Cycle Speedway Weekly Reports


Reports and results week ending 7th August 2011

Location: Sandwell Cycle Speedway
Event: 7th August 2011

This was a match Sandwell could have won, and after a great start, they threw it away, letting Poole off the hook in the second part of the meeting.

The Lions started well and after 5 heats were 10 points up at 29-19, but two heats of madness, let Poole back in to the match. Heat 6 saw first Jack Harrold get excluded for cutting across the inside of the track, in the re-run Scott Millward was exclude for the same offence, which left Chris Roberts and Greg Giluchowski to ride round alone to take a 7-0, heat 7 and Poole took a 6-3 to bring the scores level, after Jamie Ball was also excluded for cutting across the inside of the track. This made the scores 32 points each and at the interval the scores were 42 all.

The second part of the fixture saw Poole move into a three point lead with two races to go, only to that cut back to one with one to go. The last race saw a great battle for places until Scott Millward fell in the second lap and could not remount in time before being lapped, this left Poole with a 6-3 heat win and the match.

Lewis Bates and Lee Smith were Sandwell's top two with 18 and Jack Harrold gave them top class backing, but unfortunately Sandwell did not have luck on their side, something which all sides need to win matches, as a bonus at this level.


Sandwell 84: Lewis Bates 18, Lee Smith 18, Jack Harrold 13+1, Errol Thaw 9+2, Scott Millward 8, Jamie Ball 7 Leighton Bates 6, David Ball 5+1.

Poole 88: Greg Giluchowski 18+1, Tom Reed 18+1, Tom Colling 12,
Pete Young 11, Chris Roberts 11+1, Sam Hearn 9+1, Matt Mildon 8, Luke Armes 1.

Referee: Roger Dainty

Combination League

The combination saw a great battle between the young members of both sides, with Ricki Johnson showing yet again just how good a rider he is shaping up to be. Both sides have some very good riders, who given time could well be the next generation.


Sandwell 62+11: Ricki Johnson 16, Steve Brookes 11, Jim Palmer 10+1,
Luke Brookes 7+1, Harley Grosvenor 7+1, Josh Hill 5, Dan Forbes 4, Ryan Guest 2.

Poole 66: Matt Mildon 14, Luke Armes 12+1, Alex Lane 12+1,Will Briston 10+1, Arron Smith 9+1, Kyran Yeatman 9.

Referee: Roger Dainty

Leicester v Ipswich
Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway, Leciester
Event: 7th August 2011

Ipswich suffered a comprehensive defeat at the hands of the Monarchs, but not without cost to the home team.

Leon Yelland took a heavy fall in his fourth ride and lay motionless on the track for several minutes, eventually getting to his feet but looking decisively second hand and nursing a shoulder injury. Not surprisingly he took no further part in proceedings, his two remaining rides being shared by in form reserve Carl Jarvis and Craig Marchant.

The visitors took a heat advantage in heat two after Kev Burns was excluded and then had to wait until the twelfth for their next, this time after Leicester's Adam Stephenson was excluded. Jamie Chittock, Josh Brooke and Dan Chambers, were always on the pace, and Chittock and Chambers both won a race apiece for Ipswich, but in truth too many races were over by the second bend. Unfortunately this was not the best match for commission chairman Colin Docker to come along and watch.

Leicester's Lukas Nowacki and Phil Howells both raced to paid maximums whilst Jarvis dropped just one point and Jason Ashford two. Skipper Kev Burns had one of those days, battling hard but nothing going his way.

The match was delayed slightly as the referee failed to show, Ralph Doughty stepping in with the agreement of the Ipswich management. As this report goes to press we have no explanation of why the situation arose.


Leicester 105: Lukas Nowacki 19+1, Phil Howells 17+3, Jason Ashford 17+1, Carl Jarvis 15, Adam Stephenson 10+1, Craig Marchant 10, Leon Yelland 9+1, Kev Burns 8.

Ipswich 72: Dan Chambers 15, Josh Brooke 14, Jamie Chittock 12+1, Leon Mower 9+1, Dan Pike 8+2, Jordan Stant 8, George Soloman 6, Lews Roberts 1.

Combination League

The combination match was expected to be a hotly contested affair but did not turn out that way. It did however produce the race of the day in the thirteenth, eleven year old Liam Davies making a last to first dash to get the better of Charlie Rumbold and Lauren Jacobs.


Leicester 79: Ash Doughty 14+2, Lauren Davies 13, Charlie Cooper 12.

Ipswich 53: Charlie Rumbold 10+2, Lauren Jacobs 10, Barry Copping 10.

Midland Division 3 Result

Leicester 97: Billy Rewcastle 18+1, Liam Davies 16+2.

East Park 83: Jamie Whetton 17+1, Brandon Whetton 16+1.

Sheffield v Wednesfield
Location: Sheffield Cycle Speedway
Event: 7th August 2011


Sheffield 96: Lee Grange 17+1, Radek Handke 17+1, Ryan Hoyland 17+1, Andy Angell 14+1, Jono Birks 10+2, Nathan Groves 9+1, Leigh Cossey 7, Mark Winwood 5.

Wednesfield 80: Chris Jewkes 15+1, Terry Norman 14+1, Lee Aris 13+1, Mark Griffiths 11+1, Matt Beharrell 10, Ben Higham 9, Nick Perry 4+1, Luke Draisey 4.

Combination League

Sheffield 44: Richard Hudson 11, Vicky Brown 10, Lewis German 8+1, Will Gamble 8+1, Martin Gamble 5+1, Jeb Knight 2.

Wednesfield 84: Matt Haddock 18+2, Harry Everiss 16+2, Troy Allen 15+1, Steve Mulhinder 14+2, Steve Par 14+2, Wayne Aris 7.

Horspath v East Newport
Location: Horspath Cycle Speedway, Horspath
Event: 7th August 2011


Horspath 112: Chris Timms 11+1, Lewis Osborne 16+3, Paul Heard 13+3, Steve Harris 18+1, Mateusz Szymczak 17+1, Mark Boaler 15+1, Chris Osborne 12+1, Mark Carmichael 10+2.

East Newport 65: Arron Herbert 9, Correy B Jones 4, Dan Bock 9+1, Ben Mould 14, Craig Nethercott 10, Arron Hughes 7, Matthew Davis 6 Chris Davies 6.

Referee: Robin Spicer (Dorset)

Combination League

Horspath 72: Matt Coulter 12+1, Jordan Richardson 6, Lee Clarke 15, Wayne Clarke 13+3, Zak Payne 13+3 Charlie Jane Herbert 8, George Horsley 5+1.

East Newport 57: Neil Power 13, Jamie Lee Walters 4, Ethan Greenslade 8. Chris Davies 14+1, Colin Wildy 13, Jason Cutter 5.

Referee: Dan Winchester (Devon)