Get Britain Cycling: Your examples of poor cycling infrastructure


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The Get Britain Cycling report has highlighted the need for existing road infrastructure to be overhauled so that roads and junctions are designed with cycling in mind.

In February, we asked you to send us images or videos of bad road infrastructure to show us where planners are going wrong.

Here are some of the highlights so far. Keep sending us your videos and images of poor cycle lanes where you live.

Get Involved

If there's an example of badly designed, piecemeal or just plain dangerous cycling infrastructure where you live please share it with us by taking a picture or a short video clip and sending it via: 

Email: send your images or video links to with 'Who are cycle lanes for?' in the Subject line, or

Twitter: by sharing a photo or video link on @britishcycling using the #whoarecyclelanesfor hashtag

NB: If sharing a video, please upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and send us the video link.

Your Videos

Above: YouTube user TwoWheeledTank has produced this highly amusing video from Horsham, which raises a serious point. Even though facilities abound on his 1.5 mile commute, they're confusing, ill conceieved and inconvenient.

Above: This video submitted via Twitter (using the #whoarecyclelanesfor hashtag) demonstrates that it's not only the lanes themselves that are the problem - drivers' disregard for them is also a big issue.

Above: A cycle path in Wantage submitted by YouTube user David White.

Above: Conditions on Kilmarnock Road, Glasgow, sent in by 'freeyourinnertube'

Above: A couple of snippets from Simon George's commute from London to Southend.

Your Images

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