Elite Development - Women's Teams 2024

Elite Development - Women's Teams 2024

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Our Elite Development Team status recognises those elite road teams that go above and beyond to support talented riders on their journey to success on the world stage, bridging the gap from club teams to UCI Continental level.

To achieve Elite Development Team status, teams are required to demonstrate a high level of support for their riders, providing them with a platform to develop, a comprehensive race programme and race day support. 

Applications for this season opened in November 2023, and we’re delighted to be able to share the names of the teams which have been successful in securing the status for 2024.

Loughborough Lightning

Loughborough Lightning is looking forward to another successful year of competing in elite national road events.

The team is uniquely placed to support rider development, both within and outside of racing. With a race calendar supporting all National Series races, as well as selected foreign races, the team provides a high-performance environment based out of Loughborough University. The team benefits from integrated coaching, strength and conditioning programmes, nutrition, physiology, psychology, performance lifestyle advice, physiotherapy and bespoke bike fits, all delivered under one roof housed within the university’s cycling performance hub.

Meet the team: Penny Colloff, Alice Lethbridge, Anya Tamplin, Eva Callinan, Miriam Jessett, Morgan Newberry, Phillipa Draper, Roisin Lally, Sophie Coldwell, Elena Day, Georgia Lancaster, Jayati Hine, Lucy Harris, Georgina Oakley, Jenny Holl, Mary Wilkinson. 

Follow the team: Instagram @lightning_cycling // X @LightningCycle // Facebook LightningCycling // YouTube Loughborough University Cycling.

Brother U.K - On Form

Brother U.K - On Form will be fielding a strong team at the British National Series races, as well as races abroad when possible. 

With a team that also enjoys the social aspect of bike riding throughout the winter off-season with training camps at home and abroad, the joy of riding with a team is at the heart of Brother U.K - On Form’s ethos. 

With plans to race at the National Road and Circuit Series and National B races including the British Women’s Team Cup, the team's goal is to help provide a pathway for riders wishing to reach UCI level, giving each rider a nurturing environment to race at the biggest events in Britain while being fully supported. 

Meet the team: Tuva Mauland, Mia Smith, Maddie Gammons, Lotty Dawson, Grace Ward, Grace Reynolds, Rachel Brown, Hope Inglis, Niamh Boulding, Lily Brindle, Amelia Staunton, Becca Carter, Electra Morris, Amber Junker, Rosie Simmons, Ellen Bennett, Phoebe Barker. 

Follow the team: Instagram @teamonform // X @cycleteamonform // Facebook Cycle Team OnForm.

Team Boompods

After a fantastic 2023 season, Team Boompods has been granted Elite Development status, with the North East based team ready to rip it up at the National Series.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Team Boompods intends to target the National Road and Circuit Series, while also supporting their riders with equipment, cycling kit, entry fees and accommodation. Outside of the racing, the team will also work with their partners to grow each riders' individual brand.

Meet the team: Megan Anderson, Bethany Bennett, Amy Drysdale, Hannah Farran, Elizabeth Hermolle, Lauren Langham, Sian Marsh, Gemma Mitchell, Lauren Robinson, Megan Walker, Lauren Watson.

Follow the team: Instagram @teamboompods // X @teamboompods // Facebook Team Boompods.

Saint Piran WRT

Saint Piran WRT has their full focus on the National Road and Circuit Series for the 2024 season.

The team based in the South West are ready to race at the National Road and Circuit Series, as well as in Europe.

While Saint Piran also fields a men’s squad, the team has an aim to ensure complete parity between the men’s and women’s cycling support and provides coaching and performance analysis. They also offer financial help for kit, as well as race day support with vehicles and staff for riders to compete at an elite level. Newer riders are paired up with experienced staff and riders to receive mentoring opportunities.

Saint Piran wants to champion their riders through storytelling, highlighting the achievements of the riders to attract sponsorship opportunities, while also improving community engagement to inspire grassroots riding.

The team has aims to create a robust and supportive environment for the development of women's road cycling teams, ultimately leading to increased participation, talent development and recognition in the sport.

Meet the team: Rachel Galler, Sophie Holmes, Hannah Bayes, Elizabeth McKinnon, Ailsa McLagan, Anastasia Bowler, Katie-Anne Calton.

Follow the team: Instagram @saintpiran_wrt // X @saintpiran_wrt // Facebook Saint Piran - Women’s race team.