Hull claim Northern League win over Heckmondwike

Hull claim Northern League win over Heckmondwike


Location:  Heckmondwike Cycle Speedway, West Yorkshire
Event: 18 July 2012

Hull travelled to Heckmondwike for the return leg of the Northern League double header that started at the Hessle Raceway last week.

The Saints now had track advantage but were missing Manchester based Adam Watson which seemed to nullify that benefit.

The match was remarkably similar to the previous running with the final score of 90 points to 60 to the visitors only one point more in favour to Hull.  Heckmondwike made a reasonable start and led the first heat before succumbing to an Adam Stephenson and David Cooper 6-4, and Darren Kent took an impressive win in heat 2.  Hull then found their feet and won four of the next five heats by 7-3 scores and went into the Interval with a healthy 49 points to 31 lead.

Sam Schofield was in the process of repeating his unbeaten score from the previous match and teamed up with Ben Swanborough for a heat 8 maximum.  The Firth Park outfit had claimed inside grids and put together their best patch in the next five heats with Darren Kent teaming up with debutant Luke Hardy for a 5-5 behind Andy Angell in heat 12 and Pawel Idziorek taking their second heat win in the following race.

Adam Stephenson and Andy Angell were both unbeaten and teamed up for a final heat 7-3.  Hull again produced a good all round team display and Heckmondwike had some good moments from Darren and Pawel along with Jake Wood and Laura Watson who looked more at home on their own track. 


Heckmondwike 60: Darren Kent 14+2, Pawel Idziorek 13, Jake Wood 10+1, Laura Watson 9, Justin Naylor 5, Jack Parkinson 4, Luke Hardy 3+1, William Naylor 1.

Hull 90: Adam Stephenson 20, Andy Angell 17+3, Ben Swanborough 16+2, Sam Schofield 16, David Cooper 10, Lewis Aylmer 9+3, Andy Cooper 2.