior World Sprint champion Becky James kicking hard alongside them and pursuing them up the final straight. King crossed the line first, just ahead of James, with Janet Birkmire  a close third.

Speaking to Dani after the race, she was understandably pleased with her afternoon’s work. “It was fast, consistently fast, but we (her two team mates) worked hard together and they really helped me. Several people tried to attack but nobody really seemed to want to take it on. I went for the primes to get my legs ready and working and that worked well as I got it and the legs worked well."

"I knew that Becky was still there and also Jo (Rowsell) so I knew that I would have to work hard right to the end. I really pushed with about six laps to go and the final sprint started at the bottom corner when Becky went. She’s a fantastic sprinter so I knew that that was the push and I went too. I’m really pleased with how it went and how we all worked together today.

"I’m so pleased, this is my 3rd win out of the 3 road races I’ve done this year in the U.K. The race started off well, fast from the start, however a few crashes meant the race had to be stopped twice and shortened as a result."

"My Horizon Fitness team mate, Hannah Rich said to me towards the end of the race that she was feeling good and was happy to give me a lead out so I was chuffed and took her up on the offer. With about half a lap to go Hannah got on the front and gave it all she had with me on her wheel. Becky James kicked and I knew that was when I had to go. She got quite a lead but I managed to just pip her to the line!"

"Overall I  was so pleased with my performance and the way the team rode. I hope to repay the favour for Hannah in the near future. I’m off to Belgium now for a few weeks to get stuck into racing and hopefully get some good results!

Becky James was similarly pleased with her own performance. “Well, this is not my usual discipline – I’m a track sprinter -  but I am really enjoying riding on the road in crits. I am enjoying getting fit and mixing in well with the other girls and today was a fantastic, fast race. Mind you, I went on the first corner at the bottom and it was only when I got round the last corner and saw the long uphill slope to the finish – and into the wind – that I realised that I’d gone a bit too early!"

"But I knew that Dani was there and also Jo Rowsell, so I had to ride it out and keep hanging on 'til the finish. But I am very pleased with today. I’m off to Belgium next week and then hopefully the Commonwealth Games, so races like this and experiences like today are really good preparation.

Results | Full Results |
1  Danielle King Horizon Fitness
2  Becky James Motorpoint
3  Janet Birkmyre Orbea-For Goodness Shakes
4  Hannah Barnes Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta/Candi TV
5  Jessica Booth Halesowen  A&CC
6  Marianne Britten Max Gear RT
7  Lucy Garner Leicstershire RC
8  Harriet Owen Bicester Millennium CC
9  Hannah Manley Cardiff Jif
10  Hannah Walker GS Surosa

Men’s Race and Support Race

After the drama of the women’s race, the men’s race went ahead more or less on time and as planned. The sun even came out, albeit briefly. Again, like the women’s event, this was another fast paced race throughout the sixty six laps, with lots of bunch riding, and numerous breaks.

Two riders went off the front very early, establishing a substantial lead of twenty five seconds, but they were gradually hauled back, before six more had a go, eventually splitting into three sets of two and riding way out front for a good few laps. They too were then swallowed up by the peloton, which was working well together and eating up lap after lap.

Dave Clark featured in several of the bids, both on his own, and as part of a couple of breakaway groups, one of which with twenty six laps still to go, established an impressive gap of some twenty six seconds. But the fast pace began to tell, and the lead was whittled down to just seven seconds with seven to go as the bunch lay in wait, increasingly closer behind the leaders. Then with about three laps to go, the rain which had been threatening all day, arrived, changing the surface considerably until the inevitable happened.

With just under a lap to go, and virtually in the same spot as the women’s crash, a couple of wheels touched and riders went down. All but two got back up, but it was too late; the leaders were off down the back straight, with Tony Gibb and the rest of his team dominating. A tight, fast sprint up to the line saw Gibb cross first, closely followed by Jon Mozely and Marcel Six.

Team manager Rod Freeman was delighted with the result: “It was our aim to win of course, but it’s always nice when everybody works well together and pulls off wheat they set out to do. We did have quite a few riders in the race, so we had quite a presence, but like we saw, anything can happen, however well you ride, so it was a good result.

Read the Report from Team CyclePremier.com – Metaltek

Results | Full Results |

1  Tony Gibb CyclePremier.com/Metaltek RT
2  Jon Mozley Kuota-Road CC
3  Marcel Six Orbea/For Goodness Shakes
4  Ben Luckwell Big Maggies/Wilier/Prendas
5  Jason White CyclePremier.com/Metaltek RT
6  Matt Cronshaw Rapha/Condor/Sharp
7  James Stewart Tm Raleigh/High 5/Skoda
8  David McGowand Kuota-Road CC
9  Lee Smith Felt-Colbornes RT
10  Marc Wilmot Tm Quest/The Bike Shop

Support Race

The earlier support race was one, again in a sprint to the line, by fifteen year old Jacob Reagan. According to his Dad Mark, they’d only ‘popped in as they were nearby’. “ We live up near Manchester and he rode at Redbridge yesterday, so as this was on, we thought we might as well make a weekend of it. And it worked out rather well!”

Results | Full Results |

1  Jacob Ragan Sport City Velo
2  Noritz Jabke BC Private Member
3  Jacey Reder Private
4  Dominic Gabellini Rapha Condor
5  Oliver Newlan Twickenham CC
6  Michael Westwell RAFCC
7  James Jackson BC Private Member
8  Neil Heffernan Inverse
9  Matt Barker Team Quest
10  Martin Hunter Colchester Rovers CC

More Photos

Jason Streather tries his luck early on

One of the Raleigh riders takes a tumble in the Men's Elite race.


Women's Grand Prix

1  Danielle King Horizon Fitness
2  Becky James Motorpoint
3  Janet Birkmyre Orbea-For Goodness Shakes
4  Hannah Barnes Motorpoint/Marshalls Pasta/Candi TV
5  Jessica Booth Halesowen  A&CC
6  Marianne Britten Max Gear RT
7  Lucy Garner Leicstershire RC
8  Harriet Owen Bicester Millennium CC
9  Hannah Manley Cardiff Jif
10  Hannah Walker GS Surosa
11  Amy Roberts Cardiff Ajax
12  Joanna Rowsell PM
13  Alex Greenfield Horizon Fitness
14  Ruby Miller Forza Cycles
15  Bernadette Hards Maxgear RT
16  Kara Chesworth Dysynni CC
17  Emily Barnes Palmer Park Velo
18  Emma Grant A W Cycles
19  Jackie Garner Maxgear RT
20  Sarah King Langdale Lightweights RT
21  Corrine Hall Tm Corridori
22  Lauren Creamer Wolverhampton Wh
23  Louise Mahe Tm Mule Bar Girls
24  Lowri Bunn Abergavenny RC
25  Melissa Bury Sportcity Velo
26  Laura Trott Welwyn Wh
27  Hannah Shenton Paul Milnes RT
28  Natalie Hill Hillingdon Slipstreamers
29  Hannah Rich Horizon Fitness
30  Rebecca Curley Rapha Condor
31  Hannah Bowes Tm Mule Bar Girls
32  Cheryl Owens GS Metro
33  Maryka Sennema Kingston Wh/Sigma Sport
34  Cannot See  black top ???????
35  Clara Horne Halesowen  A&CC
36  Nicola Juniper Ciclos Uno
37  Jaine Paine Willesden CC
38  Jodie Stimpson Tm Dillon
39  Rachel Przybylski Rapha Condor
40  Natalie Greswick Twickenham CC
41  Natasha Perry Rapha Condor
42  Leona Kadir Sigma Sport RT
43  Lise Soerensen Kingston Wheelers
44  Caroline Harding Finchley RT
45  Emily Bagnall Kingston Wh/Sigma Sport
46  Sabine Homrighausen Kingston Wh/Sigma Sport
47  Emma  Patterson London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes
48  Jeanelle Culdicott Max Gear RT
49  Joanna Le Cocq VS Jersey/i-consult/Top Personal
50  Ceri Dipple BC Private Member
51  Nikki Wheeler Team Wiggle
52  Alice Barnes Palmer Park Velo
53  Monica Da Polenza A W Cycles
54  Eleanor Jones Halesowen  A&CC
55  Vicki Filsell Pearson Cycles RT
56  Astrid Wingler London Phoenix
57  Rebecca Lodge London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes
58  Jessica Mitchell London Dynamo/Prologue/For Goodness Shakes