Safeguarding policies and procedures in Wales

Safeguarding policies and procedures in Wales

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Welsh Cycling recognises the need for a “Whistle Blowing Policy” in line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA).

Welsh Cycling, with British Cycling, will fully support any individual who raises concern for the sake of a child and will protect those who “whistle blow”. It is difficult to raise a concern over a fellow colleague or volunteer, but we encourage you to talk to your designated officer if you become aware of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, such as:

  • Trips and visits with young people
  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Physical contact and young people in sport


The British Cycling safeguarding policies and supporting documents are detailed below.

British Cycling safeguarding and protecting children policy
British Cycling safeguarding and protecting vulnerable adults policy

SG 1.1 British Cycling code of conduct
SG 1.2 British Cycling equality policy
SG 1.3 The adoption and application of codes of conduct for cycling clubs
SG 1.4 Reporting a safeguarding concern
SG 1.5 Anti-bullying guidance for cycling clubs
SG 1.6 Advice and support for junior cyclists
SG 1.7 Advice and support for individuals receiving a concern or allegation
SG 1.8 Information for those against whom a complaint has been made
SG 1.9 How to report concerns of abuse of vulnerable adult
SG 1.10 Whistle blowing
SG 1.11 British Cycling case management procedure
SG 1.12 Club welfare officer role outline

SG 2.1 Recruitment of individuals with previous convictions
SG 2.2 Specimen volunteer application form
SG 2.3 Specimen club personal reference request
SG 2.4 Specimen club reference form
SG 2.5 Umbrella DBS checks
SG 2.6 Do you require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check?
SG 2.7 Club rides and criminal record checks
SG 2.8 DBS process 2013 onwards

SG 3.1 Duty of care when supervising children and vulnerable adults
SG 3.2 Guidelines for cycling events
SG 3.3 Cycling event contacts
SG 3.4 Club safeguarding self audit
SG 3.5 Physical contact and vulnerable people in cycling
SG 3.6 Managing challenging behaviour of children and vulnerable adults in cycling
SG 3.7 Protecting riders with disabilities
SG 3.8 Managing risks
SG 3.9 Quick guide to safeguarding
SG 3.10 Event welfare plan
SG 3.12 Riders coming and going

SG 4.1 Planning residential trips
SG 4.2 Parent and carer consent for residential trips
SG 4.3 Personal info for residential trips
SG 4.4 Away event checklist
SG 4.5 Residential trip feedback form

SG 5.1 British Cycling and information sharing
SG 5.2 Using social networking services and social media
SG 5.3 Instant messaging - safeguarding guidelines
SG 5.4 Safeguarding and photography
SG 5.5 Photographer registration document
SG 5.6 Guidance for photographers