British Cycling urges more people to get involved in running the sport

British Cycling urges more people to get involved in running the sport

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With its annual general meeting less than three months away, British Cycling has published a guide about how to get involved in running the sport.

British Cycling has been at the heart of an unprecedented boom in cycling in recent years with millions of people getting on their bikes for fun, fitness or competition.

All major strategic issues about how the sport is run are discussed and decided upon at British Cycling’s annual general meeting – known as National Council. This year National Council will be held on 22 November at Crewe Hall in Cheshire.

To highlight just how many opportunities there are to get involved in the sport, British Cycling has produced a guide ‘How to Get Involved in the Governance of British Cycling’ setting out how easy it is to help shape the immediate and long term future of the sport.

British Cycling’s president, Bob Howden, said:

“We want to encourage more people to get involved in running our sport at all levels. Of course, racing or cycling for leisure is great fun and very rewarding but we also want to inspire more people to think about the difference they can make by volunteering to help govern what we do.

“From joining the committee of a cycling club to sitting on a regional board, there are lots of opportunities to help shape the sport and we want to encourage people interested in cycling at all levels to get involved.”

An interview with Bob Howden about his first year as British Cycling’s president has also been published today. Read it here.