Mark Cotton sews up Lincoln Wheelers Cross


Event: 20 November 2011
Location: Nettleham Police HQ Deepdale Lane, Nettleham, Lincoln
Report: John Cotton

Mark Cotton (Bycka Sport Racing) sprinted to victory ahead of fast improving Junior rider George Thompson (Sleaford Wheelers) in the Lincoln Wheelers event on the Police HQ course.

The duo moved clear on the opening lap with Rick Lister (Gabby Day Cyclesport RT ) and Jon Wells (VC Lincoln) not far behind. Cotton was on the attack for three laps trying to move forge a gap but Thompson was strong and came out of the corners fast closing any gaps down. Behind Thomas Stewart (Doncaster Wheelers) was steadily moving through the field after starting towards the back of a packed grid and was riding strongly to move past Lister and Wells and clear into 3rd place chasing the leading pair. After three laps of unsuccessful attacks Cotton moved over to allow Thompson some time on the front while Stewart eventually joined them at the head of the race after a long chase.

Thompson was looking strong and led at the end of the 4th lap by a few seconds but it was proving difficult for any of the three leaders to make a gap stick. Cotton was then back at the front pushing hard before Stewart put in a big effort to regain the lead through the end of laps seven and eight and was looking strong and composed. Half way round the penultimate lap Cotton burst clear over the log and looked to have made the decisive move but it was again young Thompson who dug in and forced his way back in to the race. Thompson then moved in front and took the bell with a few seconds in lead. Cotton was able to close the gap down and put a big effort to take the lead with less than half a lap remaining on one of the longer straights. Cotton kept in front making big efforts out of the corners to deny Thompson any chance to get past over the final corners diving to the line a few lengths ahead of Thompson. Stewart was clear in third place twenty seconds later while Rick Lister left it late to move clear of Wells to grab fourth place.

Gareth Whitall (Clay Cross RT) came home in sixth as he had in the previous days Notts and Derby event at Holme Peierrepoint. Top veterans were Duncan Walmsley ( RT) in 7th, Graham Clark (Time RT) in 8th and Pete Harris (Pearce Cycles) in 9h who was the top over 50. Lousie Day (Gabby Day Cyclesport RT) finished 49th and top lady

Henry Thompson (Sleaford Wheelers) younger brother of George, won the youths race by nearly a minute ahead of Spalding CC duo Sam Bentley and Jake Peel. As usual in the Under 12 event the top placing went to Spalding CC duo Matt Ellis (1st) and Jake Norton (2nd) with Kerrigan Robb (Witham Wheelers finishing 3rd, Bradley Sprogis (VC Lincoln) 4th Robert McAndrew (Spalding CC) 5th.

On a course where he had not won before Mark Cottons victory (his 8th of the season) secured the successful defence of his Lincolnshire County Championship for the third successive year. The battle for 2nd place between George Thompson, Jon Wells and Rick Lister will be resolved in the final race at Rossington in December.


1st Mark Cotton Bycka Sport Racing 10 laps in 52:46
2nd George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers 1st Junior at 0:01
3rd Thomas Stewart Doncaster Wheelers at 0:22
4th Richard Lister Gabby Day Cyclesport RT at 1:16
5th Jon Wells VC Lincoln at 1:17
6th Gareth Whitall Clay Cross RT at 2:06
7th Duncan Walmsley Zepnat.comt RT 1st Vet at 2:10
8th Graham Clark Time RT 2nd Vet at 2:36
9th Pete Harris Pearce Cycles 1st 50+ at 2:38
10th Adam Ellis Spalding CC 3rd Vet at 3:01
11th Dave Perry Gabby Day Cyclesport RT 4th Vet at 3:16
12th Geoff Giddings Zepnat.comt RT 5th Vet at 3:28
13th Jordan Gell VC Lincoln 2nd Junior at 4:00
14th Mark Preston VC Lincoln at 4:10
15th Martin Kennedy VC Lincoln at 4:12
16th Aaron Tuplin Cherry Valley RT at 5:04
17th Asa Elkington Hawkins Conservation at 5:04
18th Richard Hamblin Sleaford Wheelers at 5:11
19th Bart Kieres Bycka Sport Racing at 5:18
20th Chris Pratt Spalding CC at 5:18
21st Craig Thursby Hawkins Conservation at 1 lap
22nd Sam Mullenger VC Lincoln
23rd Steve Potter Lindsey Roads CC 2nd 50+
24th Martin MacGregor VC Lincoln
25th Premek Jasnikowski Spalding CC
26th Martin Gammidge 6th Vet
27th Charlie Porrter Boston Wheelers
28th Shane Norton Spalding CC 7th Vet
29th Paul Bonnett Skegness Wheelers
30th Phil Heyes Skegness Wheelers 3rd 50+
31st Paul Clarke Lincoln Wheelers
32nd Andy Faichney CRC Hull 8th Vet
33rd Clayton Maltby VC Lincoln
34th George Hackney Lincoln Wheelers
35th Adam De Smit VC Lincoln 3rd Junior
36th Barry Gray VC Lincoln
37th Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln 9th Vet
38th Eddy Loftus Lincsquad 10th Vet
39th Andrew Fraser VC Lincoln 11th Vet
40th Sean East Witham Wheelers 12th Vet
41st Karl Fraser Sleaford Wheelers 13th Vet
42nd Jody Bett VC Lincoln
43rd Jon Clarke Lincoln Wheelers 14th Vet
44th Henry Heyes Skegness Wheelers
45th Ian Fensom Spalding CC 4th 50+
46th Phil Galpin Bourne Wheelers 15th Vet
47th Doug Malcolm RAF CC 16th Vet
48th Simon Santry Spalding CC 17th Vet
49th Louise Day Gabby Day Cyclesport RT 1st Lady
50th Chris Crawford Witham Wheelers 18th Vet
51st Peter Lifford Becontree Wheelers 19th Vet
52nd Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers 5th 50+
53rd Tom Drew Spalding CC 20th Vet
54th Paul Dann Lincoln Wheelers 21st Vet
55th Karl Brown 6th 50+
56th Tim Culpin VC Lincoln 22nd Vet
57th David Brearley Cottingham Coureurs
58th Nick Applyard Lincsquad
59th Andy Stewart
60th Graham McAndrew Spalding CC 23rd Vet
61st Tom Webster Spalding CC 24th Vet
62nd Martin Seaton Lindsey Roads CC 25th Vet
63rd Jody Bromhead Cottingham Coureurs 2nd Lady
64th Terry Biesty Scunthorpe Poly 1st 60+
65th Simon Tyson 26th Vet
66th John Bateman Vegetarian C and AC 7th 50+
67th Andy Pack Spalding CC 27th Vet
68th Stephen Collins Bourne Wheelers 28th Vet
69th Sarah Denton 3rd Lady
70th Harry Bellars Spalding CC 4th Junior
71st Victoria Hood Team Swft 4th Lady
72nd Rick Wendy
73rd B Robinson 8th 50+
74th Kenton Jones 5th Junior
75th James Milas 6th Junior
76th Karen Crawford Witham Wheelers 5th Lady