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Inspiration is the greatest gift in new British Cycling Christmas film

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Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Worthington’s jaw-dropping exploits are the inspiration for British Cycling's Christmas film for 2021, which has been released today.

The film focuses on teenager Morrigan ‘Moz’ Chudley at home watching Charlotte’s Olympic final – in the middle of the night, like so many who were enthralled by Britain’s cyclists this summer – showing her reaction to Charlotte failing, and then landing the first-ever 360˚ backflip by a woman to win BMX gold. The film then goes on to show Moz herself getting involved at the sport’s grassroots in her local skatepark.

Like Charlotte, the teenager struggles with landing a trick, before a chance meeting and pep talk with the Olympic champion at Corby’s Adrenaline Alley proves to be the inspiration she needs.

The film follows BMX freestyle’s spectacular debut at the Tokyo Olympics and £1 million of investment into community facilities like Adrenaline Alley as part of British Cycling’s plans for the future of the discipline.

The success of British athletes at this year’s Olympic Games has repeatedly been identified as one of the drivers of an increase in demand that has seen:

  • Adrenaline Alley reporting a doubling of its waiting lists for training clubs since Covid-19 restrictions were eased, and are responding to demand by putting on additional sessions that focus on engaging women and those from diverse ethnic communities. 
  • Levels of participation at Hayes Hawks BMX Club are now over 200% higher than they were two years ago, with levels of female participation higher than they’ve ever been.

With the slogan ‘inspiration is the greatest gift’, the film highlights how role models like Charlotte, coupled with a community-led approach to facility investment and sport development encourages more people to get involved themselves.

Last year, in a nod to the thousands of people who took to their bikes to keep themselves and their communities safe, British Cycling dedicated their Christmas video to the power of the humble bicycle, which was viewed over 300,000 times.

You can watch the new video on YouTube now.

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