Cross: Fifth CXNE win for Fawcett in Durham


Location: Durham Cricket Ground, Durham
Event: 18 November 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Tony Fawcett (Scott UK) led from the start to take his fifth win of the CXNE Rat Race Series on a slippery track at Durham Cricket Ground.

His lead was never under threat as the 34-year-old tackled the track better than anyone yet again. But there was a big battle for second and third with Matthew Kipling (Velo 29) and Stuart Wearmouth (MTS) competing keenly.

Kipling was leading right up until the home straight when Wearmouth came through strongly to snatch the second step of the podium.

Junior Ferryhill Wheeler James Edmonds took victory in the supporting race with veteran Blackhawk Bikes racer James Anderson just three seconds behind. The first lady was Bev Blakeman of Infinity.


1 Tony Fawcett (Scott UK) 55:30
2 Stuart Wearmouth (MTS) @10sec
3 Matthew Kipling (Velo 29) @12sec
4 Mike Thomson (TEF Richardson) @1:48
5 Morgan Donnolly (Beacon Wheelers) @2:05
6 Colin Ash (Blackhawk Bikes) @2:19
7 Kenny Haswell (Cestria CC) @2:23
8 Keith Murray (Team Scott) @2:41
9 Alan Nixon (Blackhawk Bikes) @3:40
10 Johnny Fletcher (Derwentside CC @3:48
1 James Edmonds (Ferryhill Wheelers) 39:20
2 James Anderson (Blackhawk Bikes) @3sec
3 Keith Ashbridge (VC Cumbria) @27sec
4 Luke Parkin (Hetton Hawks) @26sec
5 Stephen Lee (Derwentside CC) @38sec
6 Steve Smales (Boneshakers) @1:51
7 Stephen Brazier (MTS) @1:59
8 Barry Kipling (MTS) @2:07
9 Alan King (MTS) @2:12
10 Elliot Davidson (Hetton Hawks) @2:14
First junior:
James Edmonds
First vet:
James Anderson
Bev Bakeman (Infinity) 40:49
Fraser Cafferty (TEF Richardson) 29:10
Nick Hamilton (Hetton Hawks) 31:11
U14 girl:
Rhianna Staves (Hetton Hawks)

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