Beth Shriever and Quillan Isidore retain British titles in Derby

Beth Shriever and Quillan Isidore retain British titles in Derby

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Beth Shriever and Quillan Isidore retained their British championship titles with 44 British BMX champions crowned this weekend as Derby BMX Club played host to the 2023 British BMX Championships.


Beth Shriever sported her world championship jersey in its first outing and looked in dominant form in the Championship category, taking the win in all four moto's and being pushed all the way by 15-year-old Freia Challis. Elsa Rendall-Todd rode consistently all day to finish in third place.

Shriever said: "It's always good to go to the Brits and see the British community give back to everyone that has supported me this year and to everyone that watched Glasgow.

“I loved the atmosphere - it was amazing. The track was good, I had some good first little straight battles with Freia, she's obviously coming through and she's very strong. It’s great to see the up and coming talent as always, and it was great to have a bit of fun.

“The event was amazing and Derby BMX Club did a great job hosting it. I’m now getting ready for the last part of the season in Portugal.”


Quillan Isidore took the win in the Superclass category to finish ahead of Callum Russell and George Hunt, while Great Britain Cycling Team’s Junior Academy Coach Kyle Evans came in fourth.


Isidore said: “The Brits is always my favourite race on the UK circuit, especially when you get a back-to-back British title – it’s my third elite title and sixth total, but its always nice to do.

“It wasn’t an easy day by no means. The weather, the tight track and I had a mechanical right before the final. I had to do a back wheel change minutes before which, without the help of Rich T and Dave H, I think I would have had to just roll out. It just shows how amazing the BMX community is. Props to British Cycling & Derby BMX Club for putting on a great event.”

Junior men

In the junior men’s category, it was Taylor Hunt who secured the victory and took the title, with fellow South West rider Harrison Collis just behind in second place, and South rider Charlie Roy taking third.

Hunt said: "Coming into the Brits this weekend, I felt good. I’d trained hard and had one goal in mind for the weekend.

“In the final, I had a great gate and strong first straight, I kept things smooth and consistent throughout the lap and crossed the line as British champion. I was so happy to have achieved the title, retaining it from last year.


“This year has been a good one, I’ve loved being part of the GBCT Junior Academy and have benefited from the support, advice and coaching from the team. Looking forward, I want to end the season with a strong performance at the Manchester National Series round before I move into winter training."

Under-12’s and Cruiser categories

Among the winners in the Cruiser categories were local brothers and Derby BMX riders Itai Jamera and Elisha Jamera. Freddie Parkinson won a very close battle with Ethan Rodgers to take another British title, while Senshu Flukes looked unstoppable and took a very well deserved win in the boy’s aged 12 category.

Ella Lamb took a very convincing win in the girl’s aged nine category, as did Amelie Eaton in the girl’s aged 11, and South West rider Lottie Brown took the title yet again in the girl’s aged 12 class.

James Clitheroe raced up in the boy’s 14's and took another British title with a close fought victory over Finlay Hough. A very good day for the Cadman-Carpenter family saw Freddie win the boy’s 17-18, with younger sister Annalise taking the girl’s 14 title after a big pile up of riders in the first berm.

Alan Hill added yet another British title to his collection with victory in the 50-54 cruiser, before taking the veteran 40+ win.

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2023 BMX British Championships


  1. Quillan Isidore
  2. Callum Russell
  3. George Hunt
  4. Kyle Evans
  5. Jos Marnham
  6. Mark Fletcher
  7. Matthew Hutt
  8. Calum Strickland

Championship Women (17+)

  1. Bethany Shriever
  2. Freia Challis
  3. Elsa Rendall-Todd
  4. Evie Webster
  5. Morgan Haslam

Junior Men

  1. Taylor Hunt
  2. Harrison Collis
  3. Charlie Roy
  4. Ned Penny
  5. Ben Fitzsimmons
  6. Harry Tanner
  7. Harrison Bell
  8. Ben Cornish

Male 13

  1. Heath Thomas
  2. Ben Larkins
  3. Amos Guppy

Male 14

  1. James Clitheroe
  2. Finlay Hough
  3. Fynn Phillips

Male 15

  1. Jared Hill
  2. Henry Eyre
  3. Gabe Simpson

Male 16

  1. Jimmy Criddle
  2. Reuben Smith
  3. Lewis Fletcher

Masters 30+

  1. John Lillingstone
  2. Thomas Palmer
  3. Billy Irwin

Female 13

  1. Lexi Waite
  2. Grace Burge
  3. Ruby Walford

Female 14

  1. Annalise Cadman Carpenter
  2. Anya Matern Alonso
  3. Sophie Ellwood

Female 15

  1. Lucy Simpson
  2. Esme Brook
  3. Akira Cooke

Female 16

  1. Lucy Hutt
  2. Tillie McCrum
  3. Megan Gerrard

Male 17-18

  1. Freddie Cadman Carpenter
  2. Owen Putland
  3. Kenny Phillips

Male 19-29

  1. Ryan Stack
  2. Billy Luckhurst
  3. Joshua Wallis

Female 17-29 Challenge

  1. Jaya Jack-Bradshaw
  2. Lily Chiziwa
  3. Caitlin Ellis

Female 30+ Challenge

  1. Rebecca Gohl
  2. Michelle Stupple
  3. Kim Batsford

Veteran 40+

  1. Alan Hill
  2. Matt Barnard
  3. Craig Hughes

Grand Veteran Men 50+

  1. Lee Hunt
  2. Michael Gough
  3. Jason Lewis

Male 6 & Under

  1. Joseph Claydon
  2. Alby Blight
  3. Roman Burdfield

Male 7

  1. Henry Sullivan
  2. Ethan White
  3. Antek Porebny

Male 8

  1. Ethan Shore
  2. Charlie Dowsing
  3. Seth Kucharik

Male 9

  1. Joey Tomkins
  2. Jack Devine
  3. Arlo Steimetz

Male 10

  1. Itai Jamera
  2. Ronnie Pain
  3. Leo Rowlands

Male 11

  1. Freddie Parkinson
  2. Ethan Rodgers
  3. Ethan Howell

Male 12

  1. Senshu Flukes
  2. Oliver Tyres
  3. Nate Hamilton

Female 6 & Under

  1. Mabel Pyne
  2. Orlaith Dewis
  3. Abigail Henning

Female 7

  1. Phoebe Millar
  2. Lauren Snell
  3. Ella Grant

Female 8

  1. Betty Wills
  2. Florence Dyson
  3. Holly Bishop

Female 9

  1. Ella Lamb
  2. Grace Hudak
  3. Trixie Trays

Female 10

  1. Iris Hadja
  2. Elizabeth-Lola Poole
  3. Poppy-May Kirby

Female 11

  1. Amelie Eaton
  2. Poppy Bishop
  3. Dakota Tucker

Female 12

  1. Lottie Brown
  2. Katie Millar
  3. Isabella Rowe

9-12 Cruiser

  1. Elisha Jamera
  2. James Cottrell
  3. Robin Matern Alonso

13-14 Cruiser

  1. Stanley Palmer
  2. Joe Penton-Voak
  3. Sean Brown

15-16 Cruiser

  1. Gabe Simpson
  2. Zak Greene
  3. Benjamin Weiss

17-29 Cruiser

  1. Charlie Roy
  2. Connor Hedges
  3. Mickey Porter

30-39 Cruiser

  1. Daniel Pople
  2. Martin Brown
  3. John Lillingstone

40-44 Cruiser

  1. Adam Buday
  2. Kingsley Mears
  3. Fraser Watson

45-49 Cruiser

  1. Matt Barnard
  2. Andrew Heighes
  3. Brett Knight

50-54 Cruiser

  1. Alan Hill
  2. Kevin Sykes
  3. Darren O'Brien

55+ Cruiser

  1. Michael Gough
  2. James Yeo
  3. Jon Moore

13-16 Female Cruiser

  1. Elsa Rendall-Todd
  2. Alexis McCartney
  3. Kodie Harmer

17-29 Female Cruiser

  1. Lily Chiziwa
  2. Izzy Hurry
  3. Olivia Firth

30+ Female Cruiser

  1. Michelle Stupple
  2. Rebecca Gohl
  3. Sarah-Jane Nichols