Report: Bremen Six - Day 3

Report: Bremen Six - Day 3


Bremen Six Day
Event: 12-17 January 2012
Location: Bremen, Germany
Report: Matt Winston

Above: GB sprinter Kian Emadi scored an impressive win in today's round of the sprint omnium.

Great Britain riders Sam Lowe, Jon Dibben, Lewis Oliva, Kian Emadi and John Paul were back in action on day three, joined by junior world road champion Lucy Garner and national derny champion Hannah Walker.


Family day started at 12pm today with the organisation giving away 12000 tickets to the local families to attract them into this cycling/music festival here in Germany. The track racing takes place in the main arena although there are four different halls with live bands, discos and attractions.

The UIV cup started to the sound of 3000 whistles being blown by the excited children in track centre. Jon Dibben and Sam Lowe attacked three laps into the 45 minute chase and were quickly a quarter of a lap up, until a racing incident occurred which saw Jon Dibben hit the deck. With a quick bit of bike mechanics he was back in the race. The British duo made several more attempts to gain the lap but unfortunately just never made it. The leading Swiss team Wust/Stucki did however gain a lap along with the German pairing of Pirius/Bayer and the Danish team Busk/Bigum to extend their lead at the top of the rankings. The final 30 laps included sprints every ten laps and once again Jon and Sam scored well.

1st Pirius/Bayer. (GER). 8points
2nd Wust/Stucki (SWI). 8 points
3rd Busk/Bayer. (DEN). 4 points
4th Dibben/Lowe. (GBR) @1 lap. 6 points

Overall after 2 stages

Wust/Stuck. (SWI). 0laps. 15 points
Pirius/Bayer. (GER). 0laps. 14 points
Busk/Bigum. (DEN). @1lap. 14 points
Dibben/Lowe (GBR).@4laps 10 points

The sprinters were back in action and there first race was the Keirin which ended in a blanket finish across the line between the three Brits and Sebastian Dohrer after Lewis Oliva had led out from three to go. The victory went to German rider Sebastian Dohrer

1st Sebastian Dohrer (GER)
2nd Kian Emadi (GBR)
3rd John Paul (GBR)

Onto the Sprint and the 4th-6th sprint final ended with Max Niederlag taking the win from Philipp Thiele with Lewis Oliva in 3rd place.

In the 1st-3rd ride off Kian Emadi took an impressive win after a lengthy track stand at the end of lap one which saw all three riders at a stand still for nearly 30seconds. Sebastian Dohrer was 2nd with John Paul in 3rd place.

Sprint Omnium Overall

Sebastian Dohrer 25pts
Philipp Thiele 27pts
John Paul 32pts
Max Niederlag 33pts
Kian Emadi 34pts
Lewis Oliva 35pts

Also in action during today's session were the two British female riders competing at Bremen. Lucy Garner, fresh off the back of her 4th place at the Rotterdam six day last week along with National Derny champion Hannah Walker.

The first event for the ladies was the Scratch race which was won by former junior points world champion Julie Leth of Denmark who looked impressive after being on the back foot last week in Rotterdam. Lucy Garner finished 2nd in the scratch having picked the right wheel but not being able to come off it to take the win. Amalie Diseriksen finished in 3rd place whilst Hannah Walker was 9th.

The 50 lap points race was won by German Daniela Guss who has made a return to racing a couple of years ago after having over ten years out of the sport. She managed to lap the field which was too busy looking at the favourites to chase. Julie Leth won four of the five sprints to take 2nd place whilst Lucy Garner scored eight points to finish 3rd. Hannah Walker finished in 6th place with three points which she collected after coming 2nd over the line at the end.

The final event of the afternoon session for the women was the Australian Devil race in which the first rider over the line every two laps is out of the race. The first rider out is the winner and so on. The flying Dane Julie Leth took the win in some style with Lucy Garner finishing 3rd and Hannah Walker down in 11th.

The GB women have two more events this evening. The Elimination race, after which the top six in the omnium qualify for the Derny final in which the omnium points are then scrapped and it's all down to the final 50 lap Derny race to decide the winner

Overall after 3 races

1st Julie Leth. 4pts
2nd Lucy Garner - 8pts
3rd Amalia Dideriksen - 9pts
8th Hannah Walker - 26pts


The UIV Cup kicked off the evening’s entertainment once again and for the third stage in a row the U23's were flat out. Juniors Jon Dibben and Sam Lowe got stuck in straight from the gun in the 60 minute madison, managing to take a lap on the field, but by half distance most teams were back on the same lap. The mixed team from Luxembourg and Germany saw a chance to attack and Feiereisen/Kendler took the lap, Dibben and Lowe responded and took their second lap of the evening and once they reached the back of the field the German team of Bickel/Nesslich went on the attack, gaining the lap and putting the above three teams on the same lap.

Dibben and Lowe were now digging as deep to stay in contact with the field as the pressure at the front was on. Unfortunately they lost a lap on the last lap of racing to end up in seventh place on the night. Speaking after the race Sam Lowe admitted: "It's the hardest race I have ever ridden."

Result of stage 3

1st - Feiereisen/Kendler (Lux/Ger) - 6 points
2nd - Bickel/Nesslich (GER) -0 points
3rd - Stucki/Wust (SWI) @1 lap - 17 points
7th - Dibben/Lowe (GBR) @1 lap - 1 point

Overall after 3 stages

1st - Stucki/Wust (SWI) - 32pts
2nd Beyer/Pirius (GER) - 25pts
3rd Bigum/Busk (DEN) @ 1lap - 27pts
5th Dibben/Lowe (GBR) @4laps - 11pts

In the female omnium Hannah Walker had an early elimination to place tenth; Lucy Garner was controlling matters at the front until the race was stopped due to a Russian rider failing to come out of the race when called. In the meantime Garner lost her position as the race was restarted and was next out to finish seventh. The race was won by Julie Leth of Denmark.

The omnium stood for nothing once the derny race started. Hannah Walker was in the race for seventh-twelfth place and raced hard to take second over the line and eighth overall. The final began in a fast manner with Julie Leth of Denmark on the front, with 35 laps to go Lucy Garner paced by derny legend Joop Zilijard, made her move and took up position on the front. Ten laps later however and disaster struck when the derny Lucy was following broke down and left the track, Garner tried to keep on top of the big gear she was pushing but lost positions and ended up at the back, by the time Zilijard picked her up it was too late and she crossed the line disappointed in fifth place. The race overall was won by the German rider Daniela Gass who took the spoils which seemed a little harsh on the dominant Julie Leth who crossed the line in second.

The sprint omnium was also on the track this evening. The Great Britain men all rode a personal best on the 166m track in the sprint qualifying, Kian Emadi the highest place in second.

1. Philipp Thiele - 9.092
2. Kian Emadi - 9.233
3. Sebastian Dohrer - 9.259
4. Lewis Oliva - 9.276
5. Max Niederlag - 9.315
6. John Paul - 9.347

The fourth - sixth final was won by Lewis Oliva who led out from three laps to go to take the win in front of John Paul and Max Niderlag. The first - third final was won by Philipp Thiele in a close finish on the line. Kian Emadi led it out after the familiar track stand and managed to finish second in front of Sebastian Dohrer.

Max Niederlag lead out the keirin and although there was a strong charger from Lewis Oliva and Sebastian Dohrer he managed to hold on for the win with Lewis Oliva crossing the line in second place. The team sprint was won by Great Britian in a time of 32.386 with Germany recording a time of 32.502.