Kian Emadi second in sprint omnium as Bremen Six Day concludes

Kian Emadi second in sprint omnium as Bremen Six Day concludes


Bremen Six Day
Event: 12-17 January 2012
Location: Bremen, Germany
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The final night of racing kicked off in Bremen with the flying lap for the sprinters. The riders all raised their game on the 166m track, but it was Kian Emadi that had the crowd on their feet as he raced around the boards to set the fastest time of the week going under nine seconds.

Philipp Thiele was the only other rider to record under nine seconds but it was the British rider that took the spoils.

Kian Emadi 8.958 (fastest of the week)
Philipp Thiele: 8.986
Sebastian Dohrer 9.035
Lewis Oliva 9.109
John Paul 9.116
Max Niederlag 9.296

The keirin was next on the cards; Max Niederlag took his place behind the derny bike and wasn't going to let anybody else in on the action. Once the derny pulled off Niederlag the man selected to ride the London World Cup led the charge from to hold off the rest despite a late charge from John Paul in second and Lewis Oliva in third place.

The penultimate event of the evening for the sprint riders was the 4th-6th place sprint which was completely dominated from the front by Lewis Oliva who took the win by a couple of bike lengths from John Paul and Max Niederlag.

In the sprint grand finale there was an epic track stand lasting around a minute without a movement from any rider! Philipp Thiele was the first rider to break the stand and he took off for the win despite Kian Emadi's best efforts to get back on level terms. Emadi took second place with Sebastian Dohrer coming over the line in third place having done enough to win the omnium overall.

Final Standings

Sebastian Dohrer 70pts
Kian Emadi 74 pts
Philipp Thiele 76pts
John Paul 81pts
Lewis Oliva 82pts
Max Niederlag 82pts