First Aid requirements

First Aid requirements


To be insured to coach, lead or instruct using British Cycling’s Insurance for Coaches, Leaders and Instructors, you must also hold a valid First Aid certificate, otherwise you may only carry out an assistant role.

Coaches, Ride Leaders and Cycle Training Instructors

The minimum requirements for coaches, ride leaders and cycle training instructors are:

  • Your qualification must be delivered face-to-face, or;
  • Virtual First Aid qualifications will be accepted by British Cycling but this is being regularly reviewed. This will only be valid for one year from the date of qualification.

Your First Aid training, whether face-to-face, blended or via virtual classroom, must be delivered by an accredited provider and be assessed. It must cover:

  • The role of the First Aider
  • Dealing with an unconscious casualty
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Dealing with the wounded and bleeding
  • Minor injuries (small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters)
  • Choking

Training must include practical, assessed performance (by an instructor) of CPR, the recovery position, stopping bleeding and choking.

Once you have completed your training, you should upload your certificate through ‘My Dashboard > My Courses > Upload Documents’ on the British Cycling website, or send it directly to the dedicated programme email address if applicable.


To remain insured by British Cycling your First Aid certificate will need to be kept in date. Most certificates will remain valid for three years, however, at this time virtual First Aid qualifications will only be accredited for one year by British Cycling.


If you have an existing First Aid certificate, are a medical professional or require First Aid through other professions then you will not need to take additional training. You will need to provide evidence to, including pin numbers (i.e. for the General Medical Council/police force) where relevant.

Members of the Armed Forces will need to ensure they have a civilian First Aid qualification.

If you are under 18 or operating in an assistant capacity (i.e. performing your role within line of sight of a qualified First Aider), you do not require an official first aid qualification, but it is recommended you take the online First Aid Essentials course as part of your course training.

Mountain Bike Leaders

Mountain bike leaders must have a current Two-Day Outdoor First Aid Certificate or equivalent to ensure they are up to date with current outdoor first aid practices for the environments they will be operating in.

The two-day Outdoor First Aid course must contain content relevant to managing casualties in remote outdoor environments and align with the requirements of the Institute for Outdoor Learning’s Statement of Good Practice on Outdoor First Aid at Band 3.

These two-day First Aid courses involve at least 16 hours of face-to-face contact time over two days to cover the practical learning and assessment requirements appropriately.

Three or four-day First Aid at Work certificates are satisfactory substitutes, as are medically trained professions, but additional training in managing casualties in outdoor environments is recommended. It is advised that the two-day outdoor certificate is undertaken on renewal or as soon as possible to keep current with Outdoor First Aid practices.

Once you have completed your training, upload your certificate (or other medical professional evidence) through ‘My Dashboard > My Courses > Upload Documents’ on the British Cycling website, or send it directly to

Keeping your knowledge in date

We strongly recommend all qualification holders, whether holding an in date or out of date qualification, regularly refresh their knowledge via apps and free online videos. The nature of first aid is that the skills learned on a course are rarely needed, but when they are it can be the difference to a casualty. To avoid ‘skill fade’, below are some recommended routes to keep your knowledge fresh.

British Red Cross First Aid App & First Aid for Babies and Children

Lifesaver App (from Resuscitation UK)

St Johns Ambulance First Aid for Cyclists App

St Johns Ambulance – first aid Youtube Playlist

GoodSAM App

For any questions related to first aid please email