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Monica Eden

Name: Monica Eden

Age: 22

Since first riding competitively at the age of 15, I have been part of British Cycling's Talent Team and gained numerous top 10 places nationally in a range of events including a bronze at the National Junior Women's Road Race.

Currently I help out with coaching with Eastland's Velo Cycling Club and I am hoping the scholarship programme will provide me with the skills to reach my potential as a coach in order to help more people enjoy the benefits of cycle sport.

British Cycling's Scholarship programme provides two individuals who are committed to a career in coaching with the opportunities to work closely with the organisation's performance staff and Coach Education team in order to broaden their understanding of cycle sport and further their personal development.

The 12 month programme will consist of a wide variety of coach development opportunities, tailored to meet the specific needs of this year's scholars, former Talent Team track rider Monica Eden and XC rider Justin Knox.

In addition to being supported by the Coach Education team, successful scholars will be expected to keep detailed blog of the activities and here is Monica's first entry.

When did you first start cycling?

I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was nine so I was a bit of a late bloomer. I then started mountain biking with friends at 14 and began riding regularly just to try and beat them. A year later, I attended my first track session at Eastland's Velo and started racing, nine months after that I was accepted on to the British Cycling Talent Team and my riding grew from there.

What first attracted you to cycling?

It's fast and I'm a bit of a speed freak so that really appealed.

Do you have a favourite discipline?

I have raced at a national level in track, MTB and road and really enjoyed them all but I am a trackie at heart.

What do you like most about cycling?

The people involved in cycling are some of the friendliest out there. I have been rescued on a couple of occasions after puncturing having forgotten a pump. Cyclists will really go out of their way to help you and I think that is why there is a great sense of camaraderie.

What do you like least about cycling?

Potholes, especially when you have to train in the dark!

Why did you start coaching?

I never consciously decided to become a coach I just got drawn in last year through helping with sessions and it is a real buzz to see riders you are coaching improve and win races.

What are your best and worst coaching experiences?

The worst experience, especially on the track, is anyone crashing. Any loud noise in the Velodrome makes a coach jump! The best so far has been seeing some of the riders I coach with Eastland's surprise themselves with great performances at the recent youth omnium.

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