British Cycling membership is changing

British Cycling membership is changing


We’re making some exciting changes here at British Cycling. With the ever-changing landscape, and evolving needs of cyclists across the UK, we’ve listened to the voice of our members and improved our membership offering.

First and foremost, we’re making things much easier for you; the new tiers will see the number of membership types drop from six to three, removing any confusion over what membership you need - however you ride.

From 10 April 2024 our consolidated offer of Supporter, Member and Premium Member will launch, and the options of Fan, Commute, Ride, Race Bronze, Race Silver and Race Gold will no longer be available.

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What it means for you

If you are an existing member and pay by Direct Debit, you will be automatically transitioned onto our new improved products when your current membership renewal is due. You will receive an email close to your renewal to let you know your options.

If you pay by one-off payment, when your membership is approaching renewal you’ll need to log onto your dashboard and select your chosen membership type. Again, you will receive an email close to your expiry date with all the details.

Our new products allow members to take of advantage of increased benefits including third party liability cover for all types of riding and disciplines, expert legal support, and fantastic new personal accident cover (Premium only) including gadget cover, medical fees, physio and much more!

Have any benefits been removed?

No, nothing has been removed; you’ll have all your existing benefits and more. For details of what is included, see our comparison table.

Membership updates table 2024

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Are there reduced rates for children?

Yes, there are discounts available for under 12s, youth, and junior members; these can be found below. Once you have selected the membership type you require and entered the date of birth of the member, the relevant price will be displayed. Please note the age ranges in the table below overlap, due to being based on the year you were born.

Category Supporter Member Premium
Senior 18+ Free £50 £80
Junior 16 - 18 N/A £38 £64
Youth 13 -15 N/A £25 £46
Under 12 N/A £20 £37

When will the membership transition take place?

The transition will take place on your existing renewal date. However, if you’re a Race Gold member you’ll start benefiting from the perks of Premium membership straight away. If you wish to upgrade sooner, just get in touch!

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. If you’d rather cancel then you can email, use the message centre on your dashboard or call the membership team on 0161 274 2010. Alternatively, you can transfer onto our Supporter membership for free. However, you won’t get most of the benefits Members or Premium Members get, such as third party liability insurance, legal support and access to the Rewards Hub.

Can I upgrade to Premium?

Yes. If you wish to change your membership type, you can do so at any time by contacting the membership team. If you pay by Direct Debit please email or call and we will take any payment due. Otherwise you’ll need to give us a quick call on 0161 274 2010

Are there any changes to race licences?

There will be no change to what type of licence is required for what type of race, and there will be no change to the price of a full race licence.