Cycle Speedway Reports


Cycle Speedway Reports

Week Ending 9th May 2010

British Premier League - Sheffield v Leicester, 9th May 2010 

Report: Shaun Hudson | Images: Magda Nowacki

A bad day for Sheffield got a whole lot worse when Pawel Kozlowski had to withdraw from the meeting after a second bad crash just before the interval, up to then Sheffield had struggled through the first half of the meeting looking some what "out of sorts". A couple of shared heats started the proceedings before Leicester moved ahead with a 6-3 from Pike & Ashford, more shared heats followed before a heat 6, 6-4 from Jamroscykz & Kozlowski put Sheffield back into the frame. However a heat eight 6-4 to the visitors followed by a 7-2 after Bandosz was excluded and Koslowski retied injured gave Leicester an eight point lead at half time.

After the interval, Sheffield seemed to be getting back on track with a 6-3 and 6-4 but an awful heat 14 and 15 where the home side conceded two 7-2 with exclusions to Bandosz and Angel put Leicester firmly in the driving seat. Sheffield rallied with three heat advantages to round of the meeting but it was too little too late and the league points were Leicester's.

Not a great match to watch with a Sheffield team who seemed unable to get into there rhythm. Up to now I haven't mentioned one Mr Lukas Nowacki whose 20pt maximum was textbook Cycle Speedway and showed just why he is one of the best riders in the world, he was in a class of his own today.

A pleasing result for Leicester but Sheffield will be wondering just how they let this one slip away with the team they had out today.


Sheffield 85: Lee Smith 16+1, Piotr Jamroscykz 15+2, Dariusz Pilas14+2, Andy Angel
14+1, Matt Smith 13, Ryan Hoyland 8, Robert Bandosz 3, Pawel Kozlowski 2

Leicester 89: Lukas Nowacki 20, Adam Stephenson 15+1, Danny Pike 14+1, Mark Newey 13, Jason Ashford 12+1, Kevin Burns 8, Adam Peck 6+2, Matt Hartshorn 1 


Sheffield 68: Ben Dickenson 20, Jamie Langton 17+1, Sandra Tomborska 9, Joel Elsom
9+1, Richard Hudson 7+1, Koralina Olzak 5+1, Laura Watson 1

Leicester 62: Matt Hartshorn 13+1, Charlie Cooper 11+1, Lucy Whitehead 11, Michelle Whitehead 9+1, Ashley Doughty 8+1, Amy Crouch 7, Liam Davies 3

British Premier League - Horspath v Norwich

Report: Geoff Gamage

On a cold chilly May day Horspath Hammers took full advantage of a weakened Norwich Stars with an emphatic 116 - 61 victory with so many of the visitors top riders missing only stalwart Lee Grange offered any real resistance winning two races both the only heat advantages for Stars. Hammers started with six 7-3s before a tape exclusion to Lewis Osborne saw Grange combine with Keiron Parr for a Stars 6-3 Horspath replied with two more 7-3s to take the interval score 59-30.

Grange was also in the thick of the action with Mark Carmichael coming down in heat 11 for a drawn heat amongst seven more 7-3s, Mark Boaler got a tape exclusion in the last for another 6-3 Norwich advantage with Grange lowering the colours of Steve Harris. Despite the large score only three Hammers were unbeaten by an opponent Matty Szymczak, back in the groove Chris Osborne and late replacement Mike Burgess who has been piling up the points for Horspath's regional league team.

Both teams tracked separate combination teams with Horspath winning 77-49 - a very good performance from Daniella Riley for Stars as Horspath's combo went very much as the first team notching nine consecutive 7-3's to open the match. Some good races with the teams female riders with young Daniella lowering the colours of both Hammers women Rachel Edge and Jessica Lamb.


British Premier League

Horspath 116 ( L.Osborne 15+1, S.Rudman 17+2, S.Harris 18+1, M.Carmichael 12+1, M.Szymczak 19+1,
M.Boaler 12+4, C.Osborne 12+4, M.Burgess 12.)

Norwich 61 ( B.Copping 6, P.Adams 9, D.Chambers 7, J.Colby 9, L.Grange 15, K.Parr 7+1, G.Colby 5, S.Copping 3 )

referee C.Simmons

Premier Combination
Horspath 77 ( M.Janes 10+2, L.Clarke 16, W.Clarke 12+4, Z.Payne 8, M.Coulter 14+2, J.Smith 7+1, R.Edge 3, J.Lamb 7 )

Norwich 49 ( R.Worminger 8, O.Riley 6, D.Riley 12, E.Betts 5, G.Riley 7, L.Conner 9.)

Manchester League Grand Prix - 5th May 2010, Bury

Report: Mike Hack

Bury hosted round 2 of the Manchester League Grand Prix series on Wednesday. Due to lighting problems it was decided not to run the senior event, so as to avoid cutting the match short, as happened last year. The senior match will now be run next Wednesday (12th May), registration at 7.45 pm.

A & T's Adam Turnbull raced unbeaten in the U-10s category. In the U-13s category, A & T duo Joel Partington and Adam Phillips defeated each other once, to finish on 15 apiece. Stockport's Matt Turner also scored 15, beaten only by Phillips. In the U-16s match, Stockport pair Dylan Radcliffe and Mat Lush defeated each other once, to finish on 15 each. Stockport's Ben Higham won three of his four races to top score on 14 points in the U-19s match. A sporting gesture from Jack Lush saw the Stockport rider lend his bike to A & T's Luke Jamson for his last three races, after his back wheel was damaged first time out.

Overall, this was another very close match, with A & T finishing level with Stockport on 72 points apiece, well ahead of Bury and Sheffield.


Astley & Tyldesley 72 Stockport 72 Bury 51 Sheffield 18.

U-10s: Adam Turnbull (A & T) 16, Max Evans (A & T) 14.
U-13s: Joel Partington (A & T) 15, Adam Phillips (A & T) 15, Matt Turner (Stockport) 15, Adam Watson (Bury) 13, Tom Spencer (Bury) 10, Adam South (Bury) 10, Stefan Whitelegg (A & T) 9, Georgina Healey (Stockport) 9.
U-16s: Dylan Radcliffe (Stockport) 15, Mat Lush (Stockport) 15, Jack Lush (Stockport) 13, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 13, Jake Read (Stockport) 13, Karolina Olczak (Sheffield) 11, James Carter (Stockport) 8, Laura Watson (Bury) 8, Sandra Tamborska (Sheffield) 7, Phil Peach (Bury) 6, Will Owens (Bury) 6.
U-19s: Ben Higham (Stockport) 14, Luke Jamson (A & T) 12, Ben Dickenson (Bury) 10, Matthew Turnbull (A & T) 4.
Referees - Jeff Radcliffe and Alan Taylor.

British Youth and Junior League Round 2 - Kesgrave, 8th May 2010 

Results and images from Round 2 of the youth and junior league clash at Kesgrave.


Grand Prix A Finals -
U8 - 1 Lewis Brinkhoff GTB 2 Oliver Wright KES 3 Kian Howard KES 4 Fynley Hack GTB
U10 - 1 Oliver Knight KES 2 Pierce Bacon KES 3 Harrison Bacon KES 4 Tyler Brinkhoff GTB
U12 - 1 Ross Knight KES 2 Lewis Davies COL 3 Matt Gifkins KES 4 Colby Hack GTB
U14 - 1 Richard Fellgett IPS 2 Charlie Rumbold IPS 3 Harry Swallow KES 4 Adam Overett IPS
U16 - 1 Ashley Hill IND 2 Josh Colby NOR 3 Scott Grimes HET 4 Lewis Roberts IPS
U18 - 1 Dan Osborne NOR 2 Dan Chambers HET 3 Philip Adams HET 4 Jordan Stant IPS
GIRLS - 1 Laura Dale IPS 2 Tiffany Collins HET 3 Rosie Woollard IPS 4 Danielle Riley NOR
84 riders

British Youth and Junior League Round 2

Saturday 8th May 2010, Southampton

Results and images from Southampton





Under 8 A Final - 1st Jack Currell ( Hor ) 2nd Owen Tidbull ( Exe ) 3rd Max Russell-Sharp ( Hor) 4th Todd Harrison ( Hor )
Under 10 A Final - 1st George Horsley ( Hor ) 2nd Will Tidbull ( Exe ) 3rd Sean Bennett ( E New ) 4th Tudor Coonbi ( E New )
Under 12 A Final - 1st James Robinson ( Exe) 2nd Jordan Richardson ( Hor) 3rd Ethan Greenslade (Swi ) 4th Jake Neighbour ( Swi )
Under 14 A Final - 1st Matt Mildon ( Poo ) 2nd Louis Harvey ( E New ) 3rd Joe Avery ( Ind ) 4th Jacob Soper ( New )
Under 16 A Final - 1st Arron Morgan ( Poo ) 2nd Dan Miller ( South) 3rd Lee Clarke ( Hor ) 4th Leyton Glover (Poo)
Under 18 A Final 1st Sam Hearn ( Poo ) 2nd Aaron Hughes ( E New ) 3rd Matt Elston ( Poo) 4th Aaron Herbert ( Exe )
Girls 14+ A Final 1st Livvi Horsley ( Hor ) 2nd Charlie Jane Herbert ( Exe ) 3rd Rebecca Davies ( New ) 4th Kristina Mynes ( Poo )

South & South Junior Grand Prix

14+ Womens: 1st Rachel Edge ( Hor ) 2nd Jessica Lamb ( Hor ) 3rd Livvi Horsley ( Hor) 4th Charlie jane Herbert ( Exe ) total competitors SWJGP 117

More Results and Reports

Norfolk Senior Individual Championship, 5th May 2010, Eaton Park

1 Lee Grange Norwich 19 after race-off
2 Dan Chambers Hethersett 19
3 James Wakefield Norwich 17 after race -off
4 Dave Martrin Hethersett 17

Referee Gary Colby