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British Cycling launches Commute Smart videos with tips and advice for cyclists

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Unsafe road surfaces and vehicles overtaking too close are the top commuting hazards, a survey of British Cycling’s 130,000 strong membership has revealed, as it launched a new campaign to help support people on bikes to get more out of their commute. 

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The survey, which received almost 25,000 responses, also highlighted that vehicles travelling too quickly and poor quality cycle lanes were causes for concern.

British Cycling has responded to the concerns by launching Commute Smart, a series of 13 videos, covering all aspects of commuting by bike on the roads of Britain, providing people with the skills and knowledge to commute on the roads.  

Woman commuting on his bike in London

British Cycling’s campaigns manager, Martin Key, said: “Our members help shape our work by letting us know what issues are most important to them when cycling on the road. These videos are designed to support both regular cyclists and those who are thinking about giving cycling a try. The series of short videos give people step by step tips and advice for commuting with confidence.” 

British Cycling continues to campaign and lobby government to deliver meaningful and consistent funding with the government’s long awaited Cycling and Walking Investment strategy expected later this month.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “It is essential that cyclists and drivers follow the rules of the road so that they can live in harmony and stay safe on our streets. Commute Smart, is a great series of videos that will help encourage cycling and instil good habits. We would encourage drivers and cyclists, who are often the same people, to check out these videos.

“At the AA we launched our “Think Bikes” stickers and campaign to remind drivers to look out for cyclists and we believe that some of the Commute Smart videos will help cyclists look out for drivers.”

Key added: “We want the government to make a commitment to cycling as a form of transport and to get the infrastructure in place so that cycling is embedded in our culture like it is in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.

“However we recognise that culture change takes time and the more people we have cycling on our roads the better. Commuting by bike is beneficial to individuals and society in so many ways. It will save people money and improve their fitness and health, while more people cycling can also ease pollution and congestion on our roads.”

Commute Smart playlist

The videos cover the following topics: