Major improvements at East Park Cycle Speedway with lottery grant

Major improvements at East Park Cycle Speedway with lottery grant


East Park Cycle Speedway Club will benefit from a £981,000 heritage lottery grant to improve recreational facilities at the Wolverhampton Park.

Wolverhampton Council confirmed that the upgrade programme will see improved access and car parking, trackside storage, an electricity supply and better floodlighting. Approximately a third of the grassed area adjacent to the cycle track will be reinforced to provide occasional parking for events and matches. A new entrance to the Victorian Park will be created and the footpath reinforced to provide closer, more direct vehicular access to the grassed area. The club will hold keys to this gate and will be expected to manage and control access when the gate is in use.

The council will also provide a concrete pad close to the track to serve as an area of hard standing, so allowing the club to provide storage in the vicinity of the track.

A new double head will be put onto the nearest lighting column to improve track illumination and a power supply will be provided to replace the use of generators. There is also potential to provide an additional lighting column on the opposite side of the track.

East Park club chairman Al Bentley stated: "We are now also well underway in securing a 25-year lease on the club site. The council are giving as much help and support as they can. They are eager to see the club grow."