Return to sport feature, Holyhead Cycling Club

Return to sport feature, Holyhead Cycling Club


This week in our weekly feature on the return to sport, we head north to Anglesey where we catch up with club treasurer Annie Glover of Holyhead Cycling Club to discuss the process of returning to COVID compliant group rides, as well as to discuss the impact the pandemic has had on the club.

  • How did you find the process of returning to club activity?

‘There was a lot of admin to sort out with attending the Welsh Cycling Webinar and completing the WSA Covid training. After this we had to complete risk assessments and also communicate to club members about how we were going to resume club rides safely. We created a Google form for the members to complete prior to the ride, and to keep a record of the riders for each ride.  It was great to see members riding together again!’

  • Apart from adhering to the COVID guidelines, has the pandemic made the club think or approach things in a different way in running the club or the club rides?

‘Yes, we now publish the route and cafe stop on Facebook and email members the same info ahead of the ride so people know approx. distance etc. Some non-riding members can also then plan to meet us at the cafe too. Publishing details on our Facebook group also helps show potential new members what we are planning to do and keeps everyone informed. The idea of sharing the cafe stop also help other clubs when planning rides and avoid us all being at the same stop. Although we have crossed over with another group - we managed to do this by not arriving at the same time.’

  • Have you recruited new members post COVID that you might not have otherwise?

‘Yes, we have had a number of new members and lots of enquiries from potential new members coming in regularly now as well. I think the renewed presence and sharing rides on Facebook has helped people see that a club ride is within their reach. We are also trying to do easy pace/social rides each Sunday too which attracts newer and less confident riders.’


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