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London Women’s Cycle Racing League Round 2

Story posted April 13, 2010; by Maria David; Photos by John Mullineaux,

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Marshall gets her wings as Sherwell flies high in top spot

On a sunny Saturday (April 10) afternoon at Hog Hill (NE London), around 40 women lined up for the ELV Spring Rumble. This was also round 2 of the London Women’s Cycle Racing League, sponsored by Look Mum No Hands, and the first round that included all category women riders from across London.

A starting line-up of 37 riders started the event on the Redbridge Cycle Circuit and thie group stayed together during the opening laps before splitting after the prime, which was won by Mathilde Pauls (Pearsons CC). An aggressive pace set by the strongers riders saw the group split into two main groups with a couple of gruppettos at the tail end of the field having their own mini battles.

Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers) and league leader Elise Sherwell (Pearson Cycles) animated things in the 18-woman leading group when they put the hammer down just before the Hoggenberg with four laps to go. A number of contenders, including riders from Rapha Condor and MuleBar Girls, dropped out of contention at this point, leaving the eventual winner to come from the remaining select group of nine riders. Among them were strong locals like Twickenham pair, Dorchie Cockerell and Natalie Cresswick and a London Dynamo pair in the shape of Rachel Armitage and Lauren Whitmore.

As ever, the race outcome was decided on the final climb when Sennema launched an attack but was caught by RAF rider, Jacqui Marshall who won the race and youth rider Emily Kay (Halesowen) who finished in 2nd. London Dynamo’s Lauren Whitmore, who was 9th, was the highest placed 4th category racer. League leader Elise Sherwell finished in 6th place and manages to hold onto the leader’s jersey for the next round, Crystal Palace on 20th April.

Maryka Sennema (Kingston Wheelers): "Coming third is a satisfactory result, as I certainly wouldn't have said going into the race that I was the third strongest rider! We had a great field. With nearly 40 starters, that’s about four times as many as we usually get at Hog Hill! Finally, a "proper" race! I'm just really happy that we got so many riders out for one of our rounds.  To me, this is what I thought we should and could accomplish with the LWCR:  proper races with proper fields full of riders at all levels. It was so satisfying to line up with 38 other women at the start line, and I really hope we continue to draw such fields to our races for the rest of the season.  A new page in local women's cycling!"
Astrid Wingler (London Phoenix): "The London Women's Cycle League is a great introduction to newcomers to road racing like me. Goodwood [LWCR League Rd 1] was my first ever road race, and the wide course was ideal for anyone not used to cycling in a tight bunch. As expected, Hog Hill turned out to be technically quite challenging."

"I missed one of the corners during the first lap and to the amusement of the others, ended up going straight down across the grass to re-join the field at the bottom! Fortunately, I was still riding my cross bike, although I did worry a bit that I would damage the fancy wheels I had borrowed for the race! The good thing about Hog Hill was that it did not seem to matter too much that I was dropped early on. Even riding on my own, I never got bored on the varied course. I'm now definitely hooked and plan to head to Hog Hill again next weekend [for the Eagle RC Circuit races], with the main aim to stay on the tarmac!"

Graham Galvin (East London Velo), Organiser: "We are over the moon at the turnout for the Spring Rumble. I would have been happy if 25 turned out, but to have more than 40 women racing, including the two who rode in the men’s race, is amazing. We always like to support women’s racing and we are really pleased that this has taken off."

Matt Harper (Look Mum No Hands): "Just like at Goodwood, we are delighted with the turnout at Hog Hill and the standard of racing has been really high. Elise is a worthy league leader."


1. Jacqui Marshall  RAF CC
2. Emily Kay  Halesowen A & CC
3. Maryka Sennena  Kingston Whs
4. Natalie Creswick  Twickenham CC
5. Mathilde Pauls  Peason
6. Elise Sherwell  Peason
7. Dorchie Cockerell  Twickenham CC
8. Rachel Armitage  London Dynamo
9. Lauren Whitmore  London Dynamo
10. Elizabeth Chittenden  Eagle RC
11. Georgina Schwiening  Cambridge Tri Club
12. Susan Wood  Maldon & District CC
13. Natasha Perry  Rapha Condor
14. Melissa Bury  Sportcity
15. Kate Scotter  Extreme Sports Therapy
16. Delia Beddis  Dulwich Paragon
17. Hannah Bowes  Mulebar Girls 
18. Annabel Roots  London Phoenix
19. Sabine Hurighausen  Kingston Whs
20. Karen Price  Dulwich Paragon
21. Claire Leonard  Brighton Mitre CC
22. Dyanne Holland  Dulwich Paragon
23. Wiesia Kuczaj  Twickenham CC
24. Sol Findley  Twickenham CC
25. Vikki Filsell  Peason Cycles
26. Angie Thorp  VC Norwich
27. Nikki Wheeler  Team Wiggle
28. Louise Croxon  London Phoenix
29. Astrid Wingler  London Phoenix
30. Charmaine Brown  Peason Cycles
31. Helen Keaton  Peason Cycles
32. Sara Flatt  Thetford MTB
33. Anna Buick  Thetford MTB
34. Maria David  Dulwich Pargon
35. Liz Rice  London Phoenix
36. Lysandra Sinclaire  Inverse Racing

Other Races on the day (East London Velo Spring Rumble)

National B Closed Circuit
1. David Clarke  Pendragon Lecol Colnago
2. Ashley Cox  Team Corley Cycles
3. Matt Bailey  Kuota Road CC
4. Keran Frend  Pendragon Lecol Colnago
5. Felix English  Team Pearson Cycles
6. Conor Dunne  Glendene CC
7. Oliver Rossi  PCA Ciclos Uno
8. Jason White  Cyclepremier
9. Blake Pond  Southfork Racing/Litespeed
10. Andrew Griffiths  New Heebra – Lombaden
11. Kristian Downs  Orbea for Goodness Shakes
12. Jim Lewis  Glendene CC
13. Phil Hersey  Eagle RC
14. Richard Da Silva  Stevenage CC
15. Alex Murison  Glendene CC
16. David Barnes  East London Velo
17. Luke Merrrilees  WindyMilla/Maxifuel
18. Stephen Adams  Sigma Sport Specialized CT
19. Jason Kettle  Eagle RC
20. Owen Lake  Cambridge CC
21. Graham Galvin  East London Velo
22. Nick Calverley  Finchley RT
23. Ian Franklin  Crest CC - Ilford
24. Kevin Knox  Dulwich Paragon
25. Robert Moore  London Phoenix
26. Simon Fox  Team Synergy
27. Mark Porter  Glade CC
28. Robert Orr  Cyclingbargains
29. Mark Daly  Colourtech  RT
30. Simon Bateson  East London Velo
31. Roy McGregor  London Dynamo
32. Jason Jeffers  East London Velo

Regional B Circuit
1. Simon Asher  VC Norwich
2. Clem Berrill  CC Hackney
3. Dominic Gabelini  Rapha Condor
4. Sam King  Cambridge CC
5. Kieran Dineen  Inverse Racing
6. Tim Butt  Private Member
7. Anthony Purcell  Rapha Condor
8. Rob Jackson  Inverse Racing
9. Daniel Young  Glendene CC
10. Peter Hardcastle  Pearsons/Liphook

Category ‘A’ (Under 16 )
1. Imogen Buick  Thetford MTB    3
2. Imogen Farlie  VC Jubilee    2
Category ‘B’ (Under 14 )
1. Kimberley English  Palmer Park Velo    3
2. Ffion James  Abergavenny RC    2
3. Lucy Harper  Maldon & District CC    1

Category ‘C’ (Under 12 )
1. Sophie Capewell  Lichfield City CC    3
Category ‘D’ (Under 10)
1. Megan James  Abergavenny RC    3

Category ‘E’ (Under 8)
1. Elinor Baldwin  Eagle RC    3

About London Women’s Cycle Racing
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