Cycle Speedway Weekly Reports

Cycle Speedway Weekly Reports


Reports and results week ending 14th August 2011

Ipswich v Hethersett
Location: Ipswich Cycle Speedway, Ipswich
Event: 14 August 2011

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton & Co were well below full strength for their visit to Ipswich who also had riders absent. A good match transpired but Ipswich's promising young squad came through to win comfortably.

Phil Adams was again the top Hawk as he won three of his five races but the highlight was the return of his brother David after a year's break. He had lost none of his tactical awareness and aggressive riding but did lack a bit of fitness. Likewise Harley Hamill, who has had not been available much and picked up two exclusions on the starting grid. Scott Grimes again showed promise and won heat 8 from the back and this was followed by a rousing 7-3 win by David Adams and Roger Carter.

In the South East Division 2 match Hethersett had only three other riders available so some tired first-team riders shared the remaining rides and were well beaten by the reigning champions. Scott Grimes won heat 1 and Harley Hamill secured a couple of second places but apart from that it was one way traffic. Still it gave the likes of Emma Betts and Richard Wiltshire so more useful experience.

Tiffany Collins overcame her injury to keep in contention to defend her British Youth & Junior Girls Grand Prix title when she scored 14 points and took second place in the second national round at Stockport. Carly Grimes was impressive after a difficult first race and won the C Final while in the U16 event Oliver Buxton struggled to master the track but made the D Final where he finished fourth.

In the Norfolk Grand Prix at Harford Park Scott Grimes won the U16s with Buxton second and there were also second places for Phil Adams (Senior) and Carly Grimes (Ladies).

This Sunday the Hawks U10 and U14 teams are in action at Great Blakenham while on Saturday Mel Pekins will be racing in the British over-50s and over-60s championships in Edinburgh.


Ipswich 104: Ashley Hill 17, Richard Fellgett 16, Jamie Chittock 16 , Charlie Rumbold 15,
Josh Brooke 12, Jordan Stant 8 , Lewis Roberts 7 , Barry Copping 7, Lauren Jacobs 6 .

Hethersett 73: P.Adams 17, S.Grimes 14, Calvin Grimes 11, R.Carter 10, D.Adams 9, H.Hamill 5, D.Chambers 4, Carly Grimes 3.

South East Division 2

Ipswich B 108: Daniel Knights 17 , Richard Fellgett 15 , Will Clark 15 , Charlie Rumbold 14 , Lauren Jaciobs 14
Barry Copping 12 , Matthew Hill 11 , Lewis Roberts 10.

Hethersett B 51: Calvin Grimes 8, M.Perkins 7, Carly Grimes 7, E.Betts 6, H.Hamill 6, S.Grimes 6, R.Wiltshire 5, R.Carter 4, D.Chambers 3.

South League Division 1 Round-Up
Event: 14 August 2011
Report: Graham Sutton

Close matches are the rule rather than the exception in the South West as another four competitive encounters saw league victories for East Newport, Horspath, Swindon and Southampton. Defeats for front runners Newport and Poole dented their title aspirations and the league is once again wide open with two months to go.

With Ben Mould on international duty, a rejuvenated Exeter almost pulled off a surprise at East Newport but costly exclusions early on restricted their chances. Title favourites Newport could have put one hand on the league trophy if they had pulled off a win at Horspath but the powerful and unbeatable spearhead of Steve Harris and Mark Boaler paved the way for a home win to put the Oxford club right back in contention.

Swindon hung on for a narrow win at the Oasis after leading by 14 points in the early stages against last year's champions Poole who were without five first team regulars. Greg Gluchowski raced to six unbeaten rides for the visitors but greater experience down the riding order won the day for the Wiltshire club.

South Coast derbies between Southampton and Hellingly invariably produce nailbiters and the latest encounter was no exception. Jesse Moore gave further evidence of just what an exciting young talent he is and along with the Hollebon brothers, forms a powerful heat leader trio for the Eastbourne based club. Victory for the Saints at Winchester Road was probably down to the inclusion of one of their experienced former top men Nathan Harris who topped the scorechart despite a lack of regular racing.


East Newport 93: Dan Bock 17, Aaron Hughes 16, Aaron Herbert 15, Matt Davies 11, Correy B Jones 10, Neil Power 9, Ethan Greenslade 8, Colin Wildy 7.

Exeter 84: Thomas Reed 18, Mark Reed 17, Andy Yard 13, Rob Geech 9, Andy Collett 9, Sam Dart 8, Dan Winchester 6, Dave Dart 3.

Horspath 93: Steve Harris 19, Mark Boaler 18, Wane Clarke 13, Lee Clarke 13, Matt Coulter 12, Wayne Hutt 10, Jake Neighbour 5, Jordan Richardson 4.

Newport 82: Jack Harrold 14, Mark Carmichael 12, Colin Simmons 11, Ollie Sidwick 11, Chris Davies 11, Dave Murphy 9, Nicky Evans 6, Lee Tippins 6.

Swindon 88: Andy Hill 16, Sean Rudman 15, Danny Harper 13, Rob Hunt 12, Dan Sinclair 11, Paul Matthews 9, Martin Glover 7, Rob Harper 5.

Poole 85: Greg Gluchowski 23, Leyton Glover 15, Aaron Smith 13, Luke Armes 12, Dean Hook 9, Will Bristow 8, Matt Elston 4, Alex Lane 1.

Southampton 91: Nathan Harris 16, Rob Haywood 14, Tom Colling 13, Colin Wheeler 13, Hayden Chant 11, Josh Robinson 11, Pete Chant 9, Ben Turner 4.

Hellingly 84: Neil Hollebon 22, Jesse Moore 19, Martin Hollebon 19, Sam Craddock 7, Ben Granville 7, Tristian Bassett 4, Rich Ball 1.

Wednesfield Aces v Stoke Whiterock
14 August 2011

Midland League

Wednesfield Aces 89:Lee Aris 20, Nick Perry 13, Mick Aris 12+3, Mark Griffiths 12+1, Matt Haddock 11+1,Tony De'leon 8+1, Troy Allen 7, Sam Parr 6.

Stoke Whiterock 91: Leighton Bates 17+1, Lewis Bates 17, Simon Munden 16+1, Errol Thaw 15+3, Richard Harrison 14+2, Cameron Whalley 5, Charlie Minshall 4, Tom Whalley 3.

Midland League Division 2

Wednesfield 90: Aaron O'Brien 16, Harry Everiss 15+1, Adam Read 14+2, Courtney Aris 12+4, Jordan Holdcroft 12, Alex Aris 11+3, Reanna Brindley 10+2.

Stoke Whiterock 40: Cameron Whalley 10, Charlie Minshall 9, Will Swetman 8, Dylan Renshall 5, Tom Whalley 4, Reuben Pope 4.

Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League National Round 2
13 August 2011

12+ Division at Stockport

Ipswich 131 Poole 95 Sheffield 91 Stockport 82 Newport 55 Wednesfield 53

Grand Prix "A" Finals

1. Arron Smith (Poole)
2. Daniel Knights (Ipswich)
3. Richard Fellgett (Ipswich)
4. Matt Hill (Ipswich)


1. Arron Morgan (Poole)
2. Charlie Rumbold (Ipswich)
3. Lewis Roberts (Ipswich)
4. Ashley Hill (Ipswich)


1. Scott Millward (Sandwell)
2. Matt Smith (Sandwell)
3. Arron Hughes (East Newport)
4. Joe Kemp (Leicester)

Girls 12-17

1. Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
2. Tiffany Collin (Hethersett)
3. Lauren Davies (Leicester)
4. Sandra Tamborska (Sheffield)