Cycle Speedway Weekly Reports


Reports and results week ending 29 July 2012

Midland League East Park Wolves V Wednesfield
Sunday 29 July 2012

At half time East Park were 18 points down and were still in the mood for a win. In the second half Wednesfield started to make a few mistakes and 3 gate exclusions kept the finishing score much closer than it should have been: East Park proving again they will all ways keep the pressure on no matter what .

East Park 81: Stuart Bentley 10 ,Brandon Whetton 5,Jamie Ball 15,Lee Smith 10, Will Cartwright 8, Matt Smith 16, David Ball 13, Josh Hill 4 ,

Wednesfield 95: Chris Jewkes 12, Matt Haddock 12, Mark Griffiths 14, Ricky Johnson 13, Lee Aris 14, Scott Doherty 18, Sam Parr 7 , Mick Aris 5,

The second team match was just as entertaining as the first all these young riders can put on a good show, Wednesfield using their veteran Dave Meanley in their second team which made them far too strong for the young Wolves. The match was ridden in very good spirit with some good passing moves from both sides ,

East Park 55: Will Cartwright 14, Liam Cartwright 5, Brandon Whetton 17, Josh Whetton 5 , Josh Hill 6, John Whetton 6 , Tommy Hampson 2,

Wednesfield 75: Charlie Ellitts 4, Lewis Beardmore 11, Aaron OBrian 14, Adian Rowley 6, David Meanley 11, Jack Holcroft 5, Harrie Everis 8, Troy Allen 11,

Midland League Birmingham Monarchs v Coventry
Sunday 29th July 2012

This was another Midland League match raced in an excellent atmosphere but in extreme weather conditions: heat-wave to monsoon and back again in the space of 90 minutes!!

Coventry provided the first race winner of the day as Konrad Pietak had a tapes to flag victory in heat 1 as Nathan Groves and Scott Millward settled in the minor places for a shared 5-5 result.

Heat 2 saw Coventry guest Mark Winwood make a flying start and it took Chris Timms threelaps to finally make a pass that stuck, but you do know with Chris that if it doesn’t happen the first time he will certainly be coming back for more. Phil Widdas settled into 3rd place and the first advantage went to the Monarchs.

The two Pauls, Heard and Timms were together in heat 3 and a super first turn by Paul H got his partner clear and despite all of the efforts of Myke Grimes and Paul Jannoway the first 7-3 was registered. A further 6-4 from Nathan Groves and Euan Hancock pushed the Birmingham lead to 24-16 after 4 heats.

Heat 5 saw Konrad grab his second race win, this time over Scott Millward and with Joe McLaughlin grabbing 3rd Coventry had their first heat advantage and the lead was reduced to 6. Step forward messrs Heard and Timms for their 2nd 7-3, this time from the gate with Paul H doing the covering job on Mark Winwood whilst Paul T enjoyed the fresh air out front.

Heat 7 saw Myke Grimes take the flag despite the efforts of Nathan Groves and with Paul Jannaway beating Rich Stephenson to the line Coventry grabbed another heat advantage. At this stage the score was Birmingham 39 Coventry 31.

At this point the heavens opened and during the monsoon Chris Timms inflicted the first defeat for Konrad Pietak with an excellent pass in heat 8 and in heat 9 Mark Winwood and Joe McLaughlin followed Scott Millward home for a 5-5 – interval score Birmingham 50 Coventry 40.

The interval lasted for about 20 minutes as the rain passed over and it was great credit to both sets of riders as they helped repair the track for the 2nd half of the meeting. Heat 10 saw Paul Heard feature in his 3rd 7-3 of the afternoon, this time with Scott Millward. Myke Grimes became the first rider to head home Chris Timms in heat 11 with a great effort and then Coventry guest Mark Winwood took the flag in heat 12 with James Kirrane winning a great battle with Rich Stephenson for 3rd place – progressive score 66-54.

All afternoon whenever it looked like Coventry were getting a bit of momentum going it seemed to be time for Paul Heard and Paul Timms to re-appear and this again happened in heat 13. Konrad made an excellent start and it looked like both Pauls would suffer their first defeats of the afternoon – all Paul H’s efforts to power round Konrad led to nothing as the Czestochowa man picked up so quickly out of every turn – with one lap to go Paul pulled a line on Konrad and as Konrad tried to retaliate he found himself on the wrong side of his man and the inevitable ‘trip to the shops’ followed with Paul Timms gratefully taking advantage to record his 3rd consecutive race win and Paul Heard kept up his record of every race being a 7-3.

Step forward Joe McLaughlin – turning back the clock with a fine gate in heat 14 to lead home his teammate Myke Grimes for the Hearsall Common sides first and only 7-3 of the match. The Coventry joy was short-lived however as Chris Timms and Scott Millward immediately retaliated with a Monarchs 7-3 over Jannaway and Burnett.

Heats 16 and 17 were both shared – Paul Timms winning heat 16 for 4 race wins out of 4 and Mark Winwood winning heat 17. And so to heat 18 with Birmingham pairing Chris Timms and Paul Heard against top Coventry riders Pietak and Grimes – it suggested fireworks and at the first time of asking the riders all got to the first bend together with Paul H being thrown over the handlebars – fortunately he was able to get straight back up as all 4 riders were invited to contest the re-run.

The first turn was equally as tight next time around but it was the Monarchs pairing that emerged in front and they were not going to be caught – Paul Heards 5th ride and 5th 7-3 of the afternoon – final score Birmingham 100 Coventry 80. Many thanks to Natalie Timms for refereeing and also to Chris Simpson – the announcer at Birmingham motor Speedway who did a fantastic job on the mike at his first ever cycle speedway match.

Birmingham Monarchs 100: Nathan Groves 16, Rich Stevenson 4, Chris Timms 18+1, Phil Widdas 8+1, Paul Timms 16, Paul Heard 16+4, Euan Hancock 6+1, Scott Millward 16+1.

Coventry 80 : Liam McGuire 9, Konrad Pietak 15, Mark Winwood 16, James Kirrane 8, Myke Grimes 13+1, Paul Jannaway 7, McCauley Burnett 3, Joe McLaughlin 9+1.

Midland League Leicester v Stoke
Sunday 29 July

Whilst Leicester never looked troubled by their visitors the Stoke top four never let the home team relax. Lewis Bates was at his supreme best in notching a twenty point maximum, Simon Munden had an excellent meeting and Thaw and Harrison were always in the action.

Top men for Leicester were Ryan Hoyland and Lukas Nowacki but the star of the day was Liam Davies who, on his senior debut, collected a paid maximum.

Leicester 99: R Hoyland 18, L Nowacki 17+1. J Kemp 14+1, L Davies 11+1, N Whitehead 11+1, K Burns 11, C Marchant 10+1, A Doughty 7+2

Stoke 79: L Bates 20, S Munden 14, R Harrison 14, E Thaw 11+1, K Williams 6, J Phillips 6, R Pope 5, E Beal 3

The two junior matches were both won by Leicester, Jayden Phillips and in particular Kelvin Williams rode well for Stoke. The Lions can be proud of their win, their top six consisted entirely of female riders and they all gave the boys some very hard races.

Monarchs 77: (Liam Davies 16, Lee Kemp14)

Stoke 53: (K Williams 12+1, L Bates 9)

Lions 71: (Elizabeth Rigley 15, Abi Duckham 10)

Stoke 59: (J Phillips 14, K Williams 12)

And finally a mention to the Stoke senior riders who all rode with a great sense of sportsmanship against the Leicester youngsters, I’m sure eight year old Alfie Cherry will always remember the day he beat Lewis Bates – from the back!!

South & South Wales League Division 1 Round-up

There were victories for all three clubs involved in the Division 1 title race with reigning champions Horspath tracking their heavy hitters Steve Harris and Mark Boaler to underline an emphatic win against East Newport at the Oxford circuit. Aaron Hughes and Dan Bock impressed for the 'East Enders'.

Meanwhile back in South Wales, Mark Carmichael and Jack Harrold were in good form for Newport after their excellent showing for Wales in Saturday's home internationals. Ex-British Champion Gavin Wheeler ensured that Southampton were competitive throughout and Dan Miller showed some good touches after his recent return to the saddle.

Neil Hollebon rarely drops points on his home Hellingly circuit but he had to admit second best to Arron Morgan in the opening race at Eastbourne as Poole sought an early advantage. That proved to be the only defeat for Neil who included two wins over Polish star Greg Gluchowski in his remaining five races but the visitors packed the greater strength in depth as they wrapped up the league points in their attempt to regain the Division 1 title they last won in 2010.

Newport 97: Jack Harrold 15 Dean Vinnici 12 Mark Carmichael 18 Jacob Soper 8 Oli Sidwick 17 Joe Lewis 7 Chris Davies 11 Ryan Evans 9.

Southampton 81: Hayden Chant 12 Pete Chant 11 Dan Miller 12 Josh Robertson 11 Gavin Wheeler 19 Connor Wilson 5 Harvey Lowe 2 Colin Wheeler 9

Hellingly 82: Neil Hollebon 23 C.Stretton 4 Jesse Moore 13 Sam Craddock 4 Eddie Ridley 7 Martin Hollebon 18 Eaton Patel 3 Steve Archer 10

Poole 97: Arron Morgan 19 Luke Armes 12 Leyton Glover 15 Ben Donohue 15 Greg Gluchowski 18 Wil Bristowe 4 Arron Smith 4 Sam Hearn 10

Horspath 105: Mike Burgess 13 Zac Payne 17 Mark Boaler 13 Wayne Clarke 16 Lee Clarke 14 Dave Carmichael 13 Steve Harris 16 Ben Glanville 1

East Newport 72: Rob Absolum 6 Jason Cutler 7 Ieuan Payne 7 Neil Power 12 Aaron Hughes 15 Matt Davis 9 Dan Bock 14

Northern Senior Knock-out-Cup Results

Semi-final 1

Stockport 2006 52; Jack Lush 12; Terry Norman 12; Dylan Radcliffe 11(1); Matt Lush 9(2); Ben Higham 8(2):
Bury 39; Joe Allen 11(2); Neil Howarth 10(2); Will Owens 10; Luke Jamson 8:
Heckmondwike 12; Darren Kent 12:

Semi-final 2

Sheffield 44; Radek Handke 16; Kyle Holland 12(1); Aiden Owen 10(3); Louis German 5; Rob Mawhood 1:
Hull 38; Ben SDwanborough 13; Dominic Bent 120; Lewis Aylmer n6(1); Sam Schofield 4(1); David Cooper 1:
Edinburgh 36; Mikey Hewitson 14(1); Chris Lee 10; Jake Slight 6(1); Marchin Czarkowski 6:


Stockport 2006 51; Jake Read 13(2); Terry Norman 11(1); Dylan Radcliffe 10(1); Ben Higham 9(2); Jack Lush 8(1):
Sheffield 40; Radek Hanke 15(1); Aiden Owen 11; Louise German 7; Kyle Holland 6; Rob Mawhood 1:
Bury 28; Neil Howarth 10; Joe Allen 8(1); Luke Jasmson 4(1); Will Owens 4; Ryan Livesey 2:

Northern Junior Knock-out-Cup


Stockport 2006 62; Jack Lush 16; Jake Read 16; Msatt Lush 15; Joe Pickford 15:
Hull 35; Ben Swanborough 12; Sam Schofield 9; David Cooper 6; Robert Stockton-Garner 5; Nathan Everett3:
Bury 32; Will Owens 11; Ryan Livesey 9; James Elston 7; Daniel Taylor 4; Adam Taylor 1:
Edinburgh 30; Jake Slight 11; Chris Lee 10; Douglas Morgan 5; Mark Lee 4:

South East League Results, 28th July, Hethersett

South East U10 League Match 5

KESGRAVE II 52 Lewis Brinkhoff 16 Alfie Steward 14 Oliver Reynolds 12

James Porter 10

KESGRAVE I 46 Oliver Wright 13 Jake Vincent 10 James Pomroy 10

Regan Repman 9 Harvey Thorpe 4

IPSWICH 42 Ben Clarke 13 Gemma Hill 9 Kai Maguire 7

Charlie Johnson 7 Kristian Mitchell 6

HETHERSETT 8 Giles Awbery 8


South East U14 League Match 5

IPSWICH 52 Ben Harvey 16 Jack Chaplin 15 Alex Harvey 12

Troy Brumpton 9

KESGRAVE II 45 Lewis Brinkhoff 13 Tyler Brinkhoff 12 Lily Gedge 12

Cormac Repman 8

NORTH PARK 37 Rohan Ewbank 15 Kieron Money 7 Niall Cole 6

Aaron Mills 5 Ethan Holmwood 4

KESGRAVE I 24 Evan Vincent 8 Brandon Simons 5 Jake Vincent 5

James Porter 4 Oliver Wright 2


South & South Wales results Sunday 29 July 2012

Division One

Swindon 87 Exeter 91

SWINDON 87 - Matt Rayson 7, Paul Matthews 7, Dan Harper 15, Sean Brown 9, Shaun Rudman 15, Dan Rayson 6, Andy Hill, 15, Rob Hunt 13

EXETER 91 - Aaron Herbert 12, Rob Geach 10, Dave Hooper 17, Andy Yard 13, Aaron Coles 10, Craig Nethercott 11, Andy Collett 5, Dave Murphy 13

Division Two

SWINDON 59 - Sean Brown 9, Dan Rayson 12,Matt Rayson 13, Lewis Heath 7, Martin Glover 12, Leslie Daltrey 6

EXETER + (points for riders that rode in Div 1) 25 = 86 - Dan Winchester 16,Ryan Coles 4, Will Tidball 15, Connor Tucker 6, Lauren Hookway 14, Owen Tidball 6