British Cycling statement on CIRC Report


Commenting on the Cycling Independent Report Commission report, British Cycling’s president Bob Howden said:

“British Cycling welcomes the Cycling Independent Report Commission report as part of a determined effort by the UCI to expose the wrongdoing of the past and to create an opportunity for our sport to embrace a better future.

“Doping in sport is a scourge that we have to fight and it is a fundamental responsibility of sport’s governing bodies to show leadership, accountability and example. Brian Cookson’s manifesto for election to the presidency of the UCI was a clear call for change and this has been underpinned by the publication of the promised independent report.

“Whatever opinions there are around the historical references in the report, there remains work to do and it is clear that this is work the UCI cannot do on its own, nor is this just a problem for cycling in isolation.

“National federations, administrators, teams and riders must take on the responsibility to do their best for cycling not only for the credibility of their performances but to say to parents everywhere that our sport is a safe place to bring their children.

“While there are significant questions for cycling, many of the issues are not unique to our sport. The answers therefore need an approach that tackles sport as a whole. So it is our belief that the recommendations in the CIRC report need to be recognised by WADA and National Anti-doping Organisations around the world. Importantly, other sports should be encouraged to open doors to scrutiny.

“Within British Cycling, we are not complacent and we welcome scrutiny. We have a long-established culture of anti-doping, supported by educational and testing programmes together with athlete support at all levels.

“We work hard to support UK Anti-Doping and hope they will continue to get the funding they need to do an effective job. Their work is vital and it is encouraging that we can work with them across all ability levels of the sport. This includes a provision of targeted testing where they are able to follow up and act on confidential whistleblowing information. To emphasise this, all British Cycling race licence holders may be subject to testing.

“Support and guidance information is provided to all levels of rider through the British Cycling website, UKAD website and over the phone support.

“With UKAD support, we have appropriately trained staff to deliver UKAD’s 100% ME training annually to riders at all levels within the Great Britain Cycling Team set up. We support our athletes in their adherence to the ADAMS whereabouts programme as a fit and proper process and are rightly proud of their commitment and results.

“Riders of all ages and ability levels have a role to play in promoting a clean sport and guidance can be found on British Cycling's ant-doping webpage.

“Moving forward British Cycling remains committed to the fight against doping and the development of a fairer sporting landscape.”