15% off security marking kits from BikeRegister

15% off security marking kits from BikeRegister


BikeRegister is the UK’s National Cycle Database with over a million bikes registered. It aims to reduce cycle theft across the country and enables owners to be reunited with their bikes if they are stolen and recovered. Every Police force in the UK uses BikeRegister to search for bikes they recover to see if they are reported stolen and this information is available to them 24/7 on the only Police-approved cycle database.

Unfortunately, bike theft is a growing issue in the UK. In October 2020, there were 976 thefts reported to BikeRegister, a 69.4% rise on this month in the previous year and this is a trend we have seen throughout the year as thieves take advantage of poor bike security.

Whilst BikeRegister offers a free registration service, marking your bike with a security marking kit is more likely to allow the Police to return your bike to you if it is stolen and most importantly, deter theft initially. BikeRegister is endorsed by many organisations including the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police.

British Cycling are offering a 15% discount on BikeRegister kits to its members. The three kits available can be found below:

Membership Plus Kit (RRP £12.99)

Identify your bike with a laminated, tamper resistant warning label with a unique QR code that can be scanned instantly with a smart phone.

Permanent Marking Kit (RRP £19.99)

This is BikeRegister’s visible marking solution which permanently marks the frame of your bike with your unique BikeRegister ID. This kit chemically etches the coating of our bike frame with a visible and permanent blue mark, leaving a neat, unique mark which does not affect the frame’s integrity. Included with this kit is a durable, tamper resistant warning label.

UV Covert Kit (RRP £29.99)

The UV Covert Kit is BikeRegister’s invisible marking solution. It allows you to mark your frame and bike components with hundreds of microscopic dots printed with your unique BikeRegister ID. The solution is quick and easy to apply, and contains a UV tracer enabling the Police to locate the marks and in turn read one of the microdots to determine the unique ID and ownership. This kit also comes with a durable, tamper resistant warning label and a TESA security label.

Want to know more? Check out the FAQs on the BikeRegister website.

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