Torchbearer's Story - Sir Chris Hoy and Geoff Cooke

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On Saturday 23 June Multiple Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy and 1972 Olympian, multiple world and national Masters champion Geoff Cooke were among a number of cyclists carrying the Olympic flame in Greater Manchester.

Sir Chris Hoy was nominated as a torchbearer by Lloyds TSB, who produced this short film of their experiences as they carry the torch on Manchester’s Deansgate.

Sir Chris Hoy drew thousands onto the streets of Manchester, all keen to get a glimpse of the multiple Olympic and World Champion.

"It just shows the Olympic torch, it's not about gold medals, it's about communities coming together and supporting people who have made a difference to them," said Hoy.

Geoff Cooke was nominated as a torchbearer by Chris Hoy, who the 1972 Olympian assisted in his formative years.

“I have known Sir Chris Hoy since he started cycling on the track and have watched, not always from a distance, as he has climbed the ladder of fame. For me to receive his nomination to be a Torchbearer for the London 2012 Olympics Relay is honestly the greatest accolade I have ever had.”