Cross: Linford takes double win at Bebington Oval


Location: Bebington Oval, Wirral, Merseyside

Event: 21 April 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Bebington Oval was host to the first races of the Birkenhead North End CC’s Summer Go-Ride Races on Saturday.

Owen Linford (Mersey Tri) was the winner of both the time trial and mass start races in the under 14 category, with team mate Keira Hanlon second on both occasions. The top three was completed by Ellen O’Connell, also of Mersey Tri, in both races.

In the under 12 1 lap time trial, Caitlin Hanlon (Mersey Tri) was over the line first with Josh Fagan (Mersey Tri) in second. In the mass start race, the two riders switched places on the podium.

Adam Smith (Mersey Tri) dominated proceedings in the under 10s, leading from Ben Doheny (Mersey Tri) in the time trial and Harry Ball (Mersey Tri) in the mass start race.

Luke Fagan (Mersey Tri) won both the time trial and mass start race in the under 8 category with Nathan Smith (Mersey Tri) second in both. Isaac Keating (BNECC) came third in both.


Under 14 lap time trial
1 Owen Linford (Mersey Tri) 1:52
2 Keira Hanlon (Mersey Tri) 2:03
3 Ellen O’Connell (Mersey Tri) 2:14
Under 14 lap time trial
1 Owen Linford (Mersey Tri) 6:00
2 Keira Hanlon (Mersey Tri) @1min 32sec
3 Ellen O’Connell (Mersey Tri) @2min 10sec
Under 12 1 lap time trial
1 Caitlin Hanlon (Mersey Tri) 1:48
2 Josh Fagan (Mersey Tri) 1:49
3 Holly Page (West Kirby Grammar) 1:49
4 Sam Page (Pensby Primary) 1:55
5 James Gillespy (St Anselms) 2:02
6 Heather Gibson (Mersey Tri) 2:35
Under 12 3 lap mass start
1 Josh Fagan (Mersey Tri) 6:00
2 Caitlin Hanlon (Mersey Tri) @31sec
3 James Gillespy (St Anselms) @52sec
4 Holly Page (West Kirby Grammar) @57sec
5 Sam Page (Pensby Primary) @1min 12sec
6 Heather Gibson (Mersey Tri) @2min 9sec
Under 10 1 lap time trial
1 Adam Smith (Mersey Tri) 2:03
2 Ben Doheny (Mersey Tri) 2:07
3 Sam Johnston (Mersey Tri) 2:08
4 Francis Aland (Mersey Tri) 2:09
5 Luke Gibbon (School) 2:12
6 Harry Ball (Mersey Tri) 2:21
Under 10 2 lap mass start
1 Adam Smith (Mersey Tri) 4:14
2 Harry Ball (Mersey Tri) @4sec
3 Sam Johnston (Mersey Tri) @7sec
4 Ben Doheny (Mersey Tri) @9sec
5 Francis Aland (Mersey Tri) @18sec
6 Luke Gibbon (School) @23sec
Under 8 1 lap time trial
1 Luke Fagan (Mersey Tri) 2:02
2 Nathan Smith (Mersey Tri) 2:14
3 Isaac Keating (BNECC) 2:30
4 Daniel Johnston (Mersey Tri) 2:54
5 Sam Gillespy (St Andrews Primary) 3:14
6 Lucy Ball (Mersey Tri) 3:26
Under 8 2 lap mass start
1 Luke Fagan (Mersey Tri) 4:19
2 Nathan Smith (Mersey Tri) @18sec
3 Isaac Keating (BNECC) @1min 1sec
4 Daniel Johnston (Mersey Tri) @2min 6sec
5 Sam Gillespy (St Andrews Primary) @2min 17sec
6 Zachovy Macoy (Mersey Tri) @2min 19sec

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.