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With local lockdowns in place across many parts of Wales, the latest return to sport feature caught up with Newport Cycle Speedway club to look at how a facility reliant club was able to return to activity and how the recent local lockdown has impacted activity going into the winter.

Cycle Speedway has been affected this year due to the virus along with other facility reliant clubs and groups. Whilst off-road and road groups have largely been able to continue activities (with some degree of restrictions in place) it’s not been as easy for those clubs reliant on facilities like Newport Cycle Speedway whose members need the purpose built track in order to use the specialist bikes.

Like many other groups the club put forward several officials to undertake the COVID-19 training course provided by the Welsh Sports Association (WSA) to comply with Welsh Government rules for sporting groups.

Local Development Officer Dan Coast said: “It’s great to see the club return and give members the opportunity to come back to the track to restart training in a COVID secure way. The club have understood and implemented a number of measures to protect and inform members during this time including animated reminders of the new protocols in place via social media.”

The recent local lockdown situation has impacted activity as both members and a number of club officials, including the clubs COVID officer who lives outside of the authority boundary have been unable to attend sessions.

The club like many others are looking at ways to continue over the winter months and hope the situation across Wales will improve soon to allow for a safe full return to the sport they know.

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