Report: Leicester v Hull


Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway
Event: 11 March 2012
Report: Tim Jarvis

An excellent advert for the sport, and probably the shock result of the season in heat seven! With several first choice riders unavailable Leicester chose to give youngsters Lauren and Liam Davies plus Lee Kemp an outing and they came through the experience with flying colours.

Whilst the overall result was never in doubt, rider of the day was Hulls Adam Stephenson who was unbeaten by an opponent. Andy Angell battled hard all day from the outside grids, Lewis Aylmer and Jack Mallinson giving good support.

And that heat seven? Take a bow Lauren Davies for beating the British Champion! From grid four Angell couldn’t quite get round Marchant and by the time he made a pass on the third lap Davies was well clear and crossed the line for the victory of her career, to be greeted by a very sporting handshake from the champ.

The meeting was preceded by a minute's silence for Wil Burns, who would have been 65 today.

Leicester 95 (Joe Kemp 13+1, Craig Marchent 12+2, Nick Whitehead 12+2, Lauren Davies 12, Kev Burns 11, Ash Doughty 10+2, Liam Davies 9+1, Lee Kemp 8, Matt Hartshorn 8)

Hull 85 (Adam Stephenson 18+2, Andy Angell 16+1, Lewis Aylmer 13, Ian Swanborough 13, Jack Mallinson 12, David Cooper 7, Katie Greaves 2, Andy Cooper 2, Josh Cousins 2)

An Aussie style junior handicap meeting followed with Lauren Davies continuing where she left off earlier, brother Liam just failing to make it a one two for the Davies family after falling in his final ride.

Individual handicap: Lauren Davies 15, Michelle Whitehead 13, Liam Davies 13, Lee Kemp 13, Billy Rewcastle 13, Lee Kemp 13, Liam Doughty 12, David Cooper 11, Liam Wood 11, Laura Watson 11, Andy Cooper 9, Katie Greaves 8, Jenna Whitehead 7, Chloe Whitehead 6, Josh Cousins 6, Elizabeth Rigley 4