Report: British BMX Series Round 9/10


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Report: British BMX Series Round 9/10
Bloomfield wraps the overall, takes final win

August 7-8 Gosport, Portsmouth | Report: Rich Eames
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Going two and one at the penultimate weekend of racing in the British BMX Series, Marcus Bloomfield returned from disappointment at the World Championships in South Africa, to salvaging something from the domestic season in 2010.

Corinne Walder's video edit

One week earlier Bloomfield had injured himself in practice at the biggest race of the season - an ankle strain with unknown damage the offender, but returning to the British Series at the new location of Gosport, Bloomfield's heavily strapped ankle was no match for Kelvin Batey on day one.

The tightest race of the season so far, Bloomfield lost out in the first straight before charging through on turn three, as the track began to spiral inward.

It always seemed however, that Batey was just readying himself to make the winning move - something which came in the penultimate corner. Bloomfield tried to repass, but it was to no avail - day two presenting the only chance to even the score.

The second day of racing saw a renewed Bloomfield on a charge from the gate in the final - maybe he'd been taking tips from Championship Women's winner on both days Charlotte Green! Whatever the cause, Bloomfield was clear and rode unchallenged to the win.


I was super excited to go to Gosport this year, mainly for the fact it's a new venue for most people and a track that a lot of people had never seen let alone ridden. And what a track, not much in the way of big jumps but turns galore with 'swoop-a-rama' written all over them...

Elite Men had riders looking for redemption after a lacklustre World Champs for our main contenders due to injuries and bad luck. Saturday saw KB55 have a serious battle with Bloomy which the Intense rider come up trumps but what blew me away was the speed at which they were railing turns and hitting sections. Meanwhile Kyle Evans was impressing everyone with a third place and obviously seems to be getting comfy with Elite racing which will stand him in good stead when he ventures into Europe. Tre Whyte took a fourth and Dan McBride fifth which shows that the young guns have got it going on.

Richard Robotham's Photostream

Sunday saw the Elites get an ABA Grands style intro with yours truly on the mic with all manner of random info provided by 'Statto' Baxter although strangely enough it came as no surprise to learn that Cal Strickland changes his own bedding without being asked! Bloomy requested his own tune (we had the white doves and room temperature Evian on standby, just in case) but the 'Podium Programme Perks' ended there (I'm joking..) KB and MB181 had another battle going on till KB stacked after the 'big' doubles and that left Bloomy to even the score whilst Kyle Evans and Adam Brazil rolled round on the floor as well somewhere behind.

Junior Men got the same intro and it was interesting to find out that Jordan Hayes peaked when he was six, and Jonathan Hastings was starring in an MTV Sweet 16 episode without telling us ;-) Grant Hill didn't care though as he stepped up to double up for the weekend but it wasn't without pressure from Chuck Manaton who has been shredding of late and Ben Clarkson who threw the commentators a googlie by changing his kit and not telling us...naughty!

Championship women was set to be a stormer, Ayesha McClelland was on home turf and there was no way she was settling for second place and she was the only female jumping the doubles out of turn two. However, no one mentioned this to Charlotte Green who spoiled the party by nicking two wins with Emily James and W3 Lauren Smith in the mix as well. Big up to Amelia Silvestre who seemed to spend the entire weekend picking herself up off the floor. How many crashes? 3? 4?

6 and under was won both days by Jack Hawkins with Elliott Bowyer and Twenty24 cover star Owen Scattergood in hot pursuit. Owen had his away kit on cos' Mum's a bit forgetful (Dad told me, I have no problem grassing him up..)

Ethan Craik wanted the win at home in the 7's but the two Preston riders Messrs Brookes and McDermott were in the mix along with Travis Wilson. It didn't matter as Ethan got the job done to the delight of the home crowd.

8's is mental, we are not that far off quarters in this class! Ryan Brookes got his swoop on for Saturday and Sunday but Matt Hutt had to settle for fifth on Saturday and the B final on Sunday. On the plus side he got to hang out in the commentary tower with Shanaze Reade which is not a bad alternative. Got to mention Harvey Howard for a stellar performance which saw Mum and Dad going absolute berserk trackside and Keiran Bolton who was devastated with a fifth in Saturday's semi and overjoyed with a fourth place in the final on Sunday. Let's not forget Matt Harman and Ryan O'Loughlin for top three performances as well.

Someone call 999 for the 9's cos Ross Cullen is on fire!! Two from two for Preston flyer but Josh Peters, Josh Coppin and Mason Chidley were ready to capitalize on any mistake but it didn't happen.

The 10's saw the younger of the Orena brothers taking charge with two wins but Ethan Vernon was right there with him. Shay Casey took a solid third on Saturday but a tangle saw him take a 5th on Sunday with Euan Hunt hitting the deck as well.

The 11's had Haydon Green and Eddie Moore looking good all weekend with Haydon taking Saturday's win. The rider missing from that final was Aaron Dalleywater who was in the mix till a semi final berm move saw him slip to fifth. Sunday saw him do all the right things till the last turn of the final when Eddie Moore nipped past right at the line, the heartbreak was palpable! Aaron rode super good and there's a win in his future for sure.

12's saw a three way battle between Kye White, Tom Novis and Diagoro Fortune with Kye getting the best of the exchanges. Local guy Jamal Ewing did well also.

13's is all about Jimmy Orena, no one else can get close even with his chain flapping about and making his bike sound like a rickety piece of junk. Jordan Hatcher rode consistently and Paddy Sharrock used his considerable skills to go from fifth to first in one moto. However, there was no getting anywhere near Jimmy and his turbo charged first straight. Jack Clarke and 'Little Bruv' Baxter rode well also.

14's - No Quillan Isidore in this one as he was on crutches. This left it wide open and Bardolph Kerr took full advantage even with the most horrendous pair of race pants I have ever seen. Michael Njuguna did some rolling round on the floor but rode well generally and Harry Stickley (Is it me, or does that sound like a character from Harry Potter?) rode well also as did Oliver Fay. Special mention for Morgan Wooley who took a fourth on Sunday, he's become a different rider since he clipped in (it kills me to say..)

15's - Dan Pullen was the man both days in this one but there was some hard charging from Cam Howard, the rapidly improving George Warner, 'Ar' Bradley Minns and le visitor francais Emile Rocher. Local hotshot Cemil Sabri had to settle for a seventh and an eighth.

16's saw a shock with Jordan Perry taking a well deserved win from Jacob Roberts on Saturday but on the Sunday it was Roberts on top again after Perry tried to cut him off straight from the gate but only succeeded in ruining his own lap. A shame really cos' it would have been interesting to see if Jordan could go two for two. This class is full of rippers including Daniel Longhurst, Michael Hawker and Toby Bearne, all are fast too!

17-24 is just as crazy as it always is but it didn't matter to Robbie Goodman as he took two wins which is no easy thing. Maris Strazdins was throwing some Latvian flavour in there and Billy Luckhurst looked fired up after his worlds trip (his DK bike is sweeeet..!) Nate Dogg Routledge stole a final spot from Mariah Clucas on Saturday which lead me to ask Andy if his arms were sore on Sunday. 'Yes' came the reply so I followed up with 'Is that cos' you were holding up a sign that said 'Come on through' in the last turn yesterday?' which was greeted with a collective 'Oooh!' from the Mancunia Massive. (sorry Andy!!) Anyway, he made up for it with a second on Sunday with Shaun Issit and Rob Hawker looking pretty quick too.

25-29 is small on numbers and big on action with Michael Smart doubling up and a big crash involving Gaz Bates and Big Mike Pinnock. I think they were both OK though...

Luke Webber's Photostream

Masters (aka Elite Men 1996) just gets crazier by the week, Dylan Clayton was flying a looking for a win on Saturday till that man Hilly opened the textbook to page swooptastic and stole the win with a move he repeated on numerous occasions through the weekend. Darren Reidy stepped up with two thirds. The 'Reidy' chant appears to be spreading as well with other clubs joining in that he isn't even a member of!! Oh, DC took Sunday's win which was his first since his? (Ask Statto Baxter or Ady Warden, they'll know!!) We also saw the return of the Warlock after a long hiatus; it was nice to have him back as he prepares for life in the Vets next year...

Talking of Vets, Nige 'Daddy' Whyte stepped his game up with a win on Saturday from the hard charging Mardy Boy Williams. The two did battle again on Sunday with Nige showing him the Spanish archer and sending him over a turn to hay bale stunt dive. Loving the action guys, more please!! Wayne Foster took Sunday's win.

Girls racing was double win central as Emily Hutt, Imogen Hill, Kim Baptista and Lauren Stack al took maximum points for the weekend in their respective age groups. Jenny Noble took the 13-14 win on Saturday but just lost out in a crazy tight finish with Redline's Valerie Zebrokova on Sunday.

25 plus ladies saw Ria Goodman following on from her Worlds success with two wins, it wasn't enough to stop reformed chocoholic (unless its fudge cake) Claire Morrison taking the title for the year with Abi Hill and Nikki Spiers in hot pursuit.

Cruisers - Ben Armitage doubled up in 9-12 and Roy Jones took 13-14. Toby Bearne rocked 15-16 's with Chris Boyle taking an impressive third in Sunday's final. 17-29 saw James Goodwin return from 4x in his spray on jeans but there's no stopping the UCR Finelines train when it rolls into town with the Bauer brothers and Mark Maddox onboard.

30-34 saw Neil Harbour celebrate his birthday with 10 wins from 10 nationals. Wanna know how he does it...? Lean in and I'll whisper... Special K and Toy Story bananas!! Rumours also abounded that George Michael was racing, I didn't see him but I did see a bloke who looked like James Tresman, but camper!!

35-39 is still crazy, Hilly took the wins from Flemdog and Clive Hawkins. Mark Egan and Matt Mayneord both ended the day in hospital, with Egan ringing up to see if he'd won anything in the raffle (true) and Matt having surgery on his shoulder and facing three months off the bike. Random question; If Alan Hill had dreads and sang, would that make him 'Hilly Vanilli'? No reason, just wondering!

40-44 - Jon Moore doubled up for the weekend with Karl Sanderson rescuing his weekend after a B Final appearance on Saturday. 45 plus went to Keith Wilson with Ady Warden in close proximity at all times. I know I've said it before but can we get more guys in 45 plus please!

So, that was it. Gosport club put on a great event with some great racing, I'm hoping we get to go back again next year!