Report: Redditch Go-Ride Racing Series

Report: Redditch Go-Ride Racing Series


On 6th March Redditch Road and Path Cycling club finally held the first event in their seven Go-Ride Race series after snow stopped proceedings earlier in February. The series consists of two cyclo cross races, two skills races and three grass track races throughout the spring and summer months.

With anticipation growing this was to be the first taste of bike racing for the majority of the 36 riders that entered.

The evening started off with young volunteers riding the course with the younger riders so they could warm up and familiarise themselves with the course and practise where to change their gears. Judging by the raucous laughter this was fun in itself as the excitement seemed to grow. There was a buzz of excitement from the parents who were equally as enthusiastic with many being roped into help out with lap scoring, marshalling and giving out numbers. British Cycling Go-Ride Coach Louise Day, joined in and helped with some of the finer points of running races to make the night go smoothly.

With 23 riders in the u10's race it was great to see so many smiling faces trying their hardest for the whole 10 minutes of racing. Even the youngest rider, Charlie Reynolds aged five, managed 5 laps staying ahead of some older riders. Sulli Berry, U10, and Sam Wainwright, U12, had their own private battle at the head of the race with Sam coming out on top. Both won their age groups. A little further back, 3rd in the race, Jake Nash was first U8 home. He was closely followed by Georgina Tonks who joined the club only a few weeks ago and was first U10 girl to finish. With various levels of abilities on show cyclo-cross is a great event as it gives everyone a chance to find someone to race against. There were many great individual performances proving that all of the training out in the cold over the winter had provided them with the skills they needed to achieve things perhaps they thought they could not,

The u16's and u14's race was a much faster affair on a much longer course. However, all of the riders ate up the ground with ease. There were a few mechanical issues and a big hill which slowed them down somewhat and, with 20 minutes to race, it was a test of fitness and skill. It was Gareth Richardson (U14) who finally triumphed in the race as Chris Knight (u16), who was just in front, got cramp and had to pull out. Joe Geehan was first u16 to finish with Fraser Salkeld (U14) hot on his heels for 3rd in the race. First time racer Will Gorner (U14) had a cracking ride and Annie Lindsay (U14) was 1st Girl closely pushed by Emily Wright and Olivia Hands (both U14). Sam Wainwright (U12) also took to the U14/16's course for some additional racing finishing 5th showing he can keep up with the older riders.

Full results can be found .

Whist the results were being worked out the U10's took to the course again for a shorter race as they all wanted another go. This was just for a bit of fun and practice but again the level of enthusiasm was second to none and there were many positive comments from all of the parents.

This really was a great introduction for everyone to some light hearted but competitive cycle racing. A great big thanks to all that helped and to everyone that raced. We are looking forward to race 2 on 20th March. For further information about events and coaching sessions at Redditch Road & Path CC click .