Speedway: Hubble Hat-Trick at Euro Vets


Local London rider Dennis Hubble completed a full house of victories at the East London Eurovets GP Series Round 6 which also incorporated the 16th running of the London Old Masters.

With an oversubscribed entry of 19 riders present, Eurovets organiser Fred Rothwell and his East London deputy Kevin Smith were forced to run the event in two matches.

Over 50/60s

Dennis, the recent national over 50s winner at Edinburgh a fortnight ago, clinically won with a full maximum from fellow Redbraes Park runner up Steve Woodroof with Colin Wheeler finishing ahead of Rothwell in the A Final.

Sandwell's Phill Hemmings won the B version ahead of EL teammates Les Stevens and Dave Hughes from once a year racer Chris Riches, formerly of Hawbush. The organisation pressures of match promoter Kevin Smith affected his performance but the two over 60s finals provided major challenges for the eight grandvets present.

Edinburgh's Dave Baxter coming good in the B version from debutant Pat Cousins, the irrepressible Chic Mackie and a tiring Riches whilst the A Final produced the race of the day which saw 3 different leaders before the foursome cascaded over the finishing line in a blanket finish with Rothwell getting the win from Wheeler, Hughes and a not so lucky Les Stevens.

Over 40s

With the younger 40 something riders joined by the best of the rest the second individual would count as the London Old Masters prior to the two GP Finals at the end.

With the pace of racing upped accordingly in the now stifling conditions Dennis continued with another four straight wins only coming second to GP leadership rival and defending LOM champion Mark Griffiths in his final outing. Usual podium favourite Norman Venson triumphed over big gun Griffiths, who surprisingly lost out to newcomer Pete Chant in that heat too. Venson only dropped a point to Dennis in his first race, that meant they tied on 19 points necessitating a run off. Winning the toss Dennis chose the inside and led from the gate despite Norman's usual overtaking challenges.

Other riders in the individual impressed with EL's Woodroof picking up a brace of heat wins, teammate Steve Myhill beating Midlander Steve Mullinder in a thriller and Fred and Les accumulating points as well whilst tiring legs diluted the older riders some who had done 13 races by the finish. Lack of racing this year for Norfolk rider Tim Grimes showed and spectators like Ivan Darby, Tony Johnstone or Alan Busby could not be tempted to fill the one blank space in the programme.

The B Final saw Woody win from Les, the impressing Chant and co-ordinator Fred whilst the A version containing the forecasted powerhouse foursome did not disappoint.

Hubble off of one led primarily but hard close racing in the first two laps saw the others jockeying for the lead which resulted in a brilliant pass by Gary Brown on Dennis which saw the Suffolk rider streaking away for certain victory only for disaster to strike on the second bend of the final lap when he lost his front wheel in the drying shale, leaving Hubble doing well to avoid a collision and win and Griffiths second although Gary remounted to secure third place from a now tiring Venson.

This result now ties Dennis and Mark at the top of the standings with three rounds remaining.

London Old Masters (Run Off)

Dennis Hubble beat Norman Venson (Leicester) after both riders tied on 19 points in the individual scores prior to the GP Finals.


Over 40s

1. Dennis Hubble 25
2. Mark Griffiths (Wednesfield) 23
3. Gary Brown (Kesgrave) 22
4. Norman Venson 21
5. Steve Woodroof 20
6. Les Stevens 18
7. Peter Chant (Southampton) 17
8. Fred Rothwell 16
9=.Colin Wheeler and Steve Myhill (East London) 12
11. Steve Mullinder (Wednesfield) 11
12, Phill Hemmings 10
13. Dave Hughes 8
14. Tim Grimes (Hethersett) 7
15. Chris Riches 6

Over 50s

1.Dennis Hubble (East London) 25
2. Steve Woodroof (East London) 23
3. Colin Wheeler (Southampton) 22
4. Fred Rothwell ("Pedal Sport") 21
5. Phil Hemmings (Sandwell) 20
6. Les Stevens (East London) 18
7. Dave Hughes (East London) 17
8. Chris Riches (ex Hawbush) 16
9. Dave Baxter (Edinburgh) 12
10=. Chick Mackie (Edinburgh) & Kevin Smith (East London) 11
12. Pat Cousins (Southampton) 9

Over 60s

1. Fred Rothwell 25
2. Colin Wheeler 23
3. Dave Hughes 22
4. Les Stevens 21
5. Dave Baxter 20
6. Pat Cousins 18
7. Chic Mackie 17
8. Chris Riches 16.

Referee - Nicky Gunkel (Greater London)

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.