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Pinarello is among the most famous bike manufacturers in the world, with a history that can be traced back to 1952 when Giovanni Pinarello opened his own factory in Treviso. Success has been synonymous with Pinarello ever since.

British Cycling and Pinarello began a partnership in 2010 that has seen over 250 bikes used across its Olympic and Paralympic performance programme.

Phil Griffiths, Pinarello UK said: "Pinarello is delighted to be a British Cycling partner through what has and continues to be a major period of growth and success.

"Our collaboration continues to be mutually rewarding on a number of fronts, not least in the development and performance programme. British Cycling has reached a landmark moment in its history and we continue to look forward to further strengthening our relationship to make sure that there are many more landmark moments to come”.

Throughout the partnership Pinarello’s dedication to performance and innovation has been key. In 2014, they produced the DOGMA F8 which gave riders access to one of the most advanced road bikes on the market.

Pinarello, in collaboration with British Cycling have also produced some of the most iconic looking bikes for cycling fans to enjoy. This includes the 2012 British Cycling National Time Trial Championships GRAAL and the 2014 UCI World Time Trial Championships BOLIDE.

The famous Italian Brand is not solely focused on the elite team however. Regular competitions and offers have helped British Cycling reach its objective of having 100,000 members and the continued support will support membership growth, while hints and tips regarding bike care for our members appear throughout British Cycling’s ‘Insight Zone’.

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