Charlotte Worthington and Jude Jones crowned 2022 National BMX Freestyle Champions

Charlotte Worthington and Jude Jones crowned 2022 National BMX Freestyle Champions


Charlotte Worthington and Jude Jones were crowned the 2022 National BMX Freestyle Championships at Adrenaline Alley in Corby after a jam-packed weekend of thrills and skills.

The national championships were hosted alongside the final round of the Backyard Jam National BMX Freestyle Series over the weekend, with the country’s best riders taking to Europe’s largest action sports venue to round off the 2022 season.

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National Championships

Sunday saw the national championships take place in the wAIRhouse as riders competed for the coveted red, white, and blue stripes. Both the men’s and women’s classes put on incredible performances, which were topped by the finals.

Jude Jones stood out above the rest, dropping a front flip tailwhip, backflip tailwhip barspins mid-run whilst expertly transferring between ramps. Kieran Reilly came in second, with and Dylan Hessey in third.

The women's category was a similar story, with Charlotte Worthington sending massive flip combinations, stretched no-handers, and using the whole course to demonstrate her expertise and step into first place. Sasha Pardoe took second, landing a massive flip over the box along with her classic super stretched tyre grabs, while Holly Pipe took third.

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Backyard Jam BMX Series Round 6

Saturday hosted Round 6 of the Backyard Jam National BMX Freestyle Series. The youth categories have improved massively as the season has progressed, and the future is looking bright for BMX Freestyle.

Series regulars Jason Urbas and Billy-Neil McVicar took the wins in the men’s under 9 and under 12 classes respectively, with the latter blasting the biggest quarter in the park. In his first appearance at the series, Harry Schofield made himself known in the under 15’s category by taking the win, with Alfie Crocker earning second and Chase Weighill in third.

In the youth female categories, there were a lot of familiar faces, with Alex Cartmell taking the top spot on the podium in the under 9's, while Hettie Randall came in second. Esme Morris took first in the under 12's and Elsa Rendall Todd took the win in under 15's.

In the women’s street class, Michelle Sikorska took the win after a super creative run during which she managed to stomp two of her best tricks. Kayley Ashworth came in second, being the only girl to take to the down rail for her best trick, as Aubree Henson came in third.

The men’s amateur street saw lots of promising talent for the next generation, but it was Logan Foster who took the win. For his best trick, he landed a massive tail-whip drop on his second go, while his first attempt would have taken most riders out for the rest of the day. Petr Komon came in second, landing a massive gap to wallride for his best trick, and Ethan Mumford took third.

In the men’s elite street event, Alex Pindard Baden won after nailing an incredibly technical run, filled with big moves. Alex Kennedy took second, and Michael Dickson took third, landing a nollie tailwhip off one of the up ledges.

The men's amateur park featured an unbelievable standard of riding as Reef Way took the win, looking extremely comfortable on the massive ramps in the wAIRhouse. Miller Temple earned second place after a strong run, and Morgan Thornley took the final podium place.

In the men’s elite park, Kieran Reilly unleashed everything on the park, throwing an insane list of combos including a 360 triple whip, a double flair and a 720 tailwhip. Jack Clark effortlessly flowed around the park, mixing big moves with technical lip tricks. Ben Wallace took third, being the only rider to use the wallride gap from the jump box.

The riders in the women’s elite park field put on a stunning show for the audience. Charlotte Worthington took the win after landing a flair on the biggest quarter in the park in the first half of her run. She finished her run with a textbook tailwhip in the final second. Sasha Pardoe took second, landing massive tricks over the box with effortless style, and Kayley Asworth came in third.

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National Championships Results


  1. Jude Jones – 96.10
  2. Kieran Reilly – 94.10
  3. Dylan Hessey – 92.40
  4. Ash Finlay – 92.20


  1. Charlotte Worthington – 97.00
  2. Sasha Pardoe – 88.80
  3. Holly Pipe – 79.00
  4. Kayley Ashworth – 57.80

Round 6 Results

Under 9 Male Park

  1. Jason Urbas – 86.67
  2. Isaac Woodward – 82.67
  3. Cruz McCann – 80.00

Under 9 Female Park

  1. Alexandria Cartmell – 61.33
  2. Hettie Randall – 45.67

Under 12 Male Park

  1. Billy-Neil McVicar – 93.25
  2. Steven Peach – 82.25
  3. Joey Doland – 81.75

Under 12 Female Park

  1. Esme Morris – 84.33
  2. Ellie Gunnell – 76.67
  3. Millie Brooks – 75.00

Under 15 Male Park

  1. Harry Schofield – 70.60
  2. Alfie Crocker – 69.40
  3. Chase Weighill – 66.80

Under 15 Female Park

  1. Elsa Rendall Todd – 69.20

Amateur Men’s Park

  1. Reef Way – 84.50
  2. Miller Stephen Temple – 80.25
  3. Morgan Thornley – 68.50

Amateur Men’s Street

  1. Logan Foster – 107.00
  2. Petr Komon – 100.33
  3. Ethan Mumtord – 85.67

Amateur Women’s Street

  1. Michelle Sikorska – 94.33
  2. Kayley Ashworth – 89.00
  3. Aubree Henson – 83.33

Elite Men’s Park

  1. Kieran Reilly – 98.75
  2. Jack Clark – 96.50
  3. Ben Wallace – 94.50

Elite Women’s Park

  1. Charlotte Worthington – 93.25
  2. Sasha Pardoe – 78.75
  3. Kayley Ashworth – 66.75

Elite Men’s Street

  1. Alex Pindard Baden
  2. Alex Kennedy
  3. Michael Dickson