Round 2 of 2022 BMX Freestyle National Series sees flawless performance from Charlotte Worthington and a home turf win for James Jones

Round 2 of 2022 BMX Freestyle National Series sees flawless performance from Charlotte Worthington and a home turf win for James Jones


Charlotte Worthington showed off her gold-medal standard tricks to win the second round of the 2022 BMX Freestyle National Series on Saturday at Rampworld Cardiff, while James Jones took a victory on his home turf. 

The youths kicked off the event with a full field once again and gave standout performances, particularly from eight-year-old Jason Urbas, sending massive 360s over the second jump box on the big line, nine-year-old Aubree Henson with controlled 180 backwards feeble to 180 out, and 13-year-old Alfie Crocker who landed a 360 double barspin for his best trick.

The previous top two placings from the opening round of the amateur park event swapped in Cardiff, with Devon Low taking the win and Reef Way taking second, making an exciting rivalry for the remaining rounds. Third place was taken by Sam Goddard who crashed in his first run but made his second one count.

Jevon Gannon took the top spot in the amateur street event, linking lines and using the whole of the park, starting his run with a styled collie 360. Jordan Scriven used some unique lines in the park which saw him land a second-place finish, while third place was taken by Petr Komon.

Elite Street

The elite street category was taken by storm with local Jordan Godwin racking up a score of 112.33. Showing exactly why he is one of the best in the UK, he fired out two solid runs, effortlessly at full speed. With switch foot crank arms grinds and mind-blowing grind combos, Godwin was unbeatable on the day. 

Second place was taken by opening round winner Harry Mills Wakey, who was able to keep up the speed through his runs, firing trick after trick with style, while Alex Kennedy was awarded third after performing lesser seen tricks, like 360 toboggans, to secure his spot on the podium.

Elite Park

The women’s elite park category was won by Tokyo Olympic champion Charlotte Worthington who surprised everyone by dropping a flawless 720 in her run. Sasha Pardoe placed second with her textbook tyregrabs and no-handers to replicate the 1-2 of the opening round podium. Kayley Ashworth took third, having started her run with a transfer into the big line followed by a 360 on the second box.

British Cycling athlete James Jones took the win on home turf in the men’s category, flaring the far quarter just as high as some of the other riders were simply airing it. Second place was taken by Declan Brooks who took a unique look at the park and opened up a brand-new gap that no one else had even seen, while third place was taken by Kieran Reilly who consistently linked barpsin and tailwhip combos through his entire run.

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