Volunteers: In Focus - September 2023

Volunteers: In Focus - September 2023


05 October 2023

Each month we continue to shine a spotlight on the brilliant effort volunteers do for all forms of cycling. We want to acknowledge the huge contribution volunteers make to cycling and recognise the wide variety of roles undertaken to activate, support, lead, and deliver at all levels.

Each month, we are taking nominations from across the regions and home nations. If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media, with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter.

Well done to Gary, Lucie and Rod who have been recognised this month for their efforts in supporting the road race calendar in the Central region.

Name: Gary Nixon, Lucie Gallen, Rod Cox

Region: Central

Role: Accredited Marshal Co-ordinators for Central Region

Gary originally trained as an Accredited Marshal back in 2014, fully qualifying in 2015. As the need for more marshals at events grew, the region decided it needed to appoint a coordinator. Gary was appointed to this role in 2018 and quickly grew into the post, greatly assisting the regional Cycle Sport Developer in both the appointments but also through coming up with new and innovative ways of updating the traffic management plans and engaging the team of volunteer marshals. Gary had an assistant in Rod Cox who ably assisted him in the early days but due to other commitments had to step down. Both Gary and Rod developed the role where one would make appointments to the events and the other would do the administration and planning for the day and be there to act as chief marshal.

In 2021 after Covid when the volunteer pool was greatly reduced, in stepped Lucie. Lucie slotted in perfectly and is the first point of contact for all the marshals regarding appointing for events. Lucie is regularly in attendance, lifting spirits with her cheery personality. In addition to efforts in the central region, Lucie coordinates between other regions to ensure enough marshals are available for races.

Gary, Rod and Lucie have arranged social events whether rides out or meet ups in cafes and are known for bringing along snacks and cakes to events. All three are truly great volunteers!

Patrick Kavanagh - Central Region Road workgroup Chair:

“Lucie Gallen and Gary Nixon have made an immense contribution to road racing safety in the Central Region as coordinators of the Accredited Marshals (AMs). They divide key tasks of volunteer mentoring, engagement with organisers, recruitment of new AMs, allocation to races, calculation of expenses and on the day AM team support. Without their tireless efforts I sincerely believe the road discipline would have been severely reduced.

The return to competition after the pandemic was a very difficult time for AMs with many leaving and the team at a lower level of members; Lucie and Gary supported the training events and motivated trainees to keep at it throughout that uncertain time. No doubt they went above and beyond the call of the role. For a decade, the AMs team in the Central region has grown, evolved and made a huge contribution to safety on the roads.

Volunteers like Lucie and Gary do not seek plaudits or headlines, for them it is being a part of a vibrant team of volunteers who have become good friends who turn up in all weathers and places, with a cheerful smile and good humour. Volunteers are the lifeblood of sport, and these volunteers are exceptional people.”

Lisa West Twickenham CC - Event Organiser:

“Both Gary and Lucie have been invaluable to me in arranging AMs to cover my Dave Peck British Women’s Team Cup event and in managing the team for a complex figure of 8 route in conjunction with all the other Race Officials, NEG Moto’s and volunteers that I have on the day from my club. They are both very willing to assist in the run up to the event and are flexible in their approach which this year included liaising with other regions to recruit AMs to minimise travelling expenses. The positive impact this had on my race budget was greatly appreciated. Their cheery input on race day and willingness to help with any last-minute issues makes it all much easier for me as an organiser and recognition for their efforts is very much deserved.