South East and Eastern crowned victors in final round of Women's Battle of Britain

South East and Eastern crowned victors in final round of Women's Battle of Britain

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The 2023 cycle speedway season concluded in fine style on Sunday in the fourth round of the Women’s Battle of Britain and Grand Prix series in Ipswich, with wins for the South East and Eastern region, Lily Parr and Demi-Blu Harris.

Women’s Battle of Britain

The South and South Wales region only needed to finish second in the final round to take the overall win, but the South East and Eastern region rode incredibly well to take the series victory in the Women’s Battle of Britain.

Lily Parr (South East and Eastern) opened up the day with an easy win for the home region in the first round, before Amberley Gant took another win in the third heat.

The Midlands made light work in the following heat against The North and Scotland, with Yoanna Gilpin and Georgia Burt taking first and second respectively.

The sixth heat saw the South and South Wales start to put things together as Maddie Saunders and Natalie Goulden took a 7-3 win over the North and Scotland.

Gant took her second win for the South East and Eastern region in the following heat and with Chloe Pearce holding off a chasing Midlands pair, it would be another 7-3 win.

Laura Watson (North and Scotland) had a solid outing in the ninth heat with her first win of the day, having held on after a tangle with Parr. The 11th heat saw Gant and Maizie Baker work together to gain another win for the South East and Eastern region, with Gant holding off the North’s Lola Martin and Aisha Muse to allow Baker to secure the victory.

Demi-Blu Harris (South East and Eastern) took a fine win in the 16th heat, controlling the race from the tapes as Lizzie Rigley (Midlands) could not find a gap to get through and had to settle for second.

Gant and Harrus worked together in the 22nd heat to take a very dominant win, showing their strength over the North and Scotland pair of Watson and Amelia Dodson.

The South and South Wales clutched to their lead, with Charlotte Geach taking a win as Laura Hookway supported.

The final heat saw the South East and Eastern region secure the victory with Harris and Ella Case taking first and second in a perfect match, putting them just one point ahead of the South and South Wales.

Women's Battle of Britain results:

  1. South East and Eastern – 69 points
  2. South and South Wales – 68 points
  3. Midlands – 56 points
  4. North and Scotland – 44 points

Individual Grand Prix

The afternoon’s Individual Grand Prix saw Kesgrave’s Lily Parr retain her title with a win in the Expert A final on home soil.

Parr has shown her strength throughout the year, winning three of the four rounds in the series, and sealed her fate as the overall victor by crossing the line first in Ipswich.

Lauren Hookway (Exeter) took second place and third overall in the series, while Leicester’s Lizzie Rigley finished third on the day and second overall.

Poole’s Maddie Saunders took the final place in the A final after a three-way run off between herself, Laura Watson (Sheffield) and Kesgrave’s Elsa Case. Going off fourth in the final was a big ask after a long season and she had to settle for fourth.

Demi-Blu Harris (Kesgrave) took a fine win in the Intermediate A final to secure the overall title after dominating the series throughout the season. Amberley Gant (Kesgrave) finished in second whilst Yoanna Gilpin (Coventry) took third to secure third overall in the series. Maisy Baker’s fourth place finish was enough to take second place overall.


Individual Grand Prix results:

Expert A Final

  1. Lily Parr (Kesgrave)
  2. Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
  3. Lizzie Rigley (Leicester)
  4. Maddie Saunders (Poole)

Expert B Final

  1. Laura Watson (Sheffield)
  2. Bekka Humphries (Birmingham)
  3. Natalie Goulden (Poole)
  4. Ella Case (Kesgrave)

Expert C Final

  1. Charlotte Geach (Exeter)
  2. Rachael Lammin (Horspath)
  3. Georgia Burt (Wednesfield)
  4. Charlie Jane Herbert (Ipswich)

Intermediate A Final

  1. Demi-Blu Harris (Kesgrave)
  2. Amberley Gant (Kesgrave)
  3. Yoanna Gilpin (Coventry)
  4. Maisy Baker (Ipswich)

Intermediate B Final

  1. Lola Martin (Hethersett)
  2. Aisha Musa (Hethersett)
  3. Emelia Dodson (Hethersett)

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